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28 Sep 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 28/09/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you should not hold any grudges against anyone, because you are benefactors for everyone. Those who hold grudges against anyone are said to be half-caste Brahmins.


Which awareness should your intellects always have so that you become fearless?


Always have the awareness that you are becoming deities, the masters of the land of truth. Someone can kill a body, but no one can kill a soul. A bullet would hit the body. I, the soul, am going to Baba. Why should I have any fear? While I am sitting here, if the ceiling falls on me, I will go to Baba. There is nothing to be afraid of in this. Become fearless to this extent.

Song: Mother, o mother, you are bestower of fortune for the world.

Om Shanti . You children heard the praise of Jagadamba. People simply sing this and there are melas to Jagadamba. This is the confluence age; this is the meeting of the children and the Father. Since there is the Father, there is surely also the mother. No one in Bharat knows the life story of Jagadamba, the one who creates the world, that is, the World Mother (Jagadamba). There are also temples to Jagadamba. You children have now received understanding; you have each received a third eye of knowledge. You children know that the one whose memorial is built would definitely have come on to this earth at the confluence age. That one is called Jagadamba. Prajapita is Jagadpita (World Father). No one knows the beginning, middle or end of this unlimited drama or who the main actors are. The hero and heroine are also actors. There wouldn't just be two of them; there would definitely be their army. There would also be the army of Jagadamba; they are called Shaktis. The Shakti Army is well known. Where did they receive power from? They would surely have taken power from the Almighty Authority, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Everyone believes this. The Highest on High is God. He is called Sat Shri Akal. Akaali people (Sikhs) believe in the incorporeal One. Sikhs study the Granth and believe in Guru Nanak. They say that Guru Nanak is a deity. The names of each generation of their ten successive gurus are all different. Some are called Singh, some are calls Das, and some are called Chand. The names of all of them are different and the Akaalis believe in the Immortal Image. Whose praise is Sat Shri Akal (Truth, Elevated, Immortal)? That of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. So, this proves that the Truth is only One, Shri Shri God, the Immortal Image. You can say: Sat Shri Akal. You know Him. Those people simply say these words but they don't know the meaning of them. You know the One who is Sat Shri Akal. You know His biography. It is you children who have to churn the ocean of knowledge. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge anyway and He has given the urn to the mothers. This one is the senior mother and then there are you innumerable mothers, you innumerable daughters and sons of Jagadamba. That one is Jagadamba and there is definitely the father as well. You know who Jagadamba is and whose daughter she is. She too is a human being; she doesn't have eight or ten arms. No one knows why she has been shown with so many arms. So the Highest on High is God, the Truth. It has been explained to you children that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, whom we call Rup Basant, is Rup and also Basant, the Ocean of Knowledge. Such a tiny star and yet He is the Ocean of Knowledge! It is a wonder! It has been explained to you children that the Father is a point and that He truly has a whole part in Him. He fulfils the desires of the devotees on the path of devotion. All of this is fixed in the drama. Whatever feelings someone has at whatever time, that is fixed in the drama in advance. This study of yours is also fixed in the drama and this part is now being repeated. This is something to be understood. You can explain very clearly: Everyone says that God is the Highest on High. He is the incorporeal One, the fearless One and the One with no grudges. He doesn't hold any grudges against anyone. You too don't hold grudges against anyone. You are benefactors for everyone. If someone holds a grudge, he would be called a half-caste: half a shudra and half a Brahmin. When this alloy of the vices is completely removed, you will be called true Brahmins. Now you are half and half. Souls are still filled with iron-aged, tamopradhan sanskars and those now have to be removed. At present, you are neither deities nor shudras; you are said to be Brahmins in the middle, and you haven't become complete in that either. Jagadamba cannot be called a deity. When Jagadamba becomes complete she will then become a deity. She is now a Brahmin, the daughter of Brahma: Saraswati. However, no one knows this. When did Brahma come and create the mouth-born creation? They are called the Shiv Shakti Army. You know that He is the highest-on-high Father, the Supreme Father, the Resident of the supreme abode. Then there are Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar in the subtle region. Because of it being the family path, the form of a couple is shown. They show Vishnu as a complete couple. All of this should remain in your intellect. Human beings say that they are actors. So, human beings should know the beginning, the middle and the end of the drama. Who is God, the Highest on High? Who are Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar? Is there anyone else who has eight, ten or a hundred arms? No, all of those pictures are useless. They show Brahma with a hundred arms. This one is the Father of People; there is no question of a hundred arms. All of that is wrong. In fact, you should understand what is truly right. God, the Highest on High, who resides in the supreme abode is a star. Vishnu has been shown with four arms - two arms of Lakshmi and two of Narayan – just as they also show ten heads of Ravan: five vices of woman and five vices of man. The first and foremost vice is body consciousness. Then the other vices enter, numberwise. Brahma, the resident of the subtle region, is avyakt (subtle). Prajapita Brahma (the Father of People) has to be here. When this one becomes perfect, he becomes an angel, a resident of the subtle region. You too become angels. There, your bodies are not of flesh and bone. They are called angels. Brahma is the Father of People here. Then Vishnu will carry out the sustenance through the two forms. Shankar is in the subtle region. These deep matters have to be understood. No one has that far-sighted an intellect. Your intellects have gone right to the incorporeal world and the subtle region. The subtle region where you can go up and come down from has now been created. There has also been the creation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. So the Highest on High is God and then there are Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar and then there are the deities of the human world. However, there aren't any human beings with