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30 Sep 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris Murli today in English 30/09/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 20/01/84

Become a great donor and a bestower of blessings.

Today, BapDada is seeing in all the children the personality of purity, the royalty of being an embodiment of all attainments and the reality of being a spiritual embodiment of remembrance. He is seeing all the children crowned with the sparkling light of the personality of purity. On the one side He is seeing the gathering of the children who are embodiments of all attainments. On the other side are the souls of the world who always lack something and are never embodiments of attainment. Even though they constantly have all temporary attainments, they are never content; they are always want something or other. They constantly chant, "I want this, I want that." They are running around. They are thirsty and constantly wandering around here and there with the desire to attain something in terms of body, mind, wealth or other people. They especially want three things and make all sorts of effort for them. Firstly, they want power, of the body, of wealth, of status or of their intellect. Secondly, they also want devotion. They want to be able to perform devotion with an honest heart for a few moments. Devotee souls have the desire to perform such devotion. Thirdly, since the copper age, many souls have been seeing the world of sorrow and crying out in distress and, because of this sorrow and peacelessness, have been considering temporary attainment to be like a mirage. Therefore, they want liberation from the world of sorrow and the bondage of the sorrow of vices. Devotees want devotion, others want power and others want liberation. Who are the jewels of contentment who can give such discontented souls a drop of happiness, peace, purity and knowledge and enable them to attain something? Are you this? You are the children of the Merciful Father. The Father has compassion for you that, as the children of the Bestower, you still constantly cry out, "I want this! I want that! I want this!" for some temporary attainment. So, do you children, who are master bestowers and embodiments of attainment, feel mercy for the souls of the world? Do you have the enthusiasm to help your brothers who are wandering around so much chasing after temporary desires? Children of the Bestower, cast your vision of mercy and compassion on your brothers! Become great donors! Become bestowers of blessings! Become sparkling jewels of contentment and make everyone content. Nowadays, people call out to the goddess of contentment a great deal because where there is contentment, nothing is lacking. On the basis of contentment, one is also able to experience having plenty of physical wealth. If you give even just two rupees to someone who is content, that is equivalent to a hundred thousand. If someone is a millionaire and not content, then that million is not a million, for he is a beggar for desires. Desires mean distress. Desires (ichcha) can never make you become good (achcha) because, although your perishable desires may be fulfilled, they also give birth to many other desires. This is why you become trapped in circles of desires, as through you are trapped in a spider’s web. You cannot become free even though you want to. Therefore, make your brothers, who are trapped in such a web ignorant of even knowing about perishable desires. To be distressed (pareshaan) means to act beneath your dignity (shaan). All of you are children of God, children of the Bestower and all attainments are your birthright. When you lose your dignity, you become distressed. Show such souls their elevated dignity. Do you understand what you have to do?All you double-foreign children are going back to your respective places. What will you do when you get back? Become great donors and bestowers of blessings and fill the aprons of all souls with the attainments of peace and happiness. This is the thought you are going back with, is it not? Seeing the children's courage and love, BapDada gives the children multimillion-fold return of their constant love. Those who live in faraway lands have come closer through their recognition and attainment, whereas those of this land have become distant through their recognition and attainment. Therefore, double-foreign children, with the determination to be embodiments of attainment and having the enthusiasm of contentment, constantly continue to move forward. The Bestower of Fortune, the Bestower of All Attainments, is always with you. Achcha.To such merciful children of the Merciful Father, to the children who are jewels of contentment and who make everyone full of the treasure of contentment, to the children who are always embodiments of all attainments and who remain well-wishers for others with the good wishes to enable them to attain something, to those who make everyone ignorant of the knowledge of perishable desires, to the all-powerful children BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.Seeing the double-foreign children, BapDada said:If anyone in this group is told to stay here, are you ever ready? None of you has any bondage back home, do you? This will also happen. The time will come when everyone's ticket is cancelled and you will be made to stay here. At such a time, no one will want to take salvation (facilities). Do all of you remember how you spent those four days when Brahma Baba became avyakt? Was the building big enough? Did you cook anything? So, how did you spend those four days? The days of destruction will also be spent just like that. You were absorbed in love at that time, were you not? Completion will also take place in a stage just like that when you will be absorbed in love. You will then stay here on the mountains and do tapasya. You will see the whole of destruction with your third eye. You are carefree in this way, are you not? You don't have any worries about your house, your family or your work. You are always carefree. There is no question as to what will happen. Whatever happens will be good. This is called being carefree. You might remember the building of your centre or your bank balance. Nothing should be remembered. Yours is true wealth, whether it has been used for the building or is in the bank. You will receive your wealth multiplied multimillion-fold. You have insured everything, have you not? Dust will turn to dust and you will receive your wealth multiplied multimillion-fold. What else do you want? True wealth can never go to waste. Do you understand? Remain constantly carefree in this way. “I don't know what will happen to the centre afterwards? What will happen to our home?” Let there not be this question. All of it has already been used in a worthwhile way. You no longer have any question as to whether it will be used in a worthwhile way or not. You have already willed it in advance. When someone has made his will beforehand, he remains carefree. All of you have willed your every breath, thought, second, wealth and body, have you not? You cannot use anything for yourself that you have already willed.You cannot use even a second or a penny without shrimat; it all belongs to God. Therefore, souls cannot use it for themselves or for other souls. You can use it according to the directions you receive. Otherwise, it is being dishonest with the treasures you have