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4 July 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 04/07/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you now have to become pure, living beings (embodied souls). No one at this time is a pure, living being and no one can therefore call himself a mahatma (great soul).

Question: Which children receive the prize of the golden-aged kingdom?

Answer: Those who claim number one in the race of remembrance by following shrimat receive the prize of the kingdom. If you race fast, you have a good name in the register and claim a right to the prize. You children become far-sighted and race far away. You reach your goal (the supreme abode) in a second and come back again. It is in your intellects that you will first go into liberation and then into liberation-in-life. No one else can race like you.

Song: At last the day for which we had been waiting has come!

Om ShantiWho knows that at last that day has come? You children know that the day has now finally come when you are face to face with the Father. The soul says this through the body. You souls, now sitting here, know that you are sitting face to face with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. We souls, that is, we living souls, also truly met God personally 5000 years ago. The soul says: This is my body. The body would not say: This is my soul. The Father of us souls has finally come here today. After there is devotion, He definitely has to come to give knowledge. He has finally come to give us salvation through knowledge. No one in the whole world knows this. He cannot be face to face with the whole world. You children also have faith, numberwise, according to the effort you make. First of all, you have the faith that you are souls and then you have the faith that your Father has come once again. You would think that everyone else also has faith in this way, but it isn't like that. He is without an image such that you repeatedly forget Him. You forget that you are souls and that you are sitting face to face with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Even the world knows that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes to make impure living beings pure. Living beings do not come here to make souls pure. All are living beings whereas the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is only One. He would not be called a living being (embodied being) because He doesn't have a physical or a subtle body. The Father sits here and explains this. All the bodily beings with names, that is, Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, whose images you see, reside in the subtle region. They too are subtle living beings. These matters have to be clearly understood. Although people say that so-and-so is a mahatma (a great soul), where would great souls come from in the impure world? No one here can be supremely pure. Yes, that Supreme Father went away after purifying you. There used to be deities at the beginning of the golden age. You surely understand that souls were pure and that they are now impure living beings. There were also pure living beings. Truly, there were pure living beings in the world at the beginning of the golden age. They are called great souls. The Father explains that no one in the impure world can be a great soul. All are impure living beings. Impure living beings would definitely make others impure too. There, there are pure living beings. So, what would they do? It isn't that they would make living beings pure. No, there is no question of making anyone pure. It is at this time that all become pure living beings. There, all are pure. Who makes everyone so pure? The Father sits here and explains: When you were deities, you were pure, then you came here and then became impure. This is the world of sinful living beings. You have to explain the words ‘sinful living beings’ very clearly because souls and bodies are both impure. There, they are not given the title mahatma. There, all are pure; they are called deities. They are full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full, the living beings who follow the highest religion of non-violence. ‘Completely viceless’ means completely pure. It has been explained to you children that sannyasis make effort to remain pure. Good sannyasis who are called mahatmas remain pure. They remain separate in order to become pure, but they belong to the path of isolation. They are called great souls on the path of devotion, not on the path of knowledge. Knowledge and devotion are both remembered separately. For half the cycle, there is the reward of knowledge in the golden and silver ages. Then, it would be said that here you have the reward of devotion. That is the path of devotion. First of all, devotion is unadulterated and then, at the end, devotion too is tamopradhan and adulterated. It is now the end of adulterated devotion, which is why the Father has come. The Father only comes once and makes your reward for half the cycle. You make number one effort. Some become kings and queens and others become subjects or maids and servants because a kingdom is being established. You are now becoming those with far-sighted intellects. Those with far-sighted intellects are called seers of the three aspects of time. Those who have knowledge of the three worlds and the three aspects of time are called trikaldarshi. You now know all three worlds. The incorporeal world, the subtle region and the corporeal world are the three worlds. You have now become far-sighted. Your intellects go from the beginning to the end, numberwise, according to your efforts. In a race, those who are weak are left behind. This is a very long, far-sighted race. You would never have heard of a race of souls. You souls know that you are students and that this is your race. You have to reach a particular goal and then return. You souls have to race very far. Your intellects know that, originally, you are residents of that place. You can reach there in a second and become liberated-in-life. We are originally residents of the supreme abode. Your intellects know correctly that you will go to the supreme abode and then come down again. Just as you would reach your goal in a race and then return, so we too will go to Baba and then come down again. We souls are learning to race. You tell everyone: Become “Manmanabhav” and connect your intellect in yoga with your Father and the supreme abode where you remain bodiless. Only you have this accurately in your intellects. You have the knowledge of the three aspects of time and the three worlds in your intellects. No one else can have the knowledge of 84 births. You know that we have to become liberated from this dirty world and these dirty bodies and return home. We are now going there. The Father teaches you this race every day. Your race is imperishable. The more you remember the Father, the better your name will be in the register. It would be said: This one’s pilgrimage