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7 Nov 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 07/11/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, the more you remember the Father, the more the locks on your intellects will open. Those who repeatedly forget to have remembrance of the Father are called unlucky children.


What is the basis of accumulating in your account? What brings the greatest income?


You accumulate in your account by donating. To whatever extent you give the Father’s introduction to others, to that extent, your income increases. You earn a huge income by studying the murlis. These murlis change you from ugly to beautiful. There is Godly magic in the murli. It is by studying the murli that you become very wealthy.

Song: We have to follow the path on which we may fall and have to be cautious.

Om Shanti .

The spiritual Father explains to you children: Children, you have to fall and you have to be cautious. To forget the Father repeatedly means to fall and to remember the Father is to be cautious. Maya makes you forget the Father. This is a new aspect. In fact, no one can ever forget his father. A wife would never forget her husband. As soon as they become engaged, their intellects yoga is connected to one another. There is no question of forgetting. A husband is a husband and a father is a father. Now, this one is the incorporeal Father and is also called the Bridegroom. Devotees are called brides. At this time all are devotees whereas there is only the one God. Devotees are called brides and God is called the Bridegroom. Similarly, devotees are called children and God is called the Father. Now, the Husband of all husbands and the Father of all fathers is One. The Supreme Soul is in fact the Father of every single soul, whereas each one has an individual physical father. That parlokik, Supreme Father is the only one God, the Father, of all souls. His name is Shiv Baba. If you simply address an envelope: God, the Father, Mount Abu, would your letter arrive here? You have to write the name on it. That one is the unlimited Father. His name is Shiva. People talk about Shiva Kashi. There is a Shiva Temple there. Surely, He must have been there too. They show that Rama went here and there and that Gandhi went here and there. So, it is true that there is an image of Shiv Baba here and there. However, He is incorporeal. He is called the Father. No one else can be called the Father of all. He is also the Father of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. His name is Shiva. There is the temple to Him at Kashi and there is also a temple in Ujjain. No one knows why so many temples have been built to Him. Similarly, those who worship Lakshmi and Narayan say that they were the masters of heaven, but no one knows when heaven existed or how they became the masters of it. If worshippers do not know the occupation of the ones they worship, they are called those with blind faith. Here, too, although some of you say “Baba”, you still don’t have full recognition. You don’t know the Mother and Father. The worshippers of Lakshmi and Narayan worship them. They also go to the temples of Shiva and praise Him and sing: You are the Mother and Father. However, they don’t know how He is their Mother and Father or when He became that. The people of Bharat do not understand anything at all. Christians and Buddhists etc. remember Christ and Buddha. They can instantly tell you their biography, that Christ came at such-and- such a time to establish the Christian religion, whereas the people of Bharat do not know anything about the ones they worship. They don’t know anything about Shiva, nor do they know Brahma, Vishnu or Shankar, or the World Mother (Jagadamba) or the World Father or Lakshmi or Narayan; they just continue to worship them. They don’t know anything about their biographies. The Father sits here and explains to souls: When you were in the golden age, souls and bodies were both pure; you used to rule there. You know that you truly ruled there. Then, while taking rebirth and experiencing 84 births, you lost that kingdom and from beautiful, you became ugly. You were beautiful, but have now become ugly. Nowadays, they make Narayan's picture dark blue too, to show that Krishna was Narayan. However, people don’t understand these aspects at all. The Yadavas were the ones who invented the missiles and the Kauravas and the Pandavas were brothers. Those brothers were devilish whereas these brothers are divine. These brothers also used to be devilish. However, the Father makes them into elevated, divine brothers. So, what happened to the two sets of brothers? There was definitely victory for the Pandavas whereas the Kauravas were destroyed. While sitting here, although some say “Mama” and “Baba”, they don’t know them. They do not follow the Father’s shrimat. They don’t know that Baba is teaching them Raja Yoga. They are not able to maintain that faith. Because of being body conscious, they remember their bodily friends and relatives etc. Here, you have to remember the bodiless Father. This is a new aspect which no human being is able to explain. Even while sitting here with the Mother and Father, some don’t recognise Him. This is a wonder. Although they have taken birth here, they don’t recognise Him, because He is incorporeal. They are not able to understand Him clearly. Then, because they don't follow His directions, they become those who run away, even after having been amazed by the knowledge. If they do not recognise the One who gives them the inheritance of heaven for 21 births, they run away. Those who recognise the Father are said to be fortunate. It is only the one Father who liberates everyone from sorrow. There is a great deal of sorrow in the world. In any case, this kingdom is corrupt. According to the drama, after 5000 years, there will again be the same corrupt world. Then the Father will come again to establish the pure and elevated kingdom of self- sovereignty of the golden age. You have come here to become deities from human beings. This is the world of human beings. The world of deities exists in the golden age. Here, there are impure human beings. Pure deities exist in the golden age. Only those who become Brahmins have this explained to them. Those who become Brahmins will continue to receive explanations. Not everyone will become a Brahmin. Those who become Brahmins are the ones who will later become deities. If they don’t become Brahmins, they cannot become deities. Once they say “Mama” and “Baba,” they enter the Brahmin clan. Then, everything else depends on how much effort they make to study. A kingdom is being established. Abraham and Buddha etc. do not establish a kingdom. Christ came alone and entered someone’s body to establish the Christian religion. Then the souls who belong to the Christian religion continued to follow him down from up above. All the Christian souls are now here. Now, at the end, everyone has to go back home. The Father becomes the Guide for everyone and liberates them from sorrow. The Father is the Liberator and the Guide for the whole of humanity. He