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A letter to Baba from Iran was Responded

Email was sent to us from Iran, by BK Hamid Reza about Self transformation, Rajyoga course, his experiences with meditation and opening a new centre in Iran. We have responded in detail with the light of guidance.

Original Email sent to us:

Dear sir/mam I really like your notes about consciousness and mind. Actually I get to this point through my meditation practice. Yes,we are all light or awareness. I really like to be at a center and practice and become more pure. I live in Iran . I hope and know that the regime in Iran will change and after studying and practise in your center,I would bring this knowledge to Iran . Shiva is the name of god in zoroastrians and we are orginally zoroastrian not muslim . So, if you help me to go to a center and practice and become pure , I really like to make a center in Iran and revive Shiva and purity in Iran again . Thanks in advance

Our Response:

To: Everything reading

Dear Divine Brother/Sister

Your letter is received and read. You asked to guide you in light of self transformation, Rajyog and opening a new center in Iran. Here is our guidance.

1. Self transformation:

You have now recognised our Spiritual father. The supreme soul. You have experienced the self as a Soul, a point of light. This is a GREAT shift of consciousness.

We before use to believe our-self as a being, as a body or as this mind. Never did we realise the soul. Even when we call the name 'Soul', it meant for a body of light, not a point of light. Right?

But now, we have understood the knowledge. This point (soul) itself have a journey of maximum 84 births. This smallest point has the highest memory. It is extraordinary fact about life. How this works, no one knows. Baba has explained. You are conscious and then you become unconscious or body conscious.

There are 7 virtues of Soul:

2. RajYog or meditation:

You may are new child of Shiv baba. You live in Iran. There you can do this service. Because there is only 1 or 2 centres in Iran. You can become an important messenger of God, who gives the message of Purity, Peace and universal brotherhood. We all are souls. Son of supreme soul. All are brothers. Then after we take a body, we become brother and sister. This should be explained that God is one. The supreme soul, who is above the Cycle (refer World Drama Cycle). He comes at the end of cycle to transform the world, liberate all souls back to home.

Many such points of knowledge are that you should churn and explain to others at the centre.

3. Opening a centre:

Baba has already told in Avyakt Murlis, about this. Your house is itself a centre. You follow ALL the principles given by God father to us children. As you follow the Shrimat, your home itself shall be called as a center.

ADVICE: Spread letters around your house to your neighbors: ''God has come. Learn the way to reconnect with the original self, and with your spiritual father (god).'' Make a board outside your house. Anyone comes, you shall give them knowledge. This is a GREAT service you CAN DO.

Then ask them to listen the Gyan Murli, which they can on internet here: in many languages.

They shall come to your home to have an Introduction of the father, the World Drama cycle and of 3 worlds.

That is the way you can uplift the self and others. This is a chance not to miss.

Waiting for your response.

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