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30 Dec 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 30/12/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 02/04/84

The importance of the Point (Zero)

Today, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, has come to meet all His fortunate children. The Father, the Bestower of Fortune, is showing all of you children the extremely easy way to make your fortune. Simply know the account of the point. The calculation of zero is the easiest of all. Know the importance of the point and become great. All of you know very well the account of the easiest and the most significant point (zero), do you not? To speak of zero and to become a point. Become a point and remember the Father, the Point. You were a point and you must now remain stable in the stage of a point, become like the Father, the Point and celebrate meeting with Him. This age of celebrating a meeting is said to be the age of the flying stage. Brahmin life is for meeting and celebrating. Whilst doing everything with this method and whilst constantly performing actions, you always experience the karmateet stage of being free from any bondage of action (karma). You don't enter any bondage of action but always stay in all relationships with the Father. The Karavanhar Father makes you into instruments and makes you do everything. Therefore, you yourselves become detached observers and this is how the awareness of this relationship makes you free from bondage. When you do everything in a relationship, there is no bondage. When you think "I did this" you have forgotten the relationship and created a bondage. The confluence age is the age of experiencing the stage of freedom from bondage, of having all relationships with the Father and of being liberated-in-life. Therefore, check whether you maintain all relationships or whether you enter into bondage. Where there is love in a relationship, there is attainment, whereas there is a tug of war in any bondage and, because of that tension, there is the upheaval of sorrow and peacelessness. Therefore, since the Father has taught you the easy account of the point, any bondage of the body has ended. The body is not yours. You have given it to the Father and it is therefore His. Your original bondage of "my body" has also ended. Would you say "my body"? Do you have that right now? How can you have a right over something you have given away? Have you given it or have you still kept it as yours? It isn’t that you say "It is Yours" and yet you still believe it belongs to you, is it?When you say "Yours", the bondage of any consciousness of "mine" would end. Any limited "mine" is a thread of attachment. Whether you call it a thread, a chain or a string, it ties you in bondage. When you say, "Everything is Yours", you forge a relationship, the bondage breaks and it becomes a relationship. Any type of bondage, whether it is of the body, nature, sanskars or subservience of the mind proves that there is something lacking in your having all relationships with the Father at all times. Some children remain free from bondage all the time by having all relationships with the Father, whereas some children forge a relationship according to the time, for their own motives, and this is why they are deprived of receiving the unique spiritual pleasure of Brahmin life. Neither are they content with themselves nor are they able to receive the blessings of contentment from others. Brahmin life, the life of elevated relationships, is the life of receiving blessings from the Father and the whole Brahmin family. “Blessings” means good wishes and pure feelings. You Brahmins have taken birth on the basis of BapDada's blessings and good wishes. The Father said: You are a fortunate, elevated, special soul. It was with your awareness of these blessings and boons, that is, with these good wishes and pure feelings, that you Brahmins took a new life and a new birth. Always continue to receive blessings. This is the speciality of the confluence age. However, the basis of all of this is the most elevated relationship. The relationship finishes the chains and bondages of any consciousness of "mine" in a second. The first form of a relationship is the easy aspect: the Father is a Point, I am point and all souls are points. Therefore, it is an account of a point. The Ocean of Knowledge is merged in this point. According to worldly calculation too, a point (zero) makes 10 into 100 and 100 into 1000. Continue to increase the zeroes and continue to increase the number. So, what is important? It is the point, is it not? Similarly, in Brahmin life, the basis of all attainments is the point.Even uneducated people are easily able to understand a zero. No matter how busy or unwell someone is, or how weak his intellect is, anyone can know the account of a zero. Mothers are clever at calculating, aren’t they? So, always remember the account of a zero. Achcha.You have reached your sweet home from all the different places. BapDada congratulates all of you children for making your fortune. You have come to your home. This home of yours is the home of the Bestower. Your own home is a place that gives rest and