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Audio Shrimat (advice) given for Purusharth

We are Godly students. We are following the shrimat of Shiv baba according to our capability. But with time since we first received the message (knowledge), our stage of Purusharth may had seen a rise and fall. Sometimes, we are above the effects of Maya and sometimes we fall in vyarth (waste karma, waste thoughts) sand then after we also realise that we did a mistake.

Baba has already explained that we should 'learn' from those mistakes and become stronger. Maya comes to make us more 'experienced'. This experience will enlarge our understanding of world and drama, may also deepen our faith in Shiv baba.

''Everything happened was good, what is happening is Better, and what will happen in future, will be even Better. Drama is kalyankari (benevolent)'' - Avyakt Murli Mahavakya.

Here is a similar story of a 3 year old child of Baba who firstly upon receiving the Gyan, had made much effort (purusharth) of Yog and study. Then with graudual time, the umang (enthusiasm) decreased and nthen stopped studying the knowledge (murli). Because of this, she fell in sadness. This is a general circumstance and happens to MANY of us. So here is the shrimat of Shiv baba in given circumstance to rise up again in Purusharth and take the unlimited fortune.

Original Email we received from BK Satabdi in Oct 2018

I am a godly student since 3 years. I used to study murli and practising yoga every day. But after one year i suffered from moral obsession. Those obessive thoughts were so rapid and intense that i used to cry evry day as i unabled to do purusharth in right way. For atleast 1 year i left studying murli which made me depressed more day by day and i took psychiatric medicines. My actual problem was that i couldnt make a good balance between purusharth and my home responsibilities. I didnt took any responsibilities, didnt worked at all and only sat down to read murli and doing yoga. I didnt speak to anybody and used to live alone in a room. I even left studying my college course as i thought it to be of no use before the spiritual knowledge. I didnt speak nd even smile at my parents as i thought it would develop attachment. These things disturbed me a lot. After one year again i want to start purusharth but this time with a balanced mind. But i dont understand from where to start, what to do. Obsessive thoughts are again coming like before. And i am getting disturbed about it. I wrote everything to baba but still could not find any way out of it. I need to know where is the problem and how should i initiate purusharth and do spiritual service in a balanced and steady .please help me to find a way.

Our Response:

To: unknown soul

From: Madhuban, Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly University)

Here is link to ‘Shrimat Audio record’ (in mp3) uploaded on Google drive: (can also download)

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