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8 July 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 08/07/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 19/12/83

God’s love – selfless love.

Today, the Father, the Ocean of Love, is seeing His loving children. All children are loving, but they are numberwise. There are those who love the Father. Next are those who fulfil the responsibility of love. Third are those who become embodiments of love and always remain merged in the Ocean of Love and they are called the children who are lost in love. There is a difference in being lovely and “loveleen” (lost in love). To belong to the Father means to be loving and to be lost in love. Throughout the whole cycle, you can never receive God’s love, the love of the Supreme, from anyone else. God’s love means selfless love. God’s love is the basis of this elevated Brahmin birth. God’s love is the visible fruit of your calling out to God for birth after birth. God’s love is the donation of a new life. If there isn’t God’s love, your life is dry, like dry sugar cane. God’s love is the means to bring you close to the Father. God’s love enables you to experience the constant company of BapDada, that is, it makes you feel that God is your Companion. God’s love frees you from labouring and easily and constantly enables you to experience being yogis with a yogyukt stage. God’s love easily enables you to cross the three ‘floors’ (three worlds).1. Forgetting the consciousness of the body. 2. Forgetting all relationships of the body. 3. The attraction to the body and all the attractive things of the physical world that bring temporary attainment easily finishes.You don’t need to renounce anything, for the fortune of the most elevated attainment automatically makes you renounce everything. So, did you children who have love for God renounce anything or did you claim your fortune? What did you renounce? Clothes that have many patches, the renunciation of a decayed, old body of the final birth – is that renunciation? In fact, you yourself feel compelled to make it function. If, instead of that, you receive an angelic body of light which has no illness, no trace of any old sanskars or nature, no relationships of the body, no mischief of the mind, no habit of the intellect stumbling - if, after receiving such an angelic body of light, you have to shed the old body, is that renunciation? What did you receive and what did you give? Is that renunciation or fortune? In the same way, the selfish relationships of the body - the perishable relatives who snatch the comfort of your happiness and peace, who are brothers one moment and become enemies the next due to selfishness, those who cause you sorrow and deceive you, who bind you with strings of attachment; if you renounce all such relationships and attain all relationships that give you happiness in the One, then what are you actually renouncing? You let go of all relationships with those who are always taking from you, because all souls constantly take; they don’t give you anything. Only the one Father gives you the love of the Bestower; He doesn’t have any desire to take. No matter how much of a righteous soul (dharmatma), a great soul (mahatma), a charitable soul or an incognito donor they may be, they still take; they are not bestowers. They at least desire to receive pure love. The Father is the full Ocean and this is why He is the Bestower. Only God’s love is the love of the Bestower. This is why you don’t give to Him, but you receive from Him. In the same way, using perishable material possessions for yourself means to use things filled with poison. What did you become by repeatedly using perishable material possessions that trap you in the consciousness of “mine”? You became caged birds, did you not?Those possessions are such that they made you into those who only own junk. Instead, you receive the most elevated possessions that make you into multimillionaires. So to receive multimillions and then to renounce things worth straws (worth nothing at all), is that renunciation? God’s love brings you fortune.Renunciation has already taken place automatically. Those who are such easy and constant renunciates are the ones with the most elevated fortune.Sometimes, some very loving children show their love in front of the Father and say: I have renounced so much! I have renounced so much, and yet why does this happen? BapDada smiles and asks the children: What did you renounce and what did you attain? Make a list. Which side of the scales is heavier? That of renouncing or that of attaining? If not today, then tomorrow, you will have to renounce some things even under compulsion. Therefore, if you become sensible beforehand and attain something before you renounce anything, then is that renunciation? When you speak of fortune, renunciation is worth shells and fortune is worth diamonds. You do believe this, do you not? Or do you feel that you have renounced a lot? Have you renounced a lot? Are you those who renounce something or those who receive something? What would happen if you ever had that thought even in your dreams? By saying, “I did this!” or “I renounced that!”, you become an instrument to erase the line of your fortune. So, never have such thoughts even in your dreams. God’s love automatically makes you constantly experience a feeling of surrender. The feeling of surrender makes you become equal to the Father. God’s love is the key to all of the Father’s treasures, because love makes you into a soul who has a right. Perishable love and love for the body make you lose the fortune of the kingdom. Many kings have lost the fortune of their kingdoms because of chasing after perishable love. They considered perishable love to be greater than the fortune of the kingdom. God’s love enables you to attain for all time the fortune of the kingdom you had lost. It makes you into someone who has a right to the double kingdom. You attain self-sovereignty and also the kingdom of the world. You are special souls who attain God’s love in this way. So, don’t be those who have love, but become souls who are always merged in love and lost in love. Those who are merged are equal. You do experience this, do you not?New ones have come; and so, for you new ones to go ahead, simply pay attention to one thing. Don’t just be those who are always thirsty for God’s love, but be those who are worthy of God’s love. To be worthy means to have all rights. This is easy, is it not? So move forward in this way. Achcha.To such children who are worthy and rightful, to the souls who have a right to God’s love, to the fortunate souls who through God’s love attain the most elevated fortune of the kingdom, to the children who are constantly merged in the Ocean of Love and are equal to the Father, to the souls who are full treasure-stores of all attainments, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.Now, according to the time, start the service of giving a current of powerThe time is such that you now have to perform the