comfort to both the soul and the body. You are receiving rest and comfort, are you not? You have double attainment. You receive rest and comfort (aaram) and you also find Rama. So it is double attainment, is it not? Children are the decoration of the Father's home. BapDada is looking at the children who are the decoration of the home. Achcha.To those who are always free from bondage by having all relationships with One, to those who experience the karmateet stage, to those who always know the importance of the point and become great, to those who constantly receive the blessings of good wishes and pure feelings of contentment from all souls, to those who give such blessings to everyone, to those who always consider themselves to be detached observers and perform every action as instruments, to those who constantly experience such unique spiritual pleasure, to those who live lives of constant pleasure, to those who end all burdens, to such constantly fortunate souls, love, remembrance and namaste from the Father, the Bestower of Fortune.BapDada meeting Dadis:Time is going by at a very fast speed. Just as time is going by at a fast speed, similarly, all Brahmins are flying fast. Have you become so light, double light? There is now the special service to do of making others fly. Do you make others fly in this way? With which method are you going to make everyone fly? By listening to the classes, they have become those who conduct classes. With whatever topic you begin, they will all have points about that topic even before you begin! Therefore, have you made a plan as to which method you will use to make everyone fly? A method is now required to make everyone light. It is these burdens that make you go up and down. Some have one type of burden and others have another type of burden. Even if it is the burden of your own sanskars or of the gathering, no burden will allow you to fly. Now, even if some are able to fly, it is with the power of others. For instance, when you make a toy fly, what happens? It goes up and then comes down. It definitely flies, but it doesn't fly all the time. Now, only when all Brahmin souls fly can they make all other souls fly and enable them to come close to the Father. There is no other method apart from making others fly and also flying yourself. The speed of flying is determined by the method. How many tasks have to be accomplished and how much time do you have?Now, at least 900,000 Brahmins are needed at first. In fact, the number will be greater, but when you rule over the whole world, there will have to be at least 900,000. An elevated method is required according to the time. The elevated method is the method of making others fly. Make a plan for this. Prepare small gatherings. It has been so many years since the avyakt part began. So much time has gone by in taking sustenance from the corporeal form and also from the avyakt form. You now have to do something new. Make a plan. The cycle of flying and then coming down has now ended. There are 84 births and the cycle of 84 is remembered. Therefore, in the year 1984, only when you end this cycle will the discus of self-realisation bring distant souls close. What have they shown as a memorial? He sent the discus whilst sitting somewhere and the discus of self-realisation itself brought souls close. He didn't go himself, but he just used his discus. Therefore, only when all that spinning has finished can you spin the discus of self-realisation. So, now, in the year 1984, use this method so that all limited cycles finish. This is what you have thought of, is it not? Achcha.BapDada meeting teachers:Teachers are those who are in the flying stage anyway. To become an instrument is the method to use for the flying stage. So, to become an instrument means that, according to the drama, you have found the method to use for the flying stage. You are the elevated souls who always attain success by using this method. To become an instrument is to have a lift. Therefore, those who go somewhere in a second by lift are those in the flying stage. You are not in the stage of descent, you are not those who fluctuate, but you are those who save others from fluctuating. You are not those who are affected by the heat of a fire, but you are those who extinguish the fire. So, attain success by using the method of being an instrument. To be a teacher means to have the feeling of being an instrument. This feeling of being an instrument enables you to attain all fruit automatically. Achcha.Avyakt elevated versions –Be free from the bondage of karma and become karmateet and bodiless.In order to experience the bodiless or karmateet stage, become free from the body consciousness of any limited “mine, mine”. Become free from selfish intentions in both lokik (worldly) and alokik (spiritual) actions and relationships. Become free from the karmic accounts of the actions of your past births and from being influenced by any wasteful nature and sanskars due to the weakness of your present efforts. If any adverse situation of service, the gathering or matter makes your original or elevated stage shake then that is not a stage of being free from bondage. Become free from even this