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Rajyoga meditation commentary in English (text) Part 2

Below are Rajyoga guided commentaries in English (text). Selected useful in everyday life. Video links and PDF version is given at the end of this article.

* Life force energy

I am a soul. I am being of light. I sit in the centre of forehead. Sitting in the centre of forehead, I spread light of life to whole body. Each and every cell of body is receiving life force energy from me. This energy is also spreading out from my body. The life force energy is giving power to all cells of body for their proper functioning. This life force energy maintains equilibrium in body and keeps all organs in working condition.

I the soul, I am sitting in the centre of forehead. Sitting on the throne of forehead I am transmitting the life force energy to each and every cell of this body. The infinite source of this life force energy is shivbaba who resides in paramdham. With time the life force energy depleted in me and therefore to regain the same life force energy I have to go to paramdham and collect life force energy from supreme source shivbaba. In order to go to paramdham I have to cutoff myself from this body and move towards the soul world, the world of perfect peace and silence. This place is full of life force energy. Each and every particle of this place is charged with life force energy because here reside the supreme source of life force energy.

After coming here I start pulsating in the vibrations of life force energy. Now I focus my attention towards supreme source of life force shivbaba. He is point of light but he is infinite source of life force energy. All the souls of universe receive life force energy from him but still his energy never deplete. I am in front of this supreme source of life force energy. I just stay in front of him and I start getting charged with the life force energy. I am regaining all the energy which I had lost by taking many births. I am feeling very charged. I am with supreme life force energy source. It is such a nice feeling to be with him and getting charged.

Now slowly I move closer and closer to him and as I move closer I feel his strong field of life force energy. I move still close to him and touch him. On touching him, all the life force energy from shivbaba start coming to me and within a instant I get charged completely. I feel so good on getting charged completely. Oh my sweet Baba I am so much thankful to you for charging me completely. After coming in cycle of so many births and deaths, my energy was very low and I could not sustain anymore but now you have charged me. After charging now I am feeling better.

Now I return back to corporeal world in corporeal body and sit on the throne of my forehead. Sitting here I now radiate the life force energy to all organs and cells of this body. I can clearly feel the life force energy radiating from me and flowing in all parts of body. The life force energy is rejuvenating each and every organ and making them healthier. The life force energy which I have accumulated from shivbaba is charging each and every particle of this body. Each and every particle is now pulsating in this energy. The life force energy is improving the functioning of all organs of body making them work in efficient way. All the systems of body are now working properly and this body has become healthy again.

* Angel of Purity

I am an angel of purity. My body is made of light, pure white light. All the organs of body are also made of light. From me the vibrations of purity are continuously emitting and spreading all around. These vibrations are also coming out of this body and forming a layer of pure light all around my body. This light is spreading in atmosphere making the whole atmosphere serene.

I am very pure. My feelings are very pure. I have good wishes for everyone. I am free from negative feelings of hatred, jealousy, fear, anger etc. These negative and vicious feelings make vibrations impure. At present, the whole world is filled with these negative feelings and thus they are polluting the atmosphere. I being angel of purity have to make atmosphere pure so that this world can again become heaven and everyone can live happily in this world. Now I the angel of purity invite my father shivbaba to be with me because he is the only source of purity in whole universe. I will be able to make this world pure by taking the light of purity from shivbaba and giving it to other souls.

With deep love and affection I invite shivbaba to come down here so that I can connect with him and receive his pure light and spread it all around. My deep love and affection has compelled shivbaba to come down and he is there just above me showering his light of purity. I am sitting under the fountain of light of purity of shivbaba. Baba’s pure white light is continuously falling on me and making me feel light. My level of purity is increasing and continuously my light intensity is increasing just like by increasing current in bulb its intensity increases similarly by receiving the current of purity from shivbaba my light is increasing. Now automatically this light is illuminating the whole atmosphere around me and in the influence of this light the darkness of impurity is getting away. As light of sun contains both heat and light similarly the white light of purity which is coming to me from shivbaba also contains these affects. The light is removing the darkness of impurity and heat is burning down the germs of vices. So the whole atmosphere is becoming pure and serene. There is continuous shower on top of my head from sun of purity shivbaba like a fountain.

