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5 Aug 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma kumaris murli today in English - 05/08/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 07/12/83

The basis of attaining an elevated status is the murli.

Today, the Murlidhar Father is looking at His children who love the murli (flute), to see how much they love the Murlidhar Father and how much they love the murli. You are so intoxicated by the murli. You forget all consciousness of your body as you listen to the bodiless Father. You don't have the slightest consciousness of bodily beings. You become so intoxicated in this way and dance in happiness. You consider yourselves to be so multi-million times fortunate to be personally in front of the Father, the Bestower of Fortune that you stay in spiritual intoxication. As you become intoxicated with this spiritual intoxication and the intoxication of the murli of the Murlidhar, you experience yourselves to be flying beyond your body and this earth. With the music of the murli, that is, with the secrets and the music of the murli, you continue to have many experiences with the Father, the Murlidhar. Sometimes, you go to the incorporeal world, sometimes, the subtle region and sometimes your own kingdom. Sometimes, you become a light-and-might-house and give rays of happiness and peace to the souls of this peaceless and unhappy world. You travel through the three worlds every day. With whom? With the Murlidhar Father. Hearing the murli you swing in swings of supersensuous joy. As soon as you receive the medicine of imperishable blessings from the music of the Murlidhar's murli, you become healthy in body and mind. You become intoxicated and an emperor who is free from worry. You become the emperor of the land free from sorrow with a right to self-sovereignty.Baba was seeing the children who love to listen to the murli in the right way like this. From the same murli, some become kings, and others become subjects because success is achieved by applying yourself with the right method; the more you listen to the murli in the right way, the more you become an embodiment of success.First are those who listen to the murli in the right way, that is, those who merge it in themselves. Second are those who listen to the murli as a discipline and merge some of the murli in themselves and speak about some of the murli. Don't even ask about the third type! Those who listen and merge the murli in themselves in an accurate way become the form of it. Their every action is a form of the murli. Ask yourself what number you are in - the first number or the second number? To have regard for the Murlidhar Father means to have regard for every version of the murli. Each version is the basis of earning an income for 2500 years. It is the basis of an income of multi-millions. In this respect, if you miss one blessing, you miss out on an income of multi-millions. One blessing makes you into a mine of treasures. Those who listen to every word of the murli in the right way and understand the philosophy of the account of success attained through it, attain an elevated status. Just as the philosophy of karma is deep, in the same way, the philosophy of listening to and merging the murli in yourself in the right way is extremely elevated. The murli is the breath of Brahmin life. If there is no breath, there is no life. You souls have this experience, do you not? Check yourself every day as to whether you listened to the murli giving it that importance and in the right way. This discipline at amrit vela easily and automatically makes you into an embodiment of success in your every action throughout the day. Do you understand?You new ones have come, have you not? Therefore, Baba is telling all of you who have come last the way to go fast. This way you will go fast. You can gallop this way, and make up for any missed time. BapDada tells you the different methods so that no child has any complaints, such as: Why did we come late? Or: Why were we called late? You can still move forward, however. Move forward in an elevated way and claim a high number. There won't be any complaints left, will there? Baba is showing you the refined way. You have come at the time when everything is ready-made. You have come when it is the time to eat the butter that has been churned. You are already free from that type of hard work. Now, simply eat it and digest it. It is easy, is it not? Achcha.To those who are complete and perfect in doing everything in the right way and who thereby attain all success, to those who forget the consciousness of their bodies on hearing the Murlidhar's murli, to those who swing in the swing of happiness, to the intoxicated yogis who remain intoxicated in their spiritual intoxication, to those who have regard for the Murlidhar and the murli, to such master murlidhars, to the children who become the form of the murli and the Murlidhar, to all BapDada's corporeal and angelic children, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.BapDada meeting groups:1) You are the elevated souls who constantly stay in remembrance of the One in a constant and stable stage, are you not? Are you always constant 'ek-ras' (taste of One) or do other tastes pull you towards themselves? Other tastes don't pull you towards themselves, do they? All of you have just the One. Everything is merged in the One. Since you have only the One and there isn’t anyone else, where else would you go? You don't have any maternal or paternal uncles, do you? What promise have all of you made? This is the promise you have made, is it not, that You are everything? Have the kumaris made a firm promise? You made a firm promise and you were garlanded with a wedding garland. You made a promise and you found the Husband. You found the Husband and also the home. Parents are concerned that their kumaris find good husbands and good homes. You have found the Husband whose praise is sung by the whole world. You have also found the home where nothing is lacking. So, have you put on the wedding garland firmly? Such kumaris are said to be sensible. Kumaris are sensible anyway. BapDada is pleased to see you kumaris because you have been saved. You would be happy if someone was saved from falling, would you not? The mothers had already fallen down, and so for them, it would be said that those who had fallen were saved, whereas for you kumaris, it would be said that you have been saved from falling. Therefore, you are so lucky! Mothers have their own luck and kumaris have their own luck. You mothers are also lucky because you are the cows of Gopal (Cowherd. One who looks after cows).2) Are you constantly conquerors of Maya? Those who are conquerors of Maya would definitely have the intoxication of being world benefactors. Do you have such intoxication? “Unlimited service” means service of the world. Always have the awareness that you are the children of the Master of the world. You have the awareness of what you have become and what you have found; that is all. Simply constantly continue to make progress in this happiness. BapDada is pleased to see those who are making progress.Remain constantly intoxicated in remembrance of the Father. What does Godly intoxication make you? From being residents of this earth (farsh), you become residents of the sky (arsh). So, do you constantly reside in the sky or do you