bondage. Let no type of illness of your old final body in this old world make your elevated stage fluctuate; become free from even this. It is destined for the illness to come, but for your stage to fluctuate – that is a sign of being trapped in a bondage. Have thoughts of the self, thoughts of knowledge and be a well-wisher. Become free from having thoughts about the illness of the body. This is said to be the karmateet stage.Be a karma yogi and constantly be detached from any bondage of karma and always be loving to the Father: this is the karmateet and bodiless stage. To be karmateet does not mean to go beyond performing actions. Do not go beyond performing actions, but be detached from being trapped in any bondage of action. No matter how big a task may be, let it not feel like you are working, but as if you are playing a game. No matter what adverse situation arises, no matter if a soul comes in front of you to settle karmic accounts, even if any suffering of karma through the body continues to come in front of you, remain free from any limited desires, for this is the bodiless stage. While you have that body and are playing your part on the field of action with your physical senses, you cannot stay without performing actions for even a second. However, to remain beyond the bondage of action while performing action is the karmateet and bodiless stage. So, come into the relationship of karma through the physical senses, but do not get tied by any bondage of karma. Do not be influenced by any desire for some perishable fruit of karma. “Karmateet” means not be to influenced by karma, but to be a master, to be an authority and to have a relationship with your physical senses and make your physical senses act while you remain detached from short-term desires. You, the soul, the master, must not be dependent on actions, but as the authority, continue to have actions performed. Enable actions to be performed as the one performing actions. This is known as having a relationship of karma. A karmateet soul has a relationship, not a bondage.“Karmateet” means to be beyond, that is, detached from the body, relations of the body, possessions connected with both lokik and alokik relations and bondages. Though the word “relationship” is used, if there is any dependency in relation to the body or relationships of the body, then that becomes a bondage. In the karmateet stage, because of knowing the secrets of relationship of karma and bondage of karma, you always remain happy in every situation. You would never get upset. Such a soul will be free from the bondage of any karmic account of his past births. Even if as a consequence of the karmic accounts of the past births, there is some illness of the body or even if the mind is in conflict with the sanskars of other souls, a karmateet soul would not be influenced by the suffering of karma, but would be a master and enable the account to be settled. To be a karma yogi and to settle the suffering of karma is the sign of becoming karmateet. With yoga, with a smile he would change the suffering of karma from being like a crucifix to a thorn and destroy it, that is, he would finish the suffering of karma. To be able to transform the suffering of karma with your stage of karma yoga is the karmateet stage. Wasteful thoughts are the subtle strings of some bondage of karma. A karmateet soul would experience goodness even in something bad. Such a soul would say that whatever is happening is good. I am good, the Father is good and the drama is good. This thought works like scissors to cut the bondages. When the bondages are cut away you will become karmateet.In order to experience the bodiless stage, become free from the knowledge of desires. Such a soul who is free from any limited desires will be a kamdhenu, equal to the Father, who fulfils everyone’s desires. Just as all the Father’s treasure-stores are always full with treasures and there is no mention of any attainment that is missing, in the same way, always be full of all treasures like the Father. While playing your part in the world cycle, to remain free from the many spinnings of sorrow is the stage of liberation in life. In order to experience such a stage, be one who has all rights, one who is a master who makes all your physical senses act. Act and as soon as the deed is done, become detached. This is the practice of the bodiless stage.

Blessing: May you transform “mine” into “Yours”, be double light and experience the flying stage.

That perishable body and wealth and old mind are not yours, you have given them to the Father. The first thought you had was: Everything is “Yours”. The Father does not benefit by this, but you benefit, because when you say “mine”, you become trapped, whereas when you say “Yours”, you become detached. By saying “mine” you have a burden but by saying “Yours” you become double light and a trustee. Until someone becomes light, he cannot reach the highest stage. Only those who remain light can experience bliss through their flying stage. There is pleasure in remaining light.

Slogan: A powerful soul is one who cannot be influenced by any person or by matter.


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