I am enjoying this experience of being with shivbaba. It is real fact that I am with god. I can feel his presence; I can feel his divine vibrations. His vibrations are so pure that all the impurity of world is getting destroyed in seconds. Just like a strong laser beam destroys anything in seconds similarly my shivbaba’s pure light is destroying all impurities within a second. I am continuously spreading the light of purity of shivbaba in whole world.

Shivbaba I am greatful to you that you have made me your instrument for spreading the light of purity in whole world. Shivbaba as you have told number of times that the foundation of peace and prosperity is purity. In present world people don’t have real peace because they lack the power of purity. Baba purity only can solve all the problems of world so shivbaba considering myself as your instrument I am spreading your light of purity to whole world. This light is bringing peace in the life of people for which they are longing for long time. This light is removing the impure feelings within human souls and generating pure positive feelings. This light is developing feeling of pure love for one another in the hearts of human souls. I am only an instrument of shivbaba and shivbaba is getting his job done through me. I am so lucky that shivbaba has chosen me as his medium for spreading his light in whole world. I am fully confident that these divine light waves will change the whole world and bring new golden aged pure world back on this earth.

* Angelic Stage

I am an angel. I have body made of light. I am very light. Light in mental state. I have no worries, no tensions. I am so light that my presence itself makes other light. In this body of light, all the organs are also made of light. There is an aura of light all around me. I am an angel of purity. I have good wishes for everyone and naturally pure vibrations are coming out from me. I am flying in the sky and slowly I am rising high and high until I cross the boundary of earth and reach open space from where I can see all the planets and whole solar system. I can clearly see the earth, moon, sun and other planets.

I stay here for some time and after some time I start my onward journey again. I am again flying and rising higher and higher. Now I enter into another region where everywhere there is light and only light. Bright white light, cool white light, silvery white light as if thousands of moons are shinning in the sky. This is subtle world, the world of angels. I feel so good after coming here. Now I see all around me, there are many angels all around me. Among those angels I see one very bright angel in whose forehead a very bright point of light is sparkling. That angel has lot of attraction and I feel attracted towards him. I feel as if I am getting pulled by the strong magnet. Now I am in front of that angel. That angel is my beloved Baba.

Baba is giving his loveful dristi to me and takes my hands in his hands. I feel as if Baba has taken all my worries. I am just looking at the eyes of Baba and Baba is continuously showering his light on me. I am feeling so happy in the company of Baba. Shivbaba it is my great fortune that I am with you. I am deeply immersed in the love of Baba. Baba is giving so much love to me and I am getting completely fulfilled. I am getting filled with the power of peace. Now Baba puts his hand of blessing on my head and gave me blessing to become successful in all my efforts. From hands of Baba light rays are coming and entering inside me. The rays are filled with the power. Baba says sweet child I am there with you all the time and you should not worry at all. Now I the angel put my hands in the hands of Baba and surrender everything to him. Baba also lovefully takes my hands in his hands and giving me solace saying sweet child now you have surrendered me everything and therefore now it is my responsibility to take care of you. I am feeling so good after surrendering everything to Baba. I am so light and carefree.

Now I have become lighter. Baba now takes me to a garden in this subtle world where different beautiful flowers are blooming and their fragrance is spreading all around. I feel so good after coming here along with Baba. Baba now indicates me towards a swing and both of us move towards that swing and sit in that swing. Now automatically that swing start swinging. I am enjoying the swing along with Baba. I the angel I am with Baba swinging in the swing. How beautiful are these moments which I am spending with Baba. I am swinging the swing with highest authority of the universe. Now Baba takes me to small hillock. Myself and Baba are standing above it and now Baba gave indication to me to see below the hillock. As I divert my attention downwards I see so many souls crying with pain and suffering. Baba indicates me to give sakash to these souls. After receiving instructions from Baba I focus my attention towards these souls and start giving pure vibration to these souls. From each and every part of my body divine pure vibrations are emitting and reaching these souls making them feel peace. I am with Baba in his strong field of divine vibrations and I am diverting the divine vibrations of Baba towards these souls.

