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Guidance for Teen Age Children's Study Problem

Question was asked via Email in Oct 2018 about 'Teen age daughter unable to concentrate in studies and change of behavior, mood swings, etc. Guidance on - How to properly guide your child in this age. Plus how to develop mind power and concentation in study?

Question asked via Email:

Respected Suraj bhai ji

I have been listening your programmes through TV as well as Youtube for the last 2 years.I personally appreciate your endeavours for shaping the mandkind in right direction. During last few months i observed different behaviour of my teen aged daughter.Who is is career class i,e 10+2.This may be because of pressure in studies,hormonal changes,peer pressure etc.I have tried a lot of my own to solve the problem.(though personally counselling or to make her understand the way of spirituality).But all the efforts remain in vain.She told me that she is in little bit depression phase.Some time I try to give her tips given by you that " Main Aatma Master Sarv shaktiman Hun".But she do not want to practice this mantra. I Humbly request to your goodself that Please guide me in such a manner so the problem of my daughter could be solved and she can further concentrate in her studies to make a shinning career.

Our Response (Answer)

From: Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay

Your letter is received. You want advice for your daughter. Many times we have discussed the solution in Samadhan programs and Awakening program. Parents needs to understand that education is important, but it is not everything. Education is not measured on the degree of percentage in subjects, but on the degree of real life practical understanding of the knowledge. Morever, moral values are base of a good personality. Parents today needs to plant moral values and spirituality in the minds of their little children.

Actually, you already understand - that in this age, many changes occur. Secondly - today's education system is a pressure to children. So this pressure of competition causes depression in mind.


1. Wake up early in morning around 5 am and do this Swaman Abhyas:

2. After Swamaan, the mind becomes silent and powerful. This is the best time for filling in knowledge (studying)

3. Studying is important, BUT it is not everything. Children should be allowed to play OUTSIDE for atleast 1 hour daily (not on phone)

4. The most important power of mind is ''concentration''. If you achieve concentration, then you can acheive ANYTHING in life. For this, mind should not be allowed to wander here and there. Waste or negative information SHOULD NOT be taken from tv news, etc. (This is also for parents - in general)

5. REFRESH the mind by watching nature videos. Best is 'sunrise on a beach'. Here is a taken video that myself watch while eating. Will advice you and your duagther to watch this for refreshing the mind:

So - to follow the given 5 guidelines, you have to convince your daughter. Definitely for once if you try, you will yourself follow this for your life.


1. Wake up 5am

2. Swaman

3. Study

4. Practice concentration (meditation) and avoid TV, news, facebook, etc.

5. Refresh mind

In God Fatherly World Service



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