been entrusted with. If you use even a little of your wealth without a direction for any task, that wealth will then pull you to where it has been used. The wealth will pull the mind and the mind will pull the body and distress you. So, you have willed it all, have you not? If you use everything according to the directions you receive, there is no sin and no burden; you are free from that. You do understand the directions, do you not? You have received directions for everything. It is clear, is it not? You never become confused, do you? You never become confused as to whether you should do something or not for a particular task, do you? Whenever there is a little confusion, have it verified by the instruments. Or, if your stage is powerful, then the touchings you receive at amrit vela will always be accurate. Don't sit at amrit vela with mixed feelings in your mind, but sit with a plain intellect and the touchings will be accurate.Whenever some children have problems, they sit with only their own feelings in their minds. “This is what I should do. That is what should happen. In my opinion, this is fine.” Therefore, the touchings too would not be accurate. They would then only receive a response of the thoughts of their own mind. This is why, somewhere or other, there is no success. They then become confused about the direction they received at amrit vela, and thereby don't understand why something happened or why they weren't successful. However, they had mixed feelings in their own minds and so they just received the fruit of those feelings. What fruit would you receive from the dictates of your own mind? There would only be confusion, would there not? This is called willing even the thoughts of your mind. This is my thought, but what does Baba say? Achcha.Speaking to the teachers:BapDada has special love for teachers because you are equal. The Father is the Teacher and you are master teachers. In any case, those who are equal are loved very much. You are moving forward in service with very good zeal and enthusiasm. All of you are rulers of the globe. You toured around and came into relationship with many souls and are carrying out the task of bringing many souls close. BapDada is pleased. You feel that BapDada is pleased with you, do you not? Or, do you feel that you still have to do a little more? He is pleased, but you have to please Him a little more. You are working very hard. You work hard with love and this is why it doesn't feel like hard work. BapDada always says that serviceable children are the crowns on the head. You are the crowns on the head. Seeing the zeal and enthusiasm of the children, BapDada gives further co-operation to increase the zeal and enthusiasm. One step of the children and multimillion steps of the Father. Where there is courage, there is automatically the attainment of enthusiasm. When you have courage, you receive the Father's help. This is why you are carefree emperors. Continue to serve and you will continue to receive success. Achcha.BapDada meeting guests who have come for the Mt. Abu Conference (13/02/84)Dr. James Jonah, Assistant Secretary General, United NationsBapDada will always give co-operation and fulfil the child’s thoughts in his heart. Whatever your thoughts are, you have reached exactly the right place for you to put those thoughts into a practical form. Do you believe that all of these are your companions who will help you to fulfil your thoughts? By having remembrance you will constantly experience peace. You will continue to experience very sweet peace filled with happiness. You have reached the family that loves peace and so you have become an instrument for service. As a return for becoming an instrument, whenever you remember the Father, you will easily continue to experience success. Always keep yourself in the awareness, “I am a soul who is an embodiment of peace, I am a child of the Ocean of Peace, I am a soul who loves peace”. Use this experience to continue to give this message to whoever comes into connection with you. This alokik occupation will constantly enable you to perform elevated actions and those elevated actions will enable you to experience an elevated attainment. Then, both your present and your future will be elevated. You are a soul who is worthy of experiencing peace. Constantly continue to move along in the waves in the Ocean of Peace.Whenever you find a task difficult, stay in connection with the angels of peace and the difficulties will become easy. Do you understand? Even so, you are very fortunate. It is only a handful out of multi-millions, and a few from that handful who reach this land of the Bestower of Fortune. So, you have become fortunate. Now, you definitely have to become multi-million times fortunate. You have this aim, do you not? You will definitely become this, simply continue to keep your connection with the angels of peace. It is special souls that play special parts who reach here. You have a special part in the future too, which you will come to know as you progress further. This task is already accomplished successfully. This is just a means of service to enable those who want to create their fortune to do so. However, otherwise, it is already accomplished and it has been accomplished many times before. Your thought is very good. Give all your companions who have gone from here, those who are loving and co-operative, special flowers of love together with BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.Avyakt BapDada meeting Madam Anwar Sadat – A message for Egypt . Go back to your country and show them the method of economy of wealth. You experience wealth with happiness in the mind and economy of wealth is the basis of happiness in the mind. In this way, show them the way to be economical with wealth and the means of happiness of the mind and they will experience you to be an angel of happiness who gives them wealth (dhan) and the mind (man). So, go from here having become an angel of peace and happiness. Constantly keep with you the imperishable blessings from this sacrificial fire of peace. Whenever any situation arises, when you say, “My Baba”, that situation will become easy. When you wake up, first of all, always have a sweet conversation with the Father and, during the day, every now and then, check yourself as to whether you are with the Father. At night, go to sleep with the Father, do not sleep alone and you will constantly continue to experience the Father’s company. You will continue to give the Father’s message to everyone. You can do a lot of service because you have the desire that everyone should receive happiness and peace and when you do something from your heart’s desire you definitely have success in that. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi who forges all your relationships with the one Father and thereby bids farewell to Maya.

When there is a relationship, remembrance is automatically easy. To have all your relationships with the one Father is to be an easy yogi. By being an easy yogi, you can easily bid farewell to Maya. When Maya has taken leave, the greetings from the Father enable you to make a great deal of progress. Those who continue to receive blessings from God and from the Brahmin family at every step easily continue to fly.

Slogan: Become businessmen who remain constantly busy and you will have an income of multimillions at every step.


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