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Living a Life with Good Relationships (Part 2)

Relationships are made of gold i.e. they are extremely valuable. They can be stolen easily if we do not take adequate care of them. Remember it is the child’s relationship with its mother in the womb which nourishes the child and brings it into this world. Later it grows up and comes into different relationships like ones with its father, brothers and sisters, friends, life partner, children, office colleagues and many more. So life is all about building the right relationships at the right time and taking forward one step at a time.

➥ It’s not about living alone and at the same time to make relationships work, a good relationship with oneself is extremely important. As per spiritual wisdom, a good ruler of the self is able to achieve success in handling relationships well. What that means is that techniques like meditation and mind relaxation make you better equipped to handle relationships with others properly. People whose minds are relaxed and focused because of these techniques, are able to concentrate their mental energies on improving their relationships and make them full of love and happiness and free from obstacles.

➥ Loving others is only possible when we love ourselves and loving ourselves means that since we are our own best friend first, we take care that our thoughts, words and actions are not only right but extremely perfect. Such people then naturally tend to love each one in their personal and professional groups. Don’t forget that God is loved so much by everyone universally all around the world because He has such a beautiful personality and a nature full of love for others. So perfect people will automatically attract love from others. They will easily and absolutely naturally make others comfortable and content with their way of talking and performing actions. Live well and love well is the slogan of their beautiful lives.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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