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9 Oct 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 09/10/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, the mantras you have received from human beings are not going to be of any use. Therefore, remove your intellects’ yoga away from everything else and remember the one Father.


What things of the path of devotion cannot continue on the path of knowledge?


On the path of devotion, they ask God for mercy and blessings. On the path of knowledge, it is not a question of blessings or mercy. This is a study. The Father becomes the Teacher and teaches you. The basis of your fortune is how you study. If the Father were to have mercy, the whole class would pass. This is why it is not a question of mercy or blessings on the path of knowledge. Each of you definitely has to make your own effort.

Song: I am a small child and You are the Almighty.

Om Shanti . This call is from the path of devotion, of the young and the old, because it has been explained that devotees hold sacrificial fires, do chanting and tapasya etc. They believe that they will find a way to the Supreme Soul by doing all of that. To say that God is omnipresent, to say “I am a form of Him” or “God is also in me” are all lies. God doesn’t experience sorrow. God is something separate. This is the mistake of human beings due to which they are experiencing sorrow. Among you also, hardly anyone knows the Father. Maya repeatedly makes you forget. The Father repeatedly tells you: You are given the shrimat to consider yourself to be a soul and to remember Me, the Father. This is the most elevated direction of all. With the Father's shrimat, human beings change from ordinary humans to Narayan, from impure to pure. The directions that impure human beings of this time give are not elevated. God has also said that this is the corrupt, devilish community. The Father says: Your deity religion is one that gives a lot of happiness. You attained a lot of happiness. This drama is predestined. One shouldn’t ask: Why has God created this drama? This drama is eternal. Knowledge means the day and devotion means the night. With knowledge, you are now becoming residents of heaven whereas with devotion you have become residents of hell. However, because human beings have stone intellects, they don't understand. Anger is very bad. They continue to manufacture so many bombs. They understand that destruction will definitely take place. Therefore, their intellects are corrupt, are they not? The iron age is called the kingdom of Ravan. It is Ravan that makes you corrupt. The Father comes and issues an ordinance: Stop this corruption! The number one corruption is to make one another impure. This is a brothel. Iron-aged Bharat is called a brothel. Everyone is born through vice. The golden age is called Shivalaya. It was the pure Bharat that was established by Shiv Baba. Lakshmi and Narayan etc. are called full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full, completely viceless. In that case, the question of how children are born cannot arise. Since it is through the power of yoga that you children become the masters of the world, what is not possible through the power of yoga? Baba says: Through the power of yoga you can become the masters of heaven by following shrimat. Children there will be born through the power of yoga. You cannot rule the whole world with physical power. Theirs is physical power whereas yours is yoga power. You have yoga with the Almighty Authority Father. The Almighty Father Himself says: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. However, this doesn't stay in anyone's intellect. They say, "Yes, yes", at that time and then forget. Truly God, the unlimited Father, is decorating you with knowledge by teaching you Raja Yoga. In spite of that, if it doesn't sit in your intellect, it would be said that it is not in your fortune, and that is why you do not make effort. A teacher teaches everyone and then some study to a certain extent and some fail. You wouldn't tell your teacher to give you blessings. In a study, there cannot be mercy or blessings etc. On the path of knowledge, the Father says namaste to you. You mustn't ask for mercy or blessings. When a child comes to the Father, the child becomes a master. The Father says: This one is a master; there is no question of mercy. The father's property becomes the child's property. However, yes, it is a teacher's duty to reform children. A teacher would ask you to study. It is your duty to study. What mercy would he have? It is a guru's duty to show you the path to salvation; there is no question of blessings. This is the only One who is the Father, Teacher and Guru. There is no question of asking for mercy from any of the three. The Father sits here and gives wisdom to senseless human beings. This is His blessings anyway. However, it is the children's duty to follow. It has been remembered: Shrimat spoken by God. He is the Highest on High and so His directions would also be elevated. By following shrimat, you become elevated deities, numberwise, according to your efforts. You can also understand how many marks you will pass with. At school, students can understand that they will fail because they haven't studied fully. Even a father can tell from the register that his child will fail. This One is the unlimited Father, Teacher and Guru. This One knows and the children know when they are not studying. If you don't study, your status will definitely be low. You are not even making effort to study well. No matter how much Baba beats His head and explains to you, you don't do anything. When shrimat is not followed, a low status is claimed. Those who become the children will become part of the dynasty. There are many levels of status in that too. There are those who even become maids and servants. You children know that if you don't study and teach others, you become maids and servants. However, they too remain royal. Lakshmi and Narayan will have palaces studded with jewels and diamonds, and the maids and servants will also reside there. They can then claim a higher status in the future, numberwise. The subjects too are numberwise. People insure everything on the path