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8 May Essence of BK muri today in English

Brahma Kumaris essence of murli today in ENglish for 8 May 2018 - BapDada - Madhuban -

Sweet children, this knowledge is very enjoyable. Each of you is earning an income for yourself. You must not be concerned about anyone else. Forget even that body of yours and engage yourself in earning.

Q- What is the way to earn an imperishable income? Who remains deprived of this income?

A- In order to earn this imperishable income, stay awake at night, that is, at amrit vela, and continue to remember the Father. Churn the ocean of knowledge. You never yawn or fall asleep when you are earning an income. Stay in remembrance of the Father while walking and moving around and you will earn at every second. You have to earn independently for yourself. Those who are greedy for a perishable income remain deprived of this imperishable income.

D- 1. In order to stay in permanent happiness, churn the ocean of knowledge. Maintain the intoxication that you are going to become the masters of Brahmand and the world._______2. Have true love for the one Father and earn a true income. We souls are charioteers of our bodies. Consider yourselves to be charioteers and practise being soul conscious.

V- May you be constantly tireless and free from bondage and perform every task considering it to be service according to the Father’s directions._____Look after your household and family considering it to be service, not thinking of it as a bondage. The Father has given the direction: Settle your karmic accounts with yoga. You know that that is a bondage, but by repeatedly saying it and thinking about it, it becomes a severe bondage and, in the final moments, if you only remember the bondages, you will have to go into the jail of a womb. So, never become distressed with yourself. Do not become trapped and do not be compelled. Continue to move along while performing every task as a game and you will remain tireless and also become free from bondage.

S- Sit in the cottage in the centre of your forehead and be an image of tapasya; this is introspection.


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