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Accepting Failures With Ease

One of life’s important lessons is that we may fail at times, no matter how hard we work. We need to accept failures and flaws, treating them as part of our journey. Most of us fear failures in life. The truth is that when we fail, the experience and learning are our rewards. Even the greatest success story has many untold failures, mistakes and challenges.

1 ● Don’t create guilt over mistakes or failures. Guilt leads to a feeling of I am not good enough. If you believe that failure means you are not good enough, it lowers your self-esteem.

2 ● Meditate every morning to take responsibility of your thoughts and feelings. You will experience that your self-worth is independent of achievements. Your peace and happiness are who you are always, not what you will experience after achieving the goal.

3 ● Take the experience, the lessons and promise yourself to not repeat the mistake. Conserve energy by not blaming, questioning or going into guilt. Use that energy to strengthen yourself and move forward.

4 ● Understand that situations and people are not in your control. How you respond to them is in your control.

5 ● Set goals, plan, execute, achieve and enjoy the success. But don’t make a task or its result more important than your own physical and emotional well-being.

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