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29 July 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 29/07/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 25/12/83

The days of the confluence age are days for celebrating in the greatest pleasure of all.

Today, the greatest Father is giving congratulations for the greatest day to the greatest children of all. Baba is giving greetings for Christmas to all the children who are even sweeter than raisins (kismis). The greatest days are the days of the confluence age. Bad days have now ended and it is now the day of happiness of the confluence age, to be celebrated with enthusiasm. This is the day when the Seed of the tree tells the story of the kalpa tree. On this great day of the confluence age, sparkling, elevated Brahmin souls sparkle at the foundation of the kalpa tree and make the whole tree sparkle. The lucky and lovely stars make the tree extremely beautiful. The living sparkling stars are the decoration of the tree. Sparkling white and light angels make the tree sparkle. People decorate a Christmas tree for this day as a memorial of this. During this great day of the confluence age, of celebrating the festival with enthusiasm, you change night into day; you transform darkness into light. The Brahmin family meets on this great day and eats food for the soul, Brahma Bhojan, with a lot of love. This is why, as a memorial, families all get together and eat, drink and celebrate with pleasure. Out of the whole cycle, the day and the age to celebrate with pleasure is the confluence age, and you can celebrate with pleasure to your heart's content, as much as you want, at this confluence age. The intoxication of the nectar of knowledge makes you become absorbed in love. People especially experience this spiritual intoxication on a great day. At the brahm-muhurat of the confluence age, at amrit vela, you opened your eyes to your elevated birth and what did you receive? How many gifts did you receive? You opened your eyes and you saw the old Baba. You saw the white Baba. You also saw the red in the white, did you not? Whom did you see? You saw the Father who brings peace. How many gifts did He give you? He gave you so many gifts that you will continue to be sustained by those gifts for birth after birth. You won't have to buy anything. The biggest gift of all that He gave you was the bracelet of love, which is even more valuable than diamonds. He gave you the bracelet of God's magic. With this, you can attain whatever you want, whenever you want, as soon as you have the thought and you invoke it. There is nothing lacking in the treasure store of Brahmins. All of you children received such a gift as soon as you opened your eyes. All of you have received it, have you not? Was anyone left out? This is the importance of the great day. The signs of the memorial of the first Brahmins have continued through to the last religion, because all of you elevated Brahmin souls are the foundation of the whole tree. You are the grandfathers and great-grandfathers of all souls. All of them are your branches. All of you very great Brahmins are the foundation of the tree. This is why, even today, souls of all religions celebrate in one form or another the memorial of you souls and the customs and systems of your confluence age. You are such worthy-of-worship souls from time immemorial. In comparison to the Supreme Soul, you are doubly worthy-of-worship. You are celebrating the days of pleasure whilst considering yourselves to be the greatest and most elevated of all, are you not? The days of celebration are so few. Bearing in mind the cycle, celebrate just the one great day a great deal. Dance in happiness! Eat Brahma Bhojan and sing songs of happiness. Do you have any other worries? What do carefree emperors do all day long? They celebrate in pleasure, do they not? Celebrate with pleasure of the mind. Don't celebrate the pleasure of the limited day. Celebrate the unlimited day and the pleasure of remaining free from sorrow in an unlimited way. Do you understand? Why have you come to the Brahmin world? To celebrate in pleasure. Achcha.Special congratulations to all the double-foreign children everywhere for celebrating in pleasure the greatest day of all. BapDada has especially come to give you the gift of a meeting. There are very few of you now and yet you have to sit far away. When expansion takes place, everything will be just for the sake of having a glimpse. At that time, there won't be any chance of having a personal meeting. You will just have a glimpse. Receiving drishti will be changed into simply having a glimpse. The drishti that you receive at the end will be changed on the path of devotion and they will simply use the word "darshan" (glimpse). What is the special intoxication that double foreigners have? There is a song: The high walls of the world… There are the barriers of high walls, big oceans and countries of the world. So, you have come, having crossed the high barriers of countries, the barriers of religion, the barriers of knowledge, the barriers of beliefs and the barriers of customs and systems. Even the people from Bharat meet Baba. Even the