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3 Feb 2019 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in ENglish 03/02/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 17/04/84

The signs of those who are multimillion times fortunate.


Today, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, is looking at all His fortunate children. Every Brahmin soul is a fortunate soul. To become a Brahmin means to become fortunate. To belong to God means to become fortunate. All are fortunate but, after belonging to the Father and receiving the inheritance of the different treasures from the Father, you become numberwise in claiming a right to that elevated inheritance, in using it in your life of all rights and in constantly increasing the rights you have received in the right way to bring about expansion. Some just remain fortunate and others become a hundred times fortunate. Some become a thousand times fortunate, some become a hundred thousand times fortunate and some become multimillion times fortunate. This is because to use the treasures in the right way means to increase them, whether you use them to make yourself complete, or whether, with the completion of yourself, you use them to serve other souls. Perishable wealth diminishes as you use it. Imperishable wealth increases multimillion times as you use it. This is why there is the saying “Spend it and eat from it”. The more you spend and eat from it, the more prosperous the Father, the Emperor of all Emperors, will make you. This is why those who use their treasures of the fortune they have received for service will continue to move forward.

To be multi-million times fortunate means to accumulate an income of multi-millions at every step and as a multi-million time server, to use your every thought, word, deed and connection for service. One who is multi-million times fortunate is constantly generous-hearted and a great donor eternally and constantly; that one would be a bestower who constantly gives to others. Such souls would not be servers according to the programme or facilities, but constantly great donors. If they don’t serve through words, they would serve through their thoughts and deeds. Through their connections and relationships they would be constant servers with their unending and constant treasures in one or another way. There would be different forms of service, but the wave of service would constantly continue. Just as you are a constant yogi, so be a constant server. A constant server constantly eats the elevated fruit of service and also continues to give it to others, that is, he himself eats the fruit all the time and thereby becomes a practical embodiment.

Multimillion times fortunate souls would always be seated on a lotus seat, that is, they would always be in the stage of a lotus flower. They would be detached from the attractions of anything limited and detached from accepting limited fruit, and so would be loved by the Father, the Brahmin family and the world. Such elevated server souls are constantly offered flowers of happiness by everyone with love from their hearts. BapDada Himself offers flowers of love to such constant serving multi-million times fortunate souls. Multimillion times fortunate souls constantly give other souls light with their sparkling stars of fortune to make them fortunate. BapDada was seeing such fortunate souls. Whether they are far away or personally in front of Baba, they constantly have the Father merged in their heart. This is why those who are equal remain close. Now ask yourself what type of fortunate soul you are. You can know yourself, can you not? You may or may not accept something when others tell you, but you yourself can know what type of soul you are. Do you understand? Nevertheless, BapDada says: At least you have become fortunate from being unfortunate. You will at least become free from the many types of sorrow and suffering. You will at least become the masters of heaven. One is to go to heaven and the other is to claim a right to the kingdom. All of you will go to heaven, but ask yourself when and where you will come in heaven. Your name has already been written in BapDada’s list for going to heaven. This is better than for everyone else in the world. However, it is not the best of all. So, what will you do? Which zone will claim number one? Each zone has its own speciality.

What is the speciality of Maharashtra? Do you know? You are great anyway, but what is the special speciality that is remembered of you? Ganesh is worshipped a great deal in Maharashtra. What is Ganesh also called? The destroyer of obstacles. Whenever people begin a task, they first give salutations to Ganesh. So what will those from Maharashtra do? You will invoke Shri Ganesh for every great task, will you not? Maharashtra means the state of those who are constantly destroyers of obstacles. So always be a destroyer of obstacles and show this greatness for yourself and for others. Let there not be any obstacles in Maharashtra. Let everyone become a destroyer of obstacles. Let it come and salute you from a distance. So you have brought a group of such destroyers of obstacles, have you not? Maharashtra has constantly to show this greatness of itself to the world. You are not those who are afraid of obstacles, are you? You are the destroyers of obstacles who challenge others. In any case, Maharashtra shows a lot of bravery. Achcha.

What wonders will those from UP show? What is the speciality of UP? There are many pilgrimage places and many rivers there. All the Jagadgurus are also there. There are four Jagadgurus in the four corners, are there not? There are many Mahamandleshwars in UP. The doorway to Hari (Haridwar) in UP is special. So, let there be many servers in UP who show the doorway to Hari (God), that is, those who show the door to go close to God. Because UP is a pilgrimage place, there are many guides there. They are those who eat and drink, but you are the spiritual server guides who show the true path, who celebrate a meeting with the Father and who bring others close to the Father. Are there such special Pandavas who are the guides in UP? UP has to reveal its form of the Pandavas practically as being the guides. Do you understand?What is the speciality of Mysore? There is sandalwood there and also special gardens there. So, those from Karnataka especially have to become constant spiritual roses and fragrant sandalwood. Spread the fragrance of sandalwood and of spiritual roses and make the world into a garden. Spread the fragrance of sandalwood into the world. Give the tilak of sandalwood and make everyone fragrant and cool. Sandalwood is also cool. So, the maximum number of spiritual roses will emerge from Karnataka, will it not? This means to show the practical proof. Now, everyone has to show the practical form of their own speciality. You have to bring the maximum number of fragrant spiritual roses that are in full bloom. You have brought them. Some of you have brought them, but you haven’t brought a bouquet. Achcha.