task of giving a current of power and vibrations that create an atmosphere through your mind everywhere. There is now a need for this type of service because the times to come are to going be very delicate. This is why you must now become angels and tour around everywhere with your flying stage. Through your angelic form, enable others to experience whatever they want, whether it is peace, happiness or contentment. Let them experience having received peace, power and happiness through you angels. The internal stage, that is, your final stage, the powerful stage, is your last vehicle. Make this form of yours emerge in front of you and tour around in your angelic form giving a current of power. Only then will the song be sung that the Shaktis have come. Then the Almighty Authority will automatically be revealed through you Shaktis.You saw the corporeal form: whenever there was a time when there was such a wave, then day and night, he paid special attention to giving those weak souls a current and filling them with power. Even during the night, he would make special time and do the service of filling souls with a current of power. So now, you all especially have to become “light-and-might-houses” and do the service of giving a current of power so that the impact of light and might can spread everywhere. No matter what happens in this physical world, you angels remain up above and, as detached observers observe everyone’s part and continue to give a current of power. All of you are instruments for unlimited world benefit. Therefore, become detached observers and whilst seeing the whole game, do the service of giving a current of power and your co-operation. You don’t have to get off your seat to give a current of power. Give whilst remaining stable in an elevated stage so that you are not affected by any type of atmosphere.Just as the Father sits in one place in the subtle region and sustains the children of the whole world, so too, you children should also sit in one place and do unlimited service like the Father. Follow the Father. Give a current of power to the unlimited. Keep yourself busy in doing unlimited service and there will automatically be unlimited disinterest. You can constantly do the service of giving a current of power. All problems with your health and time, etc are easily solved by this. You can engage yourself in this unlimited service day and night. When you give a current of power to the unlimited, those who are close to you will also automatically take that power. By your giving an unlimited current of power, an atmosphere will automatically be created.You Brahmins are the special trunk, the original jewels. Everyone receives a current of power (sakaash) through the trunk. So give power to those who are weak. Use your time in making effort to give others co-operation. To give others your co-operation means to accumulate for yourself. Now spread such a wave: I have to give. I have to give. I only have to give. I mustn’t seek salvation (favours), but give salvation. Receiving is merged in giving. If you don’t make an elevated plan for the benefit of the self now, then world service will not receive that current of power. Therefore, now give a current of power to do the service of transforming intellects. Then you will see how success automatically bows down in front of you. Remove the curtain of obstacles with the power of your thoughts and words and you will be able to see the scene of benefit behind the curtain.Along with churning knowledge, also appoint a day for having thoughts of good wishes and pure feelings, for practising giving a current of power, for having silence of the mind and traffic control every now and then. Even if you can’t take a day off, you do have one day off in the week and so fix a programme for this accordingly at your own places. Especially make a programme to be in solitude and to be economical with your treasures. Everywhere, sorrow and peacelessness of the mind and distress of the mind are increasing very quickly. BapDada feels mercy for the souls of the world. Just as waves of sorrow are increasing at a fast speed, so, you children of the Bestower of Happiness must give all souls everywhere the experience of a drop of happiness through your attitude with the power of your minds, by serving through your minds and giving a current of power. O deity souls, o worthy-of-worship souls, give a current of power to your devotees!Scientists think about creating inventions through which all sorrow can end. However, the facilities they invent cause sorrow as well as giving happiness. They definitely think that there should not be any sorrow; but just the attainment of happiness. However, they themselves don’t experience imperishable happiness and so how could they give it to others? All of you have accumulated a stock of happiness, peace and altruistic, true love and so you have to donate it to them. Pay special attention to spreading powerful vibrations of remembrance everywhere. A high tower can give current everywhere; it spreads light and might. Similarly, stay in a high stage every day for a minimum of four hours and think: I am sitting in a high place and giving light and might to the world. BapDada now wants the children to start fast service. Whatever has happened has been very good. Now, according to the time, give others more chances to serve through words. Now make others the “mikes” and you become the might and give a current of power to everyone. Your current of power and their words will do double the work.

Question: What is the greatest tapasya, the power of which can transform the world?

Answer: To belong to the one Father and none other is the greatest tapasya. Those who remain stable in such a stage are great tapaswis. The power of tapasya is remembered as the greatest power. Those who maintain the tapasya of belonging to the one Father and none other have a lot of power. The power of this tapasya transforms the world. Hatha yogis do tapasya while standing on one leg. However, you children don’t stand on one leg, but you maintain the awareness of One. You belong to only the One. Such tapasya will transform the world. Therefore, become such world benefactors, that is, become great tapaswis.

Blessing: May you be a holy swan who increases your account of accumulation with powerful thoughts.

Just as a swan separates stones from jewels, in the same way you are holy swans who are those able to discern between what is waste and what is powerful. A swan never picks up stones but just separates them and puts them to one side, never taking them. In the same way, you holy swans put waste aside and imbibe powerful thoughts. You heard, spoke and performed waste for a long time and you simply lost everything as a result. However, now, instead of being those who experience loss, become those who increase their accounts of accumulation.

Slogan: If you tie the bracelet of the Godly code of conduct on yourself, all your bondage will finish.


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