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Does Your Self Esteem Rely On Winning & Losing? (Part 2)

2. Start Seeing Yourself With Spiritual Eyes And You Will Feel You Are Always Victorious - Spiritual wisdom teaches us to see ourselves with spiritual eyes or the eyes of wisdom. Our physical eyes show us our physical self and all our physical realities like age, gender, looks, outer personality, nationality, relationship, religion, degree, role, wealth, etc. When we see ourselves as spiritual beings or souls and start realizing and understanding our spiritual importance and also the importance of God in our lives, a new depth enters in our lives and instead of living life on the surface, we go deeper and understand ourselves better.

➤We also begin to see roles of other souls and life’s events differently and realise their temporary nature and understand how we don’t need to make our happiness dependent on them. Lastly, by imbibing and listening to God’s wisdom everyday, our beliefs change from winning and losing physically to winning everyone’s heart including God’s and losing or leaving our weaknesses and becoming perfect human beings, who are loved by God and everyone else, based on inner goodness and not on outer victories and defeats.

3. Give Yourself And Others Respect For Every Little Victory Or Positive Action In Life - From today, whenever your child or your office colleague or your favourite sports team is trying its best, say positive words to them and have positive thoughts and feelings for them. Also, start giving every little good thing you or others do importance and don’t think about its result. Spiritual wisdom says that perform your positive actions nicely and don’t think about their fruit, which you get in return. Apply this in real life – perform every action in God’s remembrance and feel happy after doing it and giving happiness to others through it.

➤Don’t make your self esteem and happiness dependent only on big victories, which the world has defined as big, because those big victories are temporary and they will not be with us always. The more we start enjoying every action, irrespective of its result, the more we will feel victorious like never before and we will transmit the same energy to others in our home, workplace and society, which is required urgently everywhere. Otherwise, human beings are dying a slow spiritual death by being over-competitive and are neither happy themselves, nor giving happiness to others.

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