of devotion; they make donations in the name of God. For instance, if someone had a hospital built, he would receive a healthy body free from disease in his next birth. Temporary fruit is definitely received. If someone opened a school, he would study well in his next birth. If someone opened a dharamshala, he would have a good building to stay in his next birth. Therefore, this is insuring, is it not? Each one insures himself. Everything of yours is now direct with God. That is indirect whereas this is insuring directly. “Baba, all of this is Yours; I am a trustee. In return for this, You give us self-sovereignty for 21 births.” This is insuring directly with the Father for 21 births. The Father says: Transfer your bags and baggage to the golden age. When war breaks out, the smaller kings place all their wealth with the bigger king, and then, when the war is over, they take all their wealth back. Baba is experienced in these things. The Father knows and Dada also knows. You should understand that you are receiving the inheritance from Baba through Dada. The Father is teaching you. That Father, not this one, is Heavenly God, the Father. This one is Dada (the elder brother). Firstly, you definitely have to belong to Dada (Grandfather): Baba, I belong to You, I will claim my inheritance from You. To break away your intellect’s yoga away from everyone else requires effort. The Father says: Now, all the mantras from the gurus etc. are not going to be of any use. None of the mantras from any of the human beings are going to be of use now. I tell you: Remember Me and victory is yours. You have big burdens of sins on your heads. Now remember Me and your sins will be absolved. Then I will send you to heaven. First of all, you have to have this faith. If there isn't faith, Baba doesn't open the locks on the intellects and you don’t imbibe anything. When you belong to the Father, you also claim a right to the inheritance. This doesn't sit in some intellects. Some new ones go ahead of the older ones. The Father explains very clearly. To the extent that someone studies, accordingly he earns an income. This Godfatherly knowledge is a source of income. Through knowledge you become the masters of the world. Human beings don't have this knowledge. You have now become My children. From the devilish community, you now belong to the deity community. From corrupt, you are becoming elevated. No one can become elevated without following shrimat. Otherwise, at the end, you will return home having experienced punishment. Although those who listen to a little knowledge will come to heaven, they will attain a completely ordinary status amongst the subjects. The status there is numberwise. There, people won't be so poor that they don't have chapattis to eat. Poor people there are not like the poor people here. Everyone has happiness there. Don't think: It’s OK even if I am one of the subjects. That is weakness. First of all, there has to be firm faith. These are the versions of incorporeal God. God says: I do not take a human costume. My name is Shiva. All deities and human beings have names given to their bodies. I do not have a bodily name. I do not have a body of My own. Bodily beings cannot be called God; they are called human beings. It is due to considering human beings to be God that the people of Bharat have become senseless. Otherwise, the people of Bharat were very wise and sensible. Earlier, the cloth etc. of Bharat was good, very refined. Now, they cannot make those same things. Science too exists in heaven for your happiness. Here, science is for both happiness and sorrow; you receive temporary happiness. There is limitless sorrow. When the whole world is destroyed, there will be sorrow, will there not? Everyone will cry out in distress. There, there is nothing but happiness through science; there is no mention of sorrow. Only those whose fortune has opened can understand this. If they don't have happiness in their fortune, they don’t understand. Barristers etc. are also numberwise. Some charge 10 to 20 thousand for a single case, whereas other barristers don't even have a coat to wear. It is the same here. One either becomes a king of kings or a subject worth a few pennies. The Father sits here and explains to you children. Bharat is the poorest of all at this time. It is Bharat that then becomes wealthy. Donations are always given to the poor. The wealthy are not able to take this knowledge as much as ordinary, poor people. Only they will take this knowledge. It is not the law to give donations to wealthy ones. You are poor, are you not? Your Mama was the poorest of all, but she will then become the empress of the world. The drama has been created in this way. The majority of those who take this knowledge are poor because they are unhappy. The wealthy are very happy anyway. They say that this is heaven for them. They have motorcars and money etc. They say: Give knowledge to those who don’t have money and are in hell. Yours is Godfatherly service. You are the true servants of Bharat. Those are physical social workers; they give a little happiness to human beings. You cleanse the whole world and make it pure and happy. You are serving Bharat with your bodies, minds and wealth. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Transfer your old bags and baggage for 21 births. Insure them and then look after them as a trustee.

2. Study with faith in your intellect. Donate the wealth of knowledge to the poor. Do the true spiritual service of making Bharat pure.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of attainment and experience fullness and perfection by being full of all treasures.

When the moon is full, that fullness is a sign of its perfection. It will not grow any more, its perfection is only to that extent, there isn’t anything missing from its edge. In the same way, when you children are filled with knowledge, yoga, virtues and service, that is, all treasures, this fullness is said to be perfection. Because such full souls are embodiments of attainment, they are always close in their stage too.

Slogan: To attain total success with a divine intellect is to be an embodiment of success.


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