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6 May 2018 - BK Murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 6 may 2018 -

06/05/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti - Revision - 30/07/83

Where there is true love, there cannot be any wave of sorrow (BapDada's elevated versions on Didi Manmohiniji leaving the body.)

Today, Baba is seeing the children who have claimed a right to the unshakeable kingdom, the victorious children who stay in an unshakeable stage. On the basis of having the sanskars of being unshakeable now, you have been unshakeable every cycle in making the first effort of attaining the reward of the unshakeable kingdom. If you watch every scene of the drama while remaining stable at the confluence-aged top point of the drama cycle, you will automatically remain unshakeable and immovable. It is only when you come down from the top point that there is upheaval. Where do all of you Brahmins, you elevated souls, live? In the cycle, the confluence age is the highest age. In terms of the picture, the confluence age is shown at the highest point and, in terms of the ages, the smallest age would be said to be a point. If you remain on that highest point, in the highest place, in an elevated stage, with this elevated knowledge, in remembrance of the highest-on-high Father, doing the highest-on-high service and being embodiments of remembrance, you will remain constantly powerful. Where there is power, all waste is ended for all time. Every Brahmin is making effort to end waste. The account of waste and the karmic accounts of waste have ended, have they not? Or are there still some old accounts of waste? When you took your Brahmin birth, you promised “The body, mind and wealth all belong to You.” Therefore, all waste thoughts ended because you gave your mind to the Almighty Father. In the last two or three days, you haven't made your mind belong to yourself instead of making it belong to Baba, have you? The trustees have been given the direction to have powerful thoughts constantly in their minds. So, is there any margin for anything wasteful? Did you have waste thoughts? You would say that you showed your love. All of you are tied in the thread of the family's love and that is very good. If you shed pearls of love, those pearls became invaluable, but if you shed tears of wasteful thoughts of “Why?” or “What?” that is accumulated in the account of waste. The pearls of love have become a sparkling garland around your loving Didiji's neck. There are many such garlands of such true love around Didi's neck. However, if you had a stage of upheaval - of even one percent - and shed tears, they didn't reach Didi. Why? She was constantly a victorious, unshakeable, immovable soul and is that even now, and so the remembrance of those who have upheaval cannot reach those who are unshakeable. That just remains here. These cannot become pearls and sparkle in the garland. Whatever the stage and position of a soul are, the remembrance of other souls in the same stage and position reaches that soul. You have love and this is a very good sign. If you love her, then surrender your love. Where there is true elevated love, there cannot be any waves of sorrow, because you have gone beyond the land of sorrow. All the sweet complaints also reached here. Everyone's complaint was: Why was our sweet Didi called? BapDada said: The one whom everyone finds to be so sweet, the Father, would also find her sweet. If there is a need for sweetness, who would be called? Those who are the sweetest of all. All of you think and also repeatedly question why the special souls of the advance party are still incognito. You want them to be revealed, do you not? According to the time, some of the souls of the advance party are invoking the elevated souls. Souls who are the original jewels are required for the special task of the original transformation. Special yogi souls who are able to experiment with their power of yoga are required. Souls who are partners with the Bestower of Fortune are needed. Even Brahma is called the bestower of fortune. Do you understand why she has been called? Do you think about what is going to happen here and how it will happen? When Father Brahma became avyakt, you saw what happened and how it happened. Do you think that Dadi is alone now? She doesn't think that. All of you think that. It is like this, is it not? (Signalling towards Dadiji.) You have your divine unity (one of the groups of the sakar days), do you not? So, do you not have the arms of those who belong to the divine unity? There is the divine unity, is there not? Why was that group formed? In order for you to co-operate with one another. Whenever you want and whoever you call, everyone is ready to serve. The Dadis have a lot of love inside for one another. None of you know about it and so you ask: What will happen now? Didi alone proved that all of you original jewels are one. She showed this, did she not? After Father Brahma, in the corporeal form, the nine worship-worthy jewels revealed themselves on the field of service. So, the nine jewels or the rosary of eight are constantly co-operating with one another. Who are in the rosary of eight? Those who take responsibility in service are Arjuna, that is, part of the rosary of eight. So the eight special jewels or the nine jewels are playing their parts on the stage of service, and to play your part is to reveal your part and your number. BapDada would not give a number like that, but it is your part that reveals your number. So the eight jewels are constantly loving and co-operative with one another. This is why the souls who have been co-operating in service from the beginning will always continue to play their parts of co-operating. Do you understand? What other questions do you have? Do you question why you were not told before? If Baba had told you this, you would have become yogis of Didi. The part of the drama is unique (vichitra – without an image) and a picture cannot be taken of something that is without an image. A test paper of upheaval comes suddenly and, even now, this special soul has a part; her part is lovely and unique to the souls who have already gone. You will continue to experience the company and co-operation of this elevated soul in every field. Father Brahma has his own part and her part cannot be like his. However, the speciality of this soul has always been to give zeal and enthusiasm to service and to make others yogi and co-operative and for them to experiment. This is why this special sanskar of this soul will, from time to time, give you all the experience of remaining co-operative. Every soul has his own unique part. Achcha. You came to Madhuban, showed the form of your love and played your parts for the sake of service in the world. You all have come here to spread waves of love, the fragrance of love and rays of love. Therefore, welcome! BapDada is congratulating everyone on behalf of Didiji for their love and their service. Didi