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Letter responded for BK Shivani about Parenting

A letter we received for Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani on Parenting and how to care for the small child so that the role of parents is fulfilled. Moral and spiritual values are given. Child's overall development and keeping it safe from negative causes.

Original Email we received from Shalini Gupta

To bk shivani 

Om Shanti.

I listen your program on parenting.My name is Shalini Gupta. I live in join family where my grand parent- in -law,.parent- in -law,brother- in -law and my husband and two kids.My second is just 15 days old and I am on bed rest these days.My concern is for my 4 year old kid .he is becoming stubborn,naughty,shout all the time,doesn't  listen to anyone. Else other family member is taking care of him this time,so he has to deal with different temperament and with nature kind of person .they shout on him or say anything NO to him .he can't accept that.He is not getting positive energy from any soul.What should I do?I can't change the behaviour of my other family members?how I can help my kid to deal in this situation?Please help me out.

Our Response

To: Shalini Gupt

As you say, you are listening the Awakening episodes on parenting. Thus, there we are already giving all possible guidance on how to care the child in proper and balanced way. 

We also know that as time is passing, the atmosphere is changing. Children are getting such nature. Many many things are the cause of this. 

Following are main reasons of how the state of our mind is:

1. Food we eat.

2. Company we keep

3. Attention we give towards anything (good or bad)

4. Our past karma and karmic accounts

5. What we learn everyday from the world (news,etc..)

So these above things needs to be taken care. Not everything, but at-least 3 or 4 out of 5. 

1. Food

Food has water. Water has a nature to absorb vibrations. Whatever you are thinking while cooking food, that goes into food.

2. Company

One of the most influential is the company that we keep. Good company, peace in home, love among each other - all is very important for child. Child has ability to absorb all vibrations.

Advice: In early morning (5 am), wake up and sit in silence. Make your son practice this. Here are some nice rajyog music:

3. Attention

This again is important. This is an inner nature of all souls. Some gives attention more towards good things, some are opposite. So your responsibility as a parent is to guide your child towards good aspects of life - Spirituality, moral values, Rajyoga meditation, history of India, etc...

4. Past Karma

This is subtle to understand, but true. Some children cries a lot until 2 or 3 months of birth. This is because the soul felt heavy sorrow while leaving its previous body. Maybe his previous family is remembering him. Soul feels all this.

In your case, your child is naughty. It is his sanskar from last birth. And if you take care well, you can transform this.

5. Everyday Learning

Mind is a medium of soul to learn new things. As we see and hear, we become.

Strong Advice: Keep your child away from news channels, films, video games, etc.. today's parents are careless. They give mobile phone to 7 year old child. Then they only complain, their child become angry, naughty. So stay away from this. If something is needed to grow, it is knowledge (wisdom). Reading books, playing outside and prayer to God daily in early morning - practice this and see the change within 30 days.

Hope you are completely satisfied. You should make effort to fulfill all 5 points.

Main cause of changing nature of today’s children is mobile phones and tv. They are given a very powerful device which has access to unnecessary and even negative information. You can easily find difference between old TV shows and today’s. In our India, old shows on television were on our spiritual heritage (shastra), on Bhajan and kirtan. Now most of that is changed. Hence parents like you need to take much care of the child and even of the self first. 

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In God Fatherly World Service



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