people of Bharat have received the inheritance, but they are in the same country. They haven't had to cross such big barriers. They have simply crossed the barrier of devotion. However, the double-foreign children have crossed many types of high barrier and this is why they have double intoxication. You have passed through the many types of curtains of the world. Therefore, double love and remembrance to the children who have passed through them. You have made that effort, but the Father's love has made you forget the effort. Achcha.To all the most elevated, worthy-of-worship souls, to all the greatest of all children who give light and might to everyone, to those who constantly celebrate in spiritual pleasure in the world of pleasure, to those who maintain enthusiasm and celebrate every day as a festival, to those who attain the unlimited gift of God, to the elevated sparkling stars of the kalpa tree, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.Meeting a UK group:Do all of you consider yourselves to be long-lost and now-found ones? Baba selected you from all over with so much love and put you in the bouquet. By becoming part of the bouquet all of you have become spiritual roses. “Spiritual roses” mean those who give everlasting fragrance. Do you consider yourselves to be this? All of you have the intoxication of the Father loving you, do you not? Each of you would say that no one else is as loving to the Father as you are. Just as there is no one else as loving as the Father, so too, you children would also say the same because the Father has special love for each one of you according to your speciality. Although you are numberwise, all of you are especially loved. Only the Father and you know the value of you children; no one else can know it. All others consider you to be ordinary. However, you, whom the Father has made belong to Him, are a selected few out of millions and a handful out of that selected few. As soon as you belonged to the Father, you received all attainments. The Father gave all of you the keys to all treasures. He didn't keep them for Himself. He has so many keys that He gave them to all of you. This master key is such that you can use it for any treasure and attain that treasure. You don't have to make any effort. London is, in any case, the place where there’s a monarchy. You are not those who are going to become subjects. All of you are those who will move forward in service. Where there is attainment, you cannot stay without doing service. To do less service means you have less attainment. Those who are embodiments of attainment cannot stay without doing service. Look, all of you left this country and went abroad, yet the Father found you abroad and made you belong to Him. No matter how far away you ran, the Father still caught you. Achcha.Meeting a group from Australia:All of you are Mahavirs, are you not? “A Mahavir group” means those who bid farewell to Maya for all time. Have you celebrated such a ceremony? BapDada always says that Australia is the place of the brave, courageous ones. So, the residents of Australia are those who bid farewell to Maya for all time, because the Father is with you and Maya cannot come to you while you are in the Father's company. The Father is always with you and so you have bidden farewell to Maya. Those who bade farewell are constant jewels of contentment. You are content with yourselves, you are content with service and you are content with your connections. You are content with everything. Such jewels of contentment are constantly seated on the heart throne. Those who are seated on the throne are always happy and intoxicated. BapDada is looking at the jewels of contentment, the Mahavir group, which is also a group of conquerors of Maya. All of you are, visibly, experienced souls. You are also servers. Just as London has a special part in the speciality of service, Australia too has a special part. BapDada gives the residents of Australia the certificate of those who are always ever ready for service and who are going to expand service. Achcha.At the time of farewell:All of you are still awake. There is always a jagran (staying awake through the night for special deities) taking place for all of you somewhere or other. Since your devotees stay awake for you, what is the big deal if you stay awake now? Everything begins at the confluence age. Whatever you do in knowledge, those people do in devotion. The foundation of devotion is also laid at the confluence age. Those are feelings and this is knowledge. All of you are going on service. It isn't that you are going back home. To go means to bring back the proof of service. Don’t come back empty-handed. At least a bouquet is given as a present! So, bring a bouquet or a buttonhole. The question of how many you have prepared in a year also has to be added to the form. Don't give a certificate a second time to those who have come empty-handed. In one year, at least prepare one person and bring him back with you. Achcha.Avyakt Elevated Versions – Make the atmosphere powerful through your attitudeThe fastest service of all is to spread vibrations through your attitude. Your attitude is even faster than