eight to ten arms or goddesses such as Chandika (cremator goddess). Where did all of those pictures come from? You don't have any weapons. They have sat and created all of those violent weapons. Deities are doubly non-violent. There are no weapons etc. in the subtle region. They have shown so many weapons in those pictures. That is called the worship of dolls. No one knows the occupation of any of them. Baba comes and creates the new creation through Brahma and so He Himself is the Senior. You are his children, grandsons and granddaughters. Those who are to understand, will understand this, but they don't then understand that everyone is to die. Even now, so many continue to die, but no one puts this in the newspapers because, otherwise, their names would be spoilt. So many starve to death. They are hardly able to get two chapattis to eat for a meal. You children know that the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan continues in the golden age. They are beings with two arms each. It isn't that there are goddesses with eight or ten arms in the golden age. Rama and Sita are the second number. They too are claiming their status here through Raja Yoga. This is such an easy matter to understand! The Father says: You have studied many Vedas and scriptures. Now, listen to Me and judge for yourself whether I am telling the truth or they tell the truth. If they tell the truth, why have you not become true Narayan by listening to the story of the true Narayan? You are now listening to the true story from the true Baba in a practical way. This story is for you to become Lakshmi from an ordinary woman and Narayan from an ordinary man. Subjects too will definitely be created. Or, is it that just Lakshmi and Narayan will go and sit on the throne? A kingdom of deities is being established. Then, you will go and rule in the golden age. The kings there don't have armies etc. Armies are part of vicious, unholy kings. Those others are holy kings. The golden age is called the holy land and this is called the unholy land; it has become very old and impure. The new definitely has to become old. The body too is new at first and it then becomes old. This should sit in your intellects. Although they are human beings, they don't know the beginning, the middle or the end of the drama. You know that the Highest on High, Shiv Baba, resides in the supreme abode. That is called the incorporeal world. Souls, points also reside there. However, if just the point form is shown, how could anyone understand? How would they worship a point? How would they worship Shiv Baba, a point? How would they apply a tilak? Baba has been to Amarnath. Baba went and saw how they make the Shivalingam there. They say that Shankar told the story to Parvati up on the mountains. What state of degradation did she reach that he sat and told her the story? In fact, all of you are Parvatis. You come into the cycle of birth and death and are listening to the story in order to attain salvation. So, there, he (Brahma) asked: Where is the Shivalingam? He was told: The Shivalingam is self-creating. Oh! but how is that possible? They also show pigeons there. Pigeons never learn how to speak. Parrots are taught how to speak and so they speak. They are able to memorize and repeat things they hear. You wear bead necklaces of knowledge. Baba has explained that the Highest on High is Shiv Baba and that there are then Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. They show Vishnu with four arms in order to portray the family path. Here, in the human world, the highest on high are Lakshmi and Narayan and their kingdom, and then there is the dynasty of Rama and Sita. That holy dynasty comes to an end and then the kingdom of Ravan begins. Then, everyone has to become impure. However, there is some influence of the new souls that come down at the end. Some have satopradhan parts, some have rajo parts and others tamo parts. This is an unlimited drama. Human beings are human beings. All the rest is the worship of dolls. You are actors. You are now changing from human beings into deities. Human beings attain such a high status by studying. This too is a study through which you attain a royal status. There is no other study like this one. Those princes and princesses brought their reward with them. You are creating your reward here for the future golden age. This is such elevated and easy knowledge: liberation-in-life in a second. We are the children of the unlimited Father and we are sitting in God's lap. Who would leave God's lap? So, the beginning, middle and end of this drama have to be understood. The Father sits here and explains everything correctly to you. He is remembered as the Seed of the human world tree. He is also called the Truth, the Living Being and the Embodiment of Bliss. He would definitely give you the inheritance when He comes. You are becoming deities, the masters of the land of truth. There is no question of fear. Here, there is so much fear that someone may attack you. You have to remain completely fearless. Someone can kill a body, but no one can kill a soul that you should be afraid. Very good understanding is required in order to be fearless. The Father is fearless and the children are also fearless. The bullet would hit the body and I, the soul, would go to Baba. I am not afraid. I am sitting here and, if the ceiling falls in, I will go to Baba. It takes time to become fearless. You are the Shiv Shakti Army, the children of Jagadamba. There isn't praise of just one. You are also with her. That One is the Commander. He teaches you spiritual drill. You are His children. You are lucky stars. This Saraswati is also a lucky star. She is the daughter of Brahma. This one (Brahma) is the moon of the Sun of Knowledge but, because he is male, the urn is placed on the mother. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found, mouth-born creation of Brahma, the decoration of the Brahmin clan, the children who are spinners of the discus of self-realisation, love, remembrance and good morning from the depths of the heart with deep love from the Mother, the Father, BapDada, numberwise, according to the efforts you make, the spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Remove the iron-aged, tamopradhan sanskars and become true Brahmins. Don't hold grudges against anyone.

2. In order to become fearless, practise being soul conscious. Maintain the intoxication: We are the Shiv Shakti Army and we have to become masters of the land of truth.

Blessing: Like a sunflower facing the sun, may you always be facing and be close to the Father by shinning like the sun of knowledge.

A sunflower is always surrounded by the light of the sun, and it always faces the sun with its petals in a circle like rays of the sun. In the same way, the children who always remain close and facing the sun of knowledge like a sunflower and are never distant shine constantly like a sunflower with the light of the sun of knowledge, and also enable others to shine.

Slogan: Be constantly courageous and give courage to everyone and you will continue to receive God’s help.


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