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6 Jan 2019 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 06/01/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 08/04/84

By attaining the rights of the confluence age you become one who has a right to the kingdom of the world.

Today, BapDada is seeing the divine court of the elevated souls who have claimed a right to be self-sovereigns. You elevated souls become those who have a right to the court of the kingdom of the world and the court of self-sovereigns. Only those who have the right to be self-sovereigns have a right to the kingdom of the world. Do you constantly have this double intoxication? To belong to the Father means to claim innumerable rights. Do you know how many types of right you have claimed? Remember the rosary of your rights. The first right is that you have become a child of God, that is, you have each claimed the right to become a most elevated soul who is worthy of respect and worship. You cannot claim a right to be a soul worthy of worship without first becoming a child of the Father. Therefore, the first right is that you have become a soul worthy of being worshipped. The second right is that you have become a master of the treasures of knowledge, that is, you have claimed all rights. The third right is that you have claimed a right to all powers. The fourth right is that you have become a self-sovereign who has conquered all your physical organs. With all of these rights, you have become a conqueror of Maya and thereby a conqueror of the world, one who has a right to the kingdom of the world. So, by constantly keeping all of these rights in your awareness, you have become a powerful soul. You have become powerful in this way, have you not?You can achieve success in attaining self-sovereignty and the kingdom of the world by especially imbibing three things. The basis of success in any elevated task is renunciation, tapasya and service. On the basis of these three, there can be no question as to whether there will be success or not. Success in a second is guaranteed when all of these three are imbibed - it is already accomplished. Renunciation of what? The renunciation of just one thing easily and naturally enables you to renounce everything else. That one renunciation is the renunciation of the consciousness of the body, which easily makes you renounce the consciousness of any limited "I". This consciousness of any limited "I" stops you from doing tapasya and service. Where there is the consciousness of a limited "I", there cannot be renunciation, tapasya or service. The renunciation of one thing is needed and that is the consciousness of any limited "I" and "mine". What else remains when "I" and "mine" have ended? That which is unlimited. I am a pure soul and mine is the one Father and none other. So, when you have the unlimited Father, the Almighty Authority, with you, success is guaranteed for you. With this renunciation, your tapasya is also automatically achieved. What is tapasya? I belong to the One; I only follow the elevated directions of the One. It is with this that your stage automatically becomes constant and stable. Constantly to have the awareness of the one God is tapasya. A constant and stable stage is your elevated seat. The stage of being like a lotus flower is your seat of tapasya. Through renunciation, your tapasya is automatically achieved. When you have become an embodiment of renunciation and tapasya, what will you do? To renounce the consciousness of the self, means that the consciousness of "I" has ended. You become tapaswis who are lost in the love of One and you cannot then stay without doing service. Any limited "I" and "mine" don't allow you to do true service. Those who are embodiments of renunciation and tapasya are real servers. When you have the slightest consciousness of the body, "I did this", "I am like this", what do you become instead of being a server? You become a server in name only; you don't become a true server. The foundation of real service is renunciation and tapasya. Those who are such renunciates, tapaswi servers, are constant embodiments of success. Victory and success become the garland around their necks. They become those who have this as a birthright. Therefore, BapDada is giving all the children of the world these elevated teachings: Become a renunciate, become a tapaswi and become a real server.Today's world is a world filled with the fear of death. (There were storms.) Even though there is upheaval of the elements of nature, you are unshakeable, are you not? The duty of the tamoguni elements of nature is to create upheaval and the duty of you unshakeable souls is to transform the elements of nature. Nothing new! All of this is to happen anyway. It is only through upheaval that you will become unshakeable. So, have you elevated souls who are residents of the court and self-sovereigns, understood? This too is a royal court, is it not? “Raja Yogis” means those who are kings of the self. “A court of Raja Yogis” means a court of those who are self-sovereigns. All of you have also become political leaders, have you not? They are political leaders of their country and you are leaders of the self. A leader means one who conducts everything according to the right principles. Therefore, you are the leaders of the self who follow the principles of religion and kingdom. Accurate, elevated principles are