the fastest rocket. An atmosphere can be transformed through your attitude. You can reach wherever you want and as many souls as you want with your attitude while sitting here. With your attitude you can transform your vision and the world. Simply let there be good wishes and pure feelings in your attitude for everyone. For world benefit, let your attitude, vision and stage always be unlimited. In your attitude, let there not be the slightest negative or wasteful feelings for anyone. It is a different matter to make a negative situation positive, but those who have a negative attitude themselves are not able to change the negative of others into positive.At the beginning of establishment, they were not short of facilities, but they were all in a furnace of the unlimited attitude of disinterest. The 14 years of tapasya that they did was in an atmosphere of an attitude of unlimited disinterest. BapDada has now given many facilities, there is no shortage of facilities, but you have to have an attitude of disinterest while having everything. Without the atmosphere of an attitude of disinterest, souls cannot be happy, peaceful or free from distress. So, use all the necessary facilities, but as much as possible, use them with an attitude of disinterest from your heart, not while being influenced by the facilities. Now create an atmosphere of spiritual endeavour in all directions. According to the closeness of time, true tapasya and spiritual endeavour is now unlimited disinterest.In the world, at present, on the one hand, there is the fire of corruption and on the other hand, there is a need for the powerful yoga of you children, that is, the need for the fire of love in the volcanic form. The volcanic fire will finish the fire of corruption and give co-operation to all souls. Let the fire of your deep love be volcanic, that is, let it be powerful yoga, let there be benevolent feelings in your attitude for all and then this fire of love will finish that fire. On the other side, it will give souls God’s message and the experience of the form of coolness. For this, underline even more the purity in your vision and attitude. However, the main foundation for this is to become embodiments of knowledge and power and to make your thoughts pure. Then, with your vibrations, attitude and pure feelings, the Maya of others will easily go away. If you get caught up in “Why?” and “What?” then, neither will your Maya go nor will the Maya of others go away.Now, you children have to carry out two types of tasks. One is to make souls worthy (capable) and yogi and secondly, you have to prepare the field. For this, along with words, you especially need to transform your attitude at a fast speed because the atmosphere will be created through your attitude and the atmosphere will then influence matter - for only then will it be ready. Be engaged in serving with your words and your attitude simultaneously. Experience lightness in your words, deeds and attitude. Let it not be that you say that you are light but that others do not understand you or recognise you. If they do not recognise you, then, with your own will power, you can give your recognition to them. Become liked by everyone at least 95%. Let your actions and attitude transform them. For this, you simply need to imbibe the power of tolerance. If you have elevated wishes and elevated feelings in your attitude, then with a second’s thought and drishti, and with a smile from your heart, you can give anyone a lot in just a second. Give a gift to anyone who comes, let them not go away empty-handed.See, listen to and think about every person and every situation with a positive attitude and there will never be any force or anger. You are master oceans of love and so there cannot be any other intentions – even slightly - in your eyes, features, attitude and drishti. So, no matter what happens, even if the whole world gets angry with you, you master oceans of love, do not be concerned about the world. Become carefree emperors and a powerful atmosphere will then be created through your elevated attitude. Nowadays, with the facilities of science, they are able to transform rough material into something very beautiful. So, let your elevated attitude transform the negative, that is, the wasteful, into positive. Let your mind and intellect become such that nothing negative can touch them and transformation happens in a second. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a world benefactor who does everything accurately by setting your daily timetable and being in the company of the Father.

Important people in the world have a set daily timetable. Any task is accurate when the timetable is set. By setting everything, your time and energy are saved and one person can carry out 10 tasks. So, in order to achieve success in every task, you world benefactor, responsible souls have to set your timetables and always remain combined with the Father. The Father with 1000 arms is with you and so, instead of one task, you can accurately carry out 1000 tasks.

Slogan: To have pure thoughts for all souls is to be an image that grants blessings.


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