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Begin A New Journey With God (Part 2)

Famous personalities are constantly sought after and remembered by many due to their specialties, may they be actors, sports persons, politicians, saints, etc. Even in our daily lives, we tend to remember people with more specialties much more than the rest. God is the most complete and perfect personality that exists, but not a physical personality, a spiritual one. There is no one who is more specialty and virtue-filled than Him. That is the reason He is a living energy or personality who is remembered the most by each and everyone all over the world.

➥ The above types of personalities mentioned are physical personalities and are remembered by some or many but not remembered by the rest and along with their specialties, they definitely have weaknesses also. Also, you might find it difficult to get to meet them even for a few minutes. God is one personality without any weaknesses and He is my constant friend, once I start my journey. He is one who, although being the highest personality, can be available to millions making a similar journey at the same time, not because He is omnipresent (present everywhere) but because He is omnipotent (the most powerful) and the only being possessing this capability.

➥ So, a specialty of this journey is that the more I progress on it and the more time I spend with this new personality accompanying me in my new journey, I constantly see new characteristics of this new personality being revealed in my life, which keeps the journey constantly refreshing. This also keeps me wondering what is going to be revealed next. So, once this journey of exploration and discovery has started, there's no reason to stop even for a second and there is an immense amount of motivation to continue and keep experiencing happiness!

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