shrimat. Elevated directions are the right moral principles. Those who follow these moral principles are successful leaders.BapDada is congratulating the leaders of the world because they are at least making effort, although there is a variety of them. At least they have love for their country. At least they make effort with the thought that their kingdom should remain forever. Their love for keeping their Bharat elevated is automatically inspiring them to make effort. Now, the time will come when both the authority of the kingdom and the authority of religion will come together. There will then be cries of the victory of Bharat throughout the whole world. Bharat will be the lighthouse. Everyone's vision will be on Bharat. Everyone will experience Bharat to be the land of inspiration. Bharat is the imperishable land. It is the land of the incarnation of the eternal Father. This is why the praise of Bharat is always great. Achcha.All of you have reached your sweet home. BapDada congratulates all the children for coming here.Welcome! The decoration of the Father's home is welcome. Achcha.To all the stars of success who remain constantly stable on the seat of a constant and stable stage, to the tapaswi children, the great souls who always stay in remembrance of the one Supreme, to the world benefactor, serviceable children who have elevated good wishes and elevated pure feelings, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.BapDada meeting the Chief Minister of Gujarat:Welcome to the Father's home and your home! The Father knows that you very much love doing service. Only a handful out of multimillions are such servers and this is why you will constantly continue to receive the instant fruit for the hard work you do in service in the form of internal happiness. This effort is the basis of success. If all instrument servers make this effort, the kingdom of Bharat will constantly continue to achieve success. You are definitely to receive success. This is guaranteed, because those who become instruments definitely receive the instant fruit of service and also receive fruit in the future. Therefore, you are an instrument for service. Have the consciousness of being an instrument and constantly continue to move forward in service. Where there is the consciousness of being an instrument and there isn't any consciousness of "I", there will constantly be progress. This feeling of being an instrument automatically awakens good wishes and pure feelings. The reason why there aren't good wishes and pure feelings in the world today is that, instead of having the feelings of being instruments, there is the consciousness of "I". If they considered themselves to be instruments, they would also understand the Karavanhar Father. Karankaravanhar Swami (Lord who acts and inspires others to act) will always inspire you to do what is elevated. Instead of being trustees, they have become householders of the kingdom. There is a burden in being a householder and lightness in being a trustee. Unless you become light, you cannot have decision-making power. If you are a trustee, you are light and your decision-making power is also elevated. Therefore, always be a trustee. The consciousness of being an instrument is fruitful. You definitely receive the fruit of this awareness. This feeling of being an instrument will always continue to give you elevated fruit. Therefore, remind all your companions to have the consciousness of being an instrument and a trustee. These principles of the kingdom will become the elevated principles for the whole world. The whole world will copy the principles of the Government of Bharat. However, the basis of this is the consciousness of being a trustee, that is, of being an instrument.BapDada speaking to Kumars:“Kumars” means those who accumulate all powers and all treasures and do the service of making others powerful. You are constantly busy doing this service, are you not? If you remain busy, there will continue to be progress. When you are even a little free, there are wasteful thoughts. Remain busy in order to remain powerful. Make your own timetable. Just as you make a timetable for your body, in the same way, also make a timetable for your intellect. Make a plan to keep your intellect busy. By remaining busy, you will constantly continue to progress. According to the present time, to be elevated in the life of a kumar is a very great fortune. Always think that you are an elevated fortunate soul. Always keep a balance between remembrance and service. Those who constantly keep this balance continue to receive blessings. Achcha.Constantly remain absorbed in God’s loveGod’s love is a blissful swing. While swinging in this swing of happiness, remain constantly absorbed in God’s love and no adverse situation or upheaval of Maya can then come in front of you. God’s love is infinite and unshakeable and there is so much of it that everyone can attain it. However, the way to attain God’s love is to be detached. To the extent that you become detached, you will accordingly claim a right to God’s love. Remain absorbed in God’s love to such an extent that nothing limited can influence you or attract you to itself. Remain constantly lost in your unlimited attainments through which the fragrance of spirituality spreads into the atmosphere. The sign of love is: you sacrifice everything for the one you love. The Father has so much love for the children that He