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"Power Of Silence" Before any Activity

When planning our tasks, we organize external resources like people, time, skills or money needed. Perfection in the state of our mind is rarely a priority. So our mind races from task to task carrying unwanted thoughts and gets stressed. Observing one minute's silence before any task helps us clear the mind, think right and radiate the energy of success to the task. As you learn to silence the conscious mind, it becomes stronger and our intellect becomes sharper. Remind yourself - I use the power of silence in every situation and experience peace and happiness. I choose actions which are right for the task and for my karmic account.

➥ From today, start being disciplined and orderly and take a minute to prepare your mind for any important task. Before we begin a new task – studies, office project, household work, driving or anything for that matter, we and everyone else involved in the task need to observe a one-minute’s silence to clean and energize the mind. Thereafter the mind becomes capable of creating the right response for everything that's going to happen in the task. During the one-minute silence, let us put aside matters of the tasks done until now - any stress, anger, anxiety or fear created so far in the day - and bring the mind completely to the present moment.

➥ We can consciously create powerful thoughts of blessings for success of the task ahead and blessing for people working on it. This sets up our mind to be at its highest emotional state and elevates the energy of everything we do next. When I silence the top layer of thoughts, any wrong thoughts from my whole day become silent, my intuition which tells me from whom I need a solution is activated. I increase my power to discriminate, I know what is right what is wrong, what is true what is false, based on my intuition. I listen to it, I understand the situation and people as they are, I receive answers for the task. I come back to the scene stronger. Everything is the same, nothing changes outside, but I see things differently and more positively and that guarantees success in the task.

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