will take all souls back. Souls cannot return home because they are impure. The incorporeal world is pure. This corporeal world is now impure. Now, who can purify them all, so that they can return to the incorporeal world? This is why they call out: O God, the Father, come! God, the Father, comes and tells us that He only comes once, when the whole world has become corrupt. They continue to make so many bullets and bombs etc. in order to kill one another. On the one hand, they are making bombs, and on the other hand, there will be natural calamities, floods and earthquakes etc. Lightening will flash, and people will fall ill, because fertilizer has to be made! Fertilizer is usually made out of rubbish. This whole world is going to need manure in order to produce first-class crops. Only Bharat existed in the golden age. So many are now going to be destroyed. The Father says: I come to establish the deity kingdom; everything else is to be destroyed and you will then go to heaven. Everyone remembers heaven, but no one knows what heaven is. When someone dies, they say that he has gone to heaven. Ah! but if someone dies in the iron age, he would surely take rebirth in the iron age. Some don’t even have this much sense. Although they give themselves such titles as Doctor of Philosophy etc., they don’t understand anything. Human beings used to be worthy of living in a temple. That was the ocean of milk whereas it is now the ocean of poison. It is the Father who explains all of these things. He teaches human beings. He doesn’t teach animals. The Father explains: This drama is predestined. As is a wealthy person, so is his furniture. The poor have clay pots whereas the wealthy would have so many material possessions. You are wealthy in the golden age and so you have palaces of gold and diamonds. There is neither dirt etc. there, nor any bad odours. Here, there are bad odours. This is why incense sticks are lit. There, there is the natural fragrance of flowers etc. There is no need to light incense sticks there. It is called heaven! The Father is teaching you in order to make you into the masters of heaven. Just look how ordinary He is! You even forget to remember such a Father. You forget Him because you don’t have full faith. It is a matter of such misfortune to forget the Mother and Father from whom you receive your inheritance of heaven. The Father comes and makes you the highest of all. If you do not follow the directions of such a Mother and Father, you would be considered to be 100% most unlucky. Everyone will be numberwise. There is such a huge difference between becoming a master of the world by studying and becoming a maid or servant. You can understand to what extent you are studying. Elsewhere, founders of religions come to establish their religions, whereas here, there is the Mother and Father because this is the family path. It used to be the pure family path and it is now the impure family path. When Lakshmi and Narayan were pure, their children were also pure. You understand what you will become. The Mother and Father makes you so elevated and so you should follow Him. It is Bharat that is called the Mother Father country. In the golden age, everyone was pure whereas here, everyone is impure. Everything is explained so clearly to you, yet you do not remember the Father, and so the locks on your intellects remain closed. While listening, you renounce the study; the locks on your intellect become completely locked. In schools, too, they are numberwise. Reference is made to a stone intellect and a divine intellect. Those with stone intellects do not understand anything, because they don’t remember the Father for even five minutes out of the whole day. If they were to remember Him for five minutes, the locks on their intellects would open that much. If they were to remember Him more, the locks would open fully. Everything depends on remembrance. Some children write a letter to Baba addressed: “Dear Baba” or “Dear Dada”. Now, if you simply address the letter to “Dear Dada” and post it, would it arrive here? You definitely need to write the name. There are many Dadas and Dadis in the world. Achcha. Today is Deepawali. People open new accounts at Deepawali. You are true Brahmins. Those brahmin priests make businessmen open new accounts. You also have to keep new accounts, but these are for the new world. The accounts of the path of devotion are of unlimited loss. You attain the unlimited inheritance and you attain unlimited peace and happiness. The unlimited Father sits here and explains these unlimited aspects, but only the children who are to receive unlimited happiness are able to understand all of these things. Only a handful out of multimillions come to the Father. Some, while moving along, start losing their income. Then, whatever they have accumulated is cancelled. Your account increases when you donate to others. If you do not donate, your income does not increase. You are making effort to increase your income. That will only happen when you donate to others and enable them to receive benefit. To give the Father’s introduction to someone means to accumulate. If you do not give the Father’s introduction, you do not accumulate anything. Your income is extremely great. You can earn a true income by studying the murli, but you need to know whose murli it is. You children also know that those who have become ugly have to listen to the murli in order to become beautiful. “There is magic in Your murli”. They speak of God's magic. So, there is Godly magic in this murli. It is now that you have this knowledge. Deities did not have this knowledge. Since they didn’t have this knowledge, how could those who came after them have this knowledge? All the scriptures that were written later on will also be destroyed. There are very few of your true Gitas, whereas they must number hundreds of thousands in the world. In fact, it is these pictures that are the true Gita. They are not able to understand as much from those Gitas as they can from these pictures. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Study very well and make yourself fortunate. In order to become a deity, become a firm Brahmin.

2. In order to remember the bodiless Father, become soul conscious. Practise forgetting your body.

Blessing: May you be a contented soul who invokes divine virtues by making an offering of all your defects into the sacrificial fire.

On Deepawali, special attention is paid to cleanliness and to earning an income. Similarly, you have to keep the aim of having cleanliness in every way and also of earning an income and becoming a contented soul. It is only with contentment that you are able to invoke all the divine virtues. The offering of defects will then be made automatically. Finish weaknesses, deficiencies, feelings of being powerless and the delicate nature that remain within you and now begin a new account, wear the new clothes of new sanskars and celebrate the true Deepawali.

Slogan: Only those whose light of awareness is constantly lit can become the lamps of the Brahmin clan.


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