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Living a Life with Good Relationships (Part 4)

Dealing with people in the right manner requires giving attention to the self at every step. E.g. if you have to interact with others in a company meeting, you will look after your external appearance and the way you look and keep yourself tidy before beginning it. At the same time, you need to look at your internal self and how tidy it is and see whether you are looking your best in terms of qualities and powers. You also need to check whether you are spiritually empowered enough to face the situation. It’s not just about the physical appearance but also about remaining focused and stable.

➥ It’s also about performing the right actions which make you worthy of praise and respect in your family and at your workplace. It is said that a good personality makes all the difference. We can change that to – a good person makes all the difference. So, personality is important but person is even more important. Role is important but soul is more important. The shirt is important but character is more important. That will make relationships work. Why are some relationships not working today? The reason is simple. Less attention on the inner self and more attention on the outer self.

➥ Also, whenever you talk to someone, ensure that the words are not only smart but also soft. Also, check that they are not only full of energy but also enthusiasm. Bring power in your words but also peace. Make them sweet and not only sharp. Also, check your words and see that are not only full of authority but also loveful. Also do not forget to make your words full of respect and not ego.

➥ This way people will appreciate you not only for how you present yourself physically but they will also be impressed by your spiritual self. A life rich with relationships will happen when you remain polished in not only everything you do but also in how you do it and what is the energy of your actions on a subtle level.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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