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General Shrimat on Drama and Purusharth

General Shrimat of Shiv baba given via email upon asked questions. For every Brahman soul (all BKs)


You are very wise and understanding, aren't you.

You also know that this is Drama. You understand that ''Nothing is New'' - whatever is happening now, has already hapenned 5000 years ago and you had passed these exams . So now also you WILL. Nothing new is happening...

But you have to be very careful. Maya is not our friend . God is called a Friend. Him is most beloved friend who always give right direction. Remember Shiv baba alone. Time now is of exams and no one can change the time. Time is powerful. You are more powerful. Realise the Self . Soul is very very Powerful. Soul can transform the atmosphere from impure to pure. Wherever you live, if you walk the path shown (on Shrimat), then the hand of almight Baba is always with you . You are safe and progress in this new spiritual birth.

Consider always yourself as a child of the supreme soul. You are not ordinary and so your task, our daily life, tevery moment of time cannot be passed ordinary. You are a great soul. You are a helping hand of god in the great task of world transformation and bringing the new world (Satyug)

''I am a pure, peaceful soul''. Do this Swamaan practice.

Hind Swamaan Abhyaas:

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Baba has given directions and warning on feelings for human souls, that many chuldren get when they see virtues of someone. So listen this Avyakt Murli :

--- Advice ---

Do Swamaan practice daily morning . Video is above given. Also listen this Avyakt Murli till end.

So are you satisfied with this letter ?

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Q: I would like to understand from sister what should be the ideal approach towards life in my circumstances


It will depend on you and your circumstance, which you haven't told. But Murli will answer all questions. It has solution that is general for all problem. It is ''Purity'' . If a human being (soul) in this last birth, will take a vow of purity, then it would be life transforming. Purity is our main subject also. Todays world has become impure in all terms. Hence purity is important for self upliftment.

If your circumstance is of family, then also if you become detach and loving, then no problem will look as a problem, but you become powerful .Shiv baba has given Shrimat for everything . Just listen to Murli everyday - ok? All sisters or brothers derive their wisdom from Gyaan Murli only. Hence you should also do same and not depend of any sister. We sent you Avyakt Murli yesterday which is entirely on that topic. Do listen .

Q: Could you please elaborate on this that I have to be careful and Maya is not our friend.


You would know that 5 vices (lustanger,greed,ego,attachment) are called Maya . Maya has become very clever. hence in this time, it is important to remain very careful while taking EVERY single step towards life and its highest aim. Baba has come. ''The father has come to make us equal to himself. But Maya is also powerful. Many children falls down'' - Sakar Murli Mahavakya - Maya is not physical, it is thoughts of us which are against the Shrimat of the Supreme Father. This is essence of all Maya. Soul consciousness is key to all attainments. It brings Purity in life - which is the mother of all virtues.

This letter is your friend. Keep it safe or print it. It is guidelines for us, by Shiv baba.

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