These vibrations have deep impact on these souls and on receipt of these vibrations they are forgetting all their worries and pain. They are becoming happy. They are now relieved of all their worries and a smile is coming in the face of these souls. They have now become happy and contended. I the angel I am so much thankful to Baba that Baba has made me instrument for serving these souls. After serving the souls, I return back to corporeal world and enter in to corporeal body.

* Giving Vibrations of Peace to Globe

I am a peaceful soul. My original nature is peace. I am quiet and silent. I am calm and peaceful. My thoughts are slowly reducing. There is natural calmness in my thoughts. Naturally they are slow and elevated filled with positive emotions. Slowly the speed of thoughts further reduces. The reduced speed of thoughts is taking me towards silent stage, quiet stage until all the thoughts subside completely. All the tensions, worries are associated with thoughts. By reducing thoughts and giving them proper direction I have become free from all tensions and worries of life. I have to take things as they are, I don’t have to struggle for anything. Struggling drains the energy and takes thoughts in negative direction. Now by reducing thoughts and giving them proper direction, I have stopped draining of energy.

I the soul, I am in my peaceful stage. Now in this peaceful stage naturally vibrations of peace are spreading out from me. As sun automatically spreads light and heat all around, I am also spreading peace. I am spreading the light of peace all around sitting in the centre of forehead between two eyebrows. My original nature is peace, my natural nature is peace. From me the vibrations of peace emit and spread in all the directions. An aura of peace is present all around me. This aura is extending in all directions. The vibrations of peace are continuously emitting and spreading all around the world, touching souls staying in different corners of the world. These vibrations are calming down souls making them feel inner peace, real peace. In the influence of these vibrations they are forgetting their tensions and worries and feeling peace. A deep feeling of satisfaction is emerging within them.

Now I am feeling the presence of Shivbaba, he is present right above me. Shivbaba has come down to help me in spreading the vibrations of peace all around the world. Baba is giving his divine vibrations to me which I am spreading in whole world. Now I feel the whole globe of world is in my hands and I am continuously showering the globe with divine vibrations of peace. These vibrations are changing the attitude of people. These vibrations are changing the outlook of souls. Now souls have started looking at positive aspects of their life and now they remain satisfied with achievements of their life. These vibrations are increasing the inner strength of souls so that they are able to inculcate divine habits and good qualities in their life. I am under the shower of Shivbaba.

Shivbaba’s divine vibrations are coming to me continuously and through me reaching the globe in my hand. These vibrations are very powerful. They have immense power and strength. These vibrations are continuously reaching the globe making all the souls feel inner strength and power. I am peaceful soul sitting in the body of light, I am an angel of peace. Vibrations of peace are continuously emitting from me and reaching the globe in my hand. These vibrations are calming down the souls. In the influence of vibrations of peace, the souls mind chatter is stopping completely and they are experiencing real peace. This peace is full of bliss and so souls are becoming happy also in these vibrations.

I am continuously receiving the light of shivbaba and showering it on the globe. This light of peace is very bright but very cool. I can clearly feel the coolness of these vibrations. These silent waves of peace are now reaching the globe and these waves touch the heart of all the souls filling their heart with pure love, divine love. Shivbaba it is such a great experience to be with you showering divine light to whole world. In the vibrations of peace, all the souls are getting stabilized in their original state of peace. The whole world is becoming peaceful. Omshanti…. Shanti… Shanti…..

Om Shanti

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