is also watching this; she is sitting in front of the TV. You can also see it if you go to the subtle region. This is also a stamp of service. Baba also remembered the daughter Kamal (Didi's sister-in-law) in this gathering. She is also remembering you and all of those who gave their co-operation to the loving and elevated souls. All the tireless children, whether they are sitting here or not, all of you showed your love with good wishes, pure feelings for just the One. That too has been very elevated. For that, Didi especially told BapDada: Give special remembrance and thanks on my behalf to such a loving and serviceable family. So, today, BapDada is carrying out Didi's wish. Today, BapDada is giving a message as the Messenger. Whatever happened in the drama is filled with a lot of significance. All of you love Didi and Didi loved service. This is why service pulled her to itself. Whatever happened was the best of all for opening many curtains of transformation. Neither was it Bhagwati's (doctor) fault, nor was it God's fault. This is a secret in the drama. In this, neither Bhagwati nor Bhagawan (God) could do anything. Never think about a doctor that they did this or performed that operation. Never think that. The love she gave till the end was that of a mother. This is why she didn't fall short of doing anything from her side. This is the performance of the drama. Do you understand? Therefore, don't have any thoughts. Today, I am just being obedient and have come as the Messenger to give a message on behalf of Didi. To all those who remain stable in an unshakeable stage, to those who have claimed a right to the unshakeable kingdom, to those whose intellects have faith and who remain carefree, Trimurti love remembrance and namaste to the victorious children. Achcha. BapDada called all the Dadis onto the stage and made them sit in a semi-circle: The Divine Unity has come here. The rosary is created, is it not? (Speaking to Dadiji) Now, this one (Dadi Janki) and this one (Dadi Chandermani) are your especially co-operative souls. This chariot (Gulzar Dadi) has a double part: BapDada's part and this part is a double part. Everyone co-operates with you. Call this one (Dadi Nirmal Shanta - Brahma Baba's physical daughter) when the weather is fine. All of you are flying birds, are you not? You don't have any bondage of service. Free birds fly as soon as you clap. It is like that, is it not? You are free birds, you are not bound to a special place or special service. There is the bond of world service and unlimited service. This is why you are free. Wherever and whenever there is a need, let it be, "I first". Each of you soul has your own part. The group of Divine Unity is the group that gives sustenance and the Manohar Party is a group that moves forward on the field of service. Now, together with service, there is a special need for sustenance. Just as many souls saw Didi as a mother in terms of sustenance, in the same way, the Mother and Father are one. However, because of being an instrument to play this part in the corporeal form, she played a special part of giving sustenance. In the same way, the original jewels have to give sustenance – you have to give sustenance to enable souls to claim a right to receive the Father's sustenance. It is the Father's sustenance that you have to receive, but you also have to be made worthy of receiving it. So, this soul (Didiji) did very good, number one service of making souls worthy of that. So, all of you are number one, are you not? You are not in the second rosary, are you? You are in the first rosary, are you not? So, all of you who are in the first rosary are number one, are you not? Achcha. Call the Pandavas! All the main senior brothers came onto the stage in front of BapDada: You Pandavas too are the original jewels, are you not? Pandavas are also in the rosary; it isn't just Shaktis in the rosary, there are Pandavas too. In which rosary do you see yourselves? All of you know this and the Father also knows this, but you Pandavas are also especially in this rosary of remembrance, are you not? Who are you? Who understands the self? No task can be accomplished without the Pandavas. To the extent that the Shaktis have power, the Pandavas too have unlimited power for this is why the four-armed image is shown. The combined form: both of you, in the combined form, are achieving success in the task of service. Don't think that just these Dadis are the eight special deities, or that they are the nine jewels, for the Pandavas are among them. Do you understand? Constantly have the crown of this much responsibility. You always have the crown, do you not? All of you co-operate with one another. All of you are the Father's arms and Dadi's co-operative souls and instruments in the corporeal form. The one slogan "We are all one" is the means of constant success. You are those who perform the dance of harmonising sanskars. You will constantly continue to perform this dance in the gathering of elevated souls in every birth. When you perform the dance here, what part does it mean you will constantly play? You will always be friends with elevated souls. You will be their relatives. You will be very close relatives and also be companions as friends and relatives. You will all be friends and also be relatives. So you are the instruments. This was the heart-to-heart conversation with Didi. Therefore, all of the Shaktis and Pandavas became the flowers in the bouquet of shrimat. All of you have special love for Didi, do you not? Achcha. Today, I have come to celebrate a meeting just like that. So, I am now taking leave. (Dadiji placed bhog in front of BapDada and Baba said): Today, I have come to meet you all officially and so Baba won't accept bhog. First, let the children accept it and then the Father. We will continue to meet again and eat and feed one another, but today, I have come as Didi's Messenger. A messenger departs after giving the message. Didi had asked Me to shake hands with Dadi. (BapDada shook hands with Dadiji and then flew to the subtle region.


May you be seated on your immortal throne and the heart-throne and use your physical senses according to your orders as the master of yourself.

“I am a soul seated on the immortal throne, that is, I am a self-sovereign king.” When a king is seated on his throne, all his workers do everything according to his orders. By being seated on the throne, your physical senses automatically do everything according to your orders. Those who are seated on their immortal thrones always have the Father’s heart-throne, because, by considering yourself to be a soul, you remember the Father. There is then neither the body, nor are there bodily relations or possessions: the one Father is your world. Therefore, being seated on the immortal throne, you are automatically seated on the Father’s heart-throne.


To imbibe the powers to discern, decide and adopt is to be a holy swan.


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