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Living a Life with Good Relationships (Part 6)

A life full of relationships will make your life a smooth ride and not a difficult journey and a tiring one. We all know that relationships are valuable and precious and we need to take care of them so that they help us at all times and at every step. Distance in relationships at times causes situations to seem bigger than what they are. Love in relationships is the basis of a life full of strength and power. A person with spiritual strength can overcome difficult situations but the spiritual strength comes very largely with the love not only experienced from human beings but also from God.

➥ The one who is close to God is able to defend himself against negative attitudes, words and actions of others which very commonly come to test us in our lives. Also the one with the power of the non-physical love of God is able to remain stable when the physical body creates problems and is not the way it should be. Some people are able to remain stable and happy in a challenging illness much more than others because they are always under God’s canopy of protection which is full of love.

➥ Also, the person who is always holding the hand of God at every step is able to cross all problems of wealth and the role in personal and professional life and other challenges in family and at the workplace, with the power of his or her relationship with God. There are people who have lost their complete wealth in difficult financial situations of the world. But they came back with their faith and love for God in a big way and recovered their lost fortunes and damaged roles in the financial sphere of life.

➥ Lastly, if there is one relationship which is equal to all the relationships with others in your life put together or even higher, it is your relationship with God. A beautiful relationship with God makes all the other relationships beautiful and that in turn makes life full of joy and happiness and a beautiful obstacle-free existence. Relationships are thus the primary wealth of our lives and the key to a content mind, illness-free body and a successful personal and professional role.

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