sometimes reside on the earth? Since you have become the children of the highest-on-high Father, how could you stay down below? The earth is down below, is it not, whereas the sky is high, so how could you come down? Never allow the foot of your intellect to touch the ground: just, up above! This is known as being a great child of the highest-on-high Father. Let there be this intoxication. Remain constantly unshakeable and immovable and full of all treasures. If you fluctuate even a little because of Maya you won't be able to experience all the treasures. You have received so many treasures from the Father. So, in order to keep all of those treasures with you for all time, remain constantly unshakeable and immovable. By remaining unshakeable you will constantly experience happiness. There is also the happiness of temporary perishable wealth. Even when a politician wins a temporary seat and acquires name and fame, he experiences so much happiness. This is lasting happiness. Only those who remain unshakeable and immovable will be able to experience this happiness.All Brahmins have received self-sovereignty. Previously, you were slaves and used to sing: "I am Your slave! I am Your slave!" You have now become self-sovereigns. From slaves, you have become kings. There is such a big difference; there is the difference of day and night. Remember the Father and change from a slave to a king. Such a kingdom cannot be attained throughout the whole cycle. With this self-sovereignty you receive the kingdom of the world. Therefore, constantly maintain the intoxication that you have a right to self-sovereignty and your physical organs will then automatically follow the elevated path. Always maintain the happiness that you have attained whatever you wanted to attain. Look what you have become from what you were! Look where you were and where you have reached!Questions and Answers from Avyakt BapDada’s elevated versions:Question: What is the final aim of making effort for which you have to pay special attention?Answer: To be an avyakt angel is the final aim of making effort. By keeping this aim in front of you, you will experience your body of light to be in an orb of light. Just as a physical body is in an orb of the five elements, in the same way, an avyakt one is in an orb of light. It is the form of light and all around there is only light. I, the soul, am a form of light – you have this aim, but in the subtle form, too, you are in an orb of light.Question: While performing every action, what awareness should you particularly increase so that you easily develop the incorporeal stage?Answer: While performing every deed have the awareness, “I, an instrument angel, am setting foot on this earth to carry out this task, but I am a resident of the subtle region. I have come on earth from my region for this task. As soon as I finish my task, I will go back to my region. With this awareness you will easily develop the incorporeal stage.Question: As well as having the points of intoxication of the corporeal form, by keeping yourself in which experience will you become an image that grants visions?Answer: When you remain aware that you are an elevated soul, a Brahmin and a Shakti, you experience intoxication and happiness. However, when you experience yourself to be in the avyakt form, in an orb of light, you will become an image that grants visions, because visions cannot be given without light. It is only with your form of light that people will have visions of your divine form.Question: According to the present time, what should your form be? What part has now finished?Answer: According to the present time, all of you need to have the volcanic form. Let no ordinary form or ordinary words be visible or heard. Let them have this experience: What words from the ether is this goddess going to say to me? Your part of being a gopi has now finished. When you are in your Shakti form, everyone will experience you to be an incarnation - that you are not an ordinary bodily being, but an incarnation that has incarnated. You just speak elevated versions and then disappear. Let this be the present stage and aim of your efforts.Question: What is the service of the main serviceable instruments, the invaluable jewels who are going to claim the throne of the kingdom?Answer: They will tour around everywhere and continue to give light everywhere like lighthouses. One will give light to many. They will continue to go beyond all physical activities. They will listen through signals, give directions and then go back to the subtle region. Now, the responsibilities and expansion of service will increase everywhere even more. All the different types of service that are happening will increase even more.Question: Who can become a ruler of the globe, an emperor? What indicates this?Answer: Those who hold the discus now (who tour around on service) will become emperors, rulers of the globe. Those who have the circle of light and also the circle to spread light in service will be called the rulers, those who hold the discus. Only those who hold the discus can become rulers of the globe. Let your form of light and your crown of light become so common that, when you walk, everyone can see that you are wearing a crown of light.Question: From which practice will the karmic accounts of the body reduce and the body receive the nourishment of sleep?Answer: When you practise being stable in the avyakt form of light and going beyond the body, then, with two to four minutes of the bodiless stage, the body will receive the nourishment of sleep. The body will be the same old body and the karmic accounts will also be the same old ones.However, by making the awareness of the form of light strong, you will become light in terms of reducing the karmic accounts of your body. For this, especially at amrit vela, practise: I am bodiless and a resident of the supreme abode. That is: I have incarnated in my avyakt form.

Question: What is the easy way to become a conqueror of Maya?

Answer: In order to become a conqueror of Maya, be angry with your defects.When you feel angry,don't get angry with one another, but get angry with your defects and weaknesses and you will then easily become a conqueror of Maya.

Question: Why is BapDada especially pleased when He sees those from the villages?

Answer: Because those from the villages are very innocent. Even the Father is called the Innocent Lord.Just as the Father is the Innocent Lord, so too, those from the villages are innocent. Therefore,always have the happiness that you are especially loved by the Innocent Lord. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a master bestower of peace who becomes an instrument with the power of silence to establish the new world.In order to accumulate the power of silence, go beyond your body, that is, become bodiless.

This power of silence is a very great power with which the new world will be established. Those who stabilise themselves in silence, beyond sound, can carry out the task of establishment. Therefore, become bestowers of peace, that is, become embodiments of peace and give peaceless souls rays of peace. Especially increase the power of silence. This is the greatest donation of all. This is the most lovely and powerful thing.

Slogan: To have good wishes for every soul and all of matter is to be a world benefactor.


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