of the intellect is very good. Only by having remembrance will your sins be absolved. If you don’t have remembrance, then, because your sins are not absolved, you are left behind. To become subjects or maids or servants is not a prize. To become Narayan from an ordinary man and Lakshmi from an ordinary woman is called receiving a prize. The Father gives you the prize of the kingdom if you follow His directions and race. Some don’t even race two steps. Those subjects will claim a completely low status. They might even be living here and yet they would claim a very low status in the kingdom. Your intellects have become so far-sighted. Children from Bangalore and Madras are sitting here and so someone should sit and explain to them in the Madrasi language. Our language is Hindi. Baba would also have explained in this way in the previous cycle. It is asked: Why doesn’t God know all the languages? However, that is not in the drama. If it were in the drama, I would give lectures in all languages. For instance, if people of all languages were sitting here, would I speak in all languages? That would not be possible. For how long would I continue to speak to each one? There would be chaos. Therefore, you should explain: Baba is now explaining in the same language in which He explained in the previous cycle. This is why Hindi is widely used. English is also necessary, because the Indians have a greater connection with the British. Russia and America etc. have their own languages. They are all Christians, belonging to the one religion. However, there are many languages. Here, all are the people of Bharat who belong to the original, eternal, deity religion, but they have forgotten their religion. There are now so many languages. There is a mixture of everything. You have to speak to others in their own language. You have to be very clever in this so that you are able to understand and explain to others. You should bring such a translator with you who is able to explain accurately. This is the biggest of all living pilgrimages, whereas all others are non-living pilgrimages. All the sages, holy men and great souls go there; they go very far away. They go to the temples of the ones who went away after making Bharat pure. This is also something to be understood. The Father says: How much should I explain about the expansion of the tree and its branches, twigs and leaves? You understand that all of those are small branches and twigs. There are so many leaves on a branch. There are so many sects and cults. Your trunk would be so big. There would also be so many leaves. The original, eternal, deity religion has continued from the golden age. So, there should be so many Hindus. However, in fact, there aren’t even as many Hindus any more because they have been converted to other religions. This is the kalpa tree. At the beginning, there were those who belonged to the original, eternal, deity religion. In fact, those who call themselves Hindus also originally belonged to the original, eternal, deity religion, but they have been converted. The Father says: I come and once again establish the religion that is called the deity religion. Those who have been converted will come and once again claim their inheritance. When not a single person who could have been called a deity remains here, the Father comes. He comes and explains that your non-living memorials exist here. When Christ comes, his religion is not spoken about. Here, there are temples and other signs of the deities. When it is your kingdom, there is no name or trace of Christ. Here, there is everyone’s name and trace. You know when Christ came and how Christianity was established. In which body would Christ be now? He would definitely be in an impure body. He himself was pure. You children have all the knowledge in your intellects. You are made far-sighted. No one knows where we souls come from or where we reside. They consider the place of residence to be God. In fact, when souls become false, the bodies also becomes false. Holy men say: Maya is false, the body is false, the whole world is false, but the soul is free from the effect of action. They only speak of things that suit them. Why do they not say, “False soul and the body of the false soul.”? They put the body on a funeral pyre. No one places the soul on the funeral pyre; it is the body that is put on the pyre. The soul left that body and entered another. This is something to be understood. You can explain to any sage or holy man etc. No one here in this impure world is a great soul. Great souls are called pure souls. So, the body too has to be pure: it is iron aged! A kumari is worshipped until she indulges in vice. People call out for purity: Come and make us pure! Since they call out, how can you consider them to be great souls? No one is a great soul. This is the unique, Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the One without an image. You know that you, who were pure living beings, deities, have now become impure. You have become corrupt in your religion. Christians know about their religion. They would instantly say that they are Christians. You, who belonged to the highest-on-high religion, have forgotten your religion. By forgetting, you have become corrupt in your religion and action. You were elevated and Ravan has now made you degraded. You can understand the meaning of this. You children are now imbibing knowledge to make your future fortune elevated. By disobeying shrimat, your fortune is crossed out. You even forget that it is the Father who gives you shrimat. So, at last that day has come… Only you know this. Not everyone knows this accurately. They will know it at the end when they understand everything. Now they repeatedly forget. Hardly anyone speaks the truth. They don’t hesitate to tell lies. Maya slaps very good strong children. The Father knows everything. He tells you that you are making a mistake and doing a lot of disservice. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Become far-sighted, know the three worlds and the three aspects of time and race with your intellect. Become liberated from this dirty world and that dirty body.

2. Erase the habit of telling lies. Never disobey shrimat thereby doing disservice.

Blessing: May you be a karma yogi and become fine by finishing the file of all complaints.

Just as when a soul and body are combined there is life, similarly, let karma and yoga be combined; not yogis who have yoga for two to three hours, but to have a yogi life. Their yoga is natural and easy, their yoga would not break that they would have to make effort to connect it again. They do not need to make any complaints. When you stay in remembrance all your tasks are automatically successful. All the files of those who become fine finish because a yogi life is a life with all attainments.

Slogan: Remember the Karavanhar (One who inspires) Father at every moment and you will become a constant yogi.


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