writes a letter every day giving the response of love. He gives love and remembrance and as the Companion, He constantly fulfils the responsibility of love. Sacrifice all your weaknesses for this love. The Father loves you children and this is why He constantly says: Children, whatever you are, however you are, you are Mine. Similarly, you also remain absorbed in love and say with your hearts: Baba, whatever You are, You are everything. Never be influenced by the kingdom of falsehood. You don’t have to remember consciously someone you love for you automatically love that one. Simply let your love be true and altruistic and from the heart. Since you say, “My Baba, lovely Baba”, you cannot then forget the One you love. You cannot receive altruistic love from any soul except the Father. Therefore, do not remember Him with any other motives, but remain absorbed in altruistic love. Become experienced in God’s love, because through this experience you will become an easy yogi and continue to fly. God’s love is a means to make you fly. Those who fly cannot be trapped by any pull of gravity. No matter how attractive a form of Maya may be, that attraction cannot reach those who are in the flying stage. The string of God’s love pulls you here from far, far away. This love gives so much happiness that, if you become lost in this love for even a second, you will forget all types of sorrow and begin to swing in the swing of happiness for all time. When you receive what you need in life from someone, that is a sign of love. The Father has so much love for you children that He fulfils all your desires for happiness and peace in life. Not only does the Father give you happiness, but He also makes you into masters of the treasure of happiness. Along with this, He also gives you a pen with which to draw your line of elevated fortune. You can create as much fortune as you want. This is God’s love. The rays of the sparkle, intoxication and experience of the children who remain constantly absorbed and lost in God’s love are so powerful that any problem is not only far away from them, but it cannot even raise its eyes to look at them. They cannot have any type of hardship.The Father has so much love for the children that He sustains you from amrit vela. The beginning of the day is so elevated. God Himself calls you to celebrate a meeting, has a heart-to-heart conversation and fills you with power. It is the songs of the Father’s love that awaken you. He calls you and awakens you with so much love: Sweet children, lovely children, come! The practical form of this sustenance of love is an easy yogi life. You would generally do whatever the person you love likes. The Father doesn’t like it when you children get upset. So, never say: What can I do? The situation was like that, which was why I got upset. Even if a situation that can upset you, comes in front of you, do not allow yourself to get into the stage of being upset.BapDada has so much love for you children that He feels that each of His children should go ahead of Himself. In the world too, you make whoever you have a lot of love for go ahead of you. This is a sign of love. BapDada also says: Let no weaknesses remain in My children. Let all become complete, perfect and equal. At the beginning of the day, at amrit vela, completely fill your hearts with God’s love. If your hearts are full of God’s love, God’s powers and God’s knowledge, your feelings of attachment and love can never go in any other direction.God’s love can only be received in this one birth. For 83 births you received love from deity souls and ordinary souls. It is only now that you receive God’s love. Love for souls enables you to lose the fortune of the kingdom whereas God’s love enables you to receive the fortune of the kingdom. So remain lost in the experience of this love. If you have true love for the Father, the sign of that is to become equal and karmateet. Perform actions as a ‘karavanhar” (one who inspires). Not that your physical organs make you do something, but rather you make your physical organs work. Do not perform any actions under the influence of your mind, intellect or sanskars.Special effort to become equal to Father Brahma.In his ordinary form, Father Brahma had an extraordinary and an alokik stage. Similarly, follow the father. In the galaxy of stars, the twinkle and sparkle of the special stars is seen to be unique and lovely from a distance. In the same way, you stars are seen are as special souls in the midst of ordinary souls.

Blessing: May you be a courageous soul who makes the impossible possible by becoming strong from weak.

On the basis of the blessing “When the child has courage, the Father helps”, you first had the determination that you definitely had to become pure. The Father gave you multi-million-fold help. He said: You souls are eternally and originally pure, you have to become that many times and you will continue to become that. By becoming aware of “many times before”, you have become powerful. From being weak, you have become so strong that you challenge people and say that you will definitely make the world pure and show everyone. What the rishis, munis and great souls consider to be difficult – staying in a household and remaining pure – you say is extremely easy.

Slogan: To make a vow is to have determination. True devotees never break their vow.


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