Baba has spoken a lot of praise of the foreign lands. The speciality of abroad is that you become very detached and also become very attached. Seeing the loving detachment of the children from abroad, BapDada is pleased. That life has now become the past. To the extent that you were trapped, to that extent you have now become detached. This is why BapDada loves the detachment and the lovingness of those from abroad. This is why BapDada is also giving special love and remembrance. You have become merged in your own speciality, have you not? You are so detached and loving, are you not? You don’t have any attachment, do you? Nevertheless, those from abroad have come home as guests and so the guests are always kept at the front. This is why the people of Bharat have special happiness seeing those from abroad. There are some who come as guests and settle down as hosts. This has always been the activity of those from abroad. They come as guests and settle as hosts. They have nevertheless broken many barriers and come to the Father, and so you would say “You first”, would you not? In any case, Bharat has its own speciality and abroad has its own speciality. Achcha.

To all the multi-million times fortunate souls who are seated on the lotus seat, to those who are constantly well-known goddesses with 84 bells in every thought and at every second... So, will you now ring the bells in 84 or should we wait even longer? Abroad, people are living in fear, wondering when the bells will be rung. Will the lands abroad ring the bells or will this land ring them? “84” means the bells will ring everywhere. At the end of any function, when they do the “arti” (special worship ritual with lamps on a tray), they ring the bells very loudly and then the ceremony is completed. To do the “arti” means it is the end. So, what will you do now?To all the multi-million times fortunate souls who are seated on the lotus seat, to those who are constant servers at every second and in every thought, to the master bestowers who constantly give all treasures with a generous heart, to those who make others complete with their own completion, to those who have a right to the elevated fortune, to the worthy children who constantly give elevated proof, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.To the residents of Punjab:The Father is sitting here and so you don’t need to think about anything. Whatever happens will be beneficial. You belong to everyone: you are neither Hindus nor Sikhs. You belong to the Father and so you belong to everyone.

In Pakistan too, they used to say that you are the people who belong to God. You don’t have a connection with anything. This is why you belong to God and not to anyone else. No matter what happens, you are not those who become afraid. No matter how much fire there is, the kittens will remain safe. However, only those who are yogyukt will remain safe. Let it not be that you say that you belong to the Father and you remember someone else. Such souls will not receive help. Don’t be afraid. Don’t have any fear but continue to move forward. Move forward in the pilgrimage of remembrance, in imbibing virtues and in studying - in all subjects. The more you move forward, the more easily you will continue to attain.Do all of you consider yourselves to be special actors in this world drama? Can you see your pictures of the previous cycle, now? This is the wonder of Brahmin life. Always remember this speciality: what you were and what you have become. You have become worth diamonds from shells. You have come into the world of happiness from the world of sorrow. All of you are the hero heroine actors of this drama. Each of you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris is a messenger who will give the Father’s message. The messengers who give God’s message are so elevated. So, you have incarnated to carry out this task constantly. You have come down from up above to give this message. This awareness will give you happiness. Simply remember this occupation of yours at all times: You are the masters of the mine of happiness. This is your title.Do you constantly experience yourselves to be the elevated confluence-aged Brahmin souls? “True Brahmins” are those who constantly give the true Father’s true introduction. The duty of a brahmin priest is to tell religious stories. You don’t tell religious stories, but you give the true introduction. Always have the intoxication that you are the Brahmin souls who give the true introduction of the true Father. Brahmins are even more elevated than the deities. This is why they show the place of Brahmins to be the topknot. The Brahmins with a topknot refers to those who remain in an elevated stage. When you remain high up, everything down below will be very small. Nothing will then seem to be a big thing. When you are sitting up above, the things down below appear to be very small. When you find a problem to be something big, the reason is that you are seeing it while sitting down below. If you look at it from up above, you won’t have to labour. So, always remember that you are Brahmins with topknots. Through this, even the big problems will become small in a second. You are not those who are afraid of problems, but those who find solutions to problems and overcome them. Achcha.

This morning (18/4/84) at amrit vela, a brother had a heart failure and left his body in Madhuban.These are the elevated versions that Avyakt BapDada spoke at that time.All of you are the elevated souls who observe every scene of the drama as detached observers, are you not? Any scene that is in the drama is said to be benevolent. Nothing new! (Speaking to his sister-in-law) What are you thinking? By observing every scene while being seated on the seat of a detached observer, there is benefit for you and also benefit for that soul. You do understand this, do you not? You are the form of a Shakti in remembrance, are you not? A Shakti is always victorious. You are one who plays all your part as a victorious Shakti. This is also a part. While playing your part do not have any other thoughts. Each soul has his own individual part. Now, give that soul the co-operation of peace and power. He is receiving the co-operation of so many of the divine family and so there is nothing to think about. This is a great pilgrimage place, is it not? He was a great soul, this is a great pilgrimage place. Always think of the greatness. All of you are sitting in remembrance, are you not? A beloved child finished his account in an old body and shed it and has moved on to the preparations of the new body. Therefore, everyone now give that fortunate soul the co-operation of peace and power. This is special service. Do not go into “Why?” or “What?”, but you yourself, as an embodiment of power, spread rays of peace into the world. He is an elevated soul, a soul who will earn an income and so there is nothing to think about. Do you understand?


May you become a conqueror of obstacles by having the awareness of your angelic form and experiencing the Father’s canopy of protection.

As soon as you wake up at amrit vela, bring into your awareness: I am an angel. Give Father Brahma this gift that he loves and BapDada will then enfold you in His arms every day at amrit vela and you will experience yourself to be swinging in Baba’s arms in supersensuous joy. Even if any adverse situations or obstacles come to those who maintain the awareness of the angelic form, the Father will become the canopy of protection for them. So, by experiencing the Father’s canopy of protection and His love, become a conqueror of obstacles.


A soul who is an embodiment of happiness will easily be victorious over adverse situations with his own original stage.


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