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28 June 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 28/06/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, just as the Father has mercy for everyone and doesn't feel dislike for anyone, in the same way, you children, too, mustn't dislike anyone. Become merciful.

Question: What one plan does the merciful Father have for the whole world?

Answer: To make all human souls and the elements pure from impure and give the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life is the only plan the Father has. You children are the Father's helpers. You first have to have mercy on yourselves. Follow shrimat and make yourselves pure. Then serve to remove everyone from the rubbish of all the vices.

Song: Who has come to the door of my mind with the sound of ankle-bells?

Om ShantiWho has come? The Father has come. To whom? To the children. To whom have the children come? The Father says: To Me. You are now personally sitting in front Him. You know that the Father is very merciful. The Father knows that Maya has made His children very unhappy and impure. Children don't know this. The Father knows this and He therefore feels mercy. He doesn't have dislike. The Father says: I sent you into relationships of happiness. It is a matter of 5000 years. Then, according to the drama, Maya made you unhappy. At first you were satopradhan and you then went through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. I know that you are My children. I Myself have to come to make you children pure and to give you your fortune of the kingdom. You children also understand that the Father truly has come. He is the Ocean of Love and the Ocean of Peace. He takes us to the world of happiness and peace. The Father knows that it is this Maya that is the greatest enemy of all. This is why I have come. However, because I am without an image, no one recognises Me. Previously, you used to believe that Krishna came and taught you Raja Yoga and made you into the masters of the world. However, no one knows when or how he made you that. The Father now feels a lot of mercy because He knows that children are now influenced by Maya, that is, by the five vices. You are under an external influence and so I liberate you from that. The Father says: Children, for My sake, for the sake of Bharat and for the whole universe, now follow My directions! Remember Me and also become merciful. Give everyone the Father's introduction. Judges make people take the oath in the name of God, but why? No one knows who God is. They simply speak of God. There is also the term ‘Father’. When they make a person take the oath, they don't understand anything. They say: Take the oath in the name of God, the Father. However, they don't know the Father. You children now know that He is God, the Father. People take the oath because they understand that if they performed wrong actions, the Father would punish them just as when children do something wrong at home they become afraid that perhaps their father would slap them. People take the oath in the name of God, but they don't know who God is or how He would give punishment. Christians take the oath on the Bible. Others would swear on the Gita. They believe that Krishna was the God of the Gita; so they ask for forgiveness, keeping Krishna in front of them. They believe that if they lied, they would be punished. However, the Father is called the Truth. The whole world would not accept Christ as the Truth. God, the Father, is the One who is always truthful, but no one knows Him. It is when the Father comes and gives birth to the children that the children can know the Father. You children now know that Baba has made you belong to Him. He has created you through this mother. He is called Adi Dev. In fact, this one is also Adi Devi. If Mama is called Adi Devi, then this one becomes a greater Adi Devi than her. These are very deep things. Only those who have broad and unlimited intellects can understand these things. They say that the Father is the One who makes impure ones pure. Achcha, which one is the pure world? Should liberation be called the pure world or should liberation-in-life be called the pure world? No one knows this. They sing a great deal, but they only have in their intellects that God comes. However, they don’t know His form etc. They call Him omnipresent. The Father is very merciful. He is the Ocean of Love. Therefore, children, you too should have mercy; you should have love. The Father has a lot of mercy and this is why He is called merciful. The Father says: I am merciful to the elements and the whole world. I am knowledge-full. I am also full of love. I make you very lovely. Just as Shri Krishna is lovely, so everyone in his dynasty is lovely. In fact, you would use the word dynasty for a king. It would be said: The kingdom of King Edward. You wouldn't call it the kingdom of the Prince of Wales. The prince then becomes the king. It is the same here. The Christians have a lot of connection with the kingdom of Krishna. Those Christians earn a lot from the kingdom of Krishna. They first take over the kingdom of Krishna and then give it back. It can be called the kingdom of Krishna or the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. Those Christians will now give the kingdom of the world to Krishna. This is such a wonderful secret! They are the ones who help the kingdom of Krishna. Eventually, they will give the whole kingdom to Krishna. This is why butter has been shown in Krishna’s mouth. It isn't that there is a ball of butter. Two monkeys fight between themselves and Krishna takes the butter. It isn't brothers that fight, but monkeys that fight. The five vices of monkeys are very well known. You are now creating the dynasty of Krishna. You are to receive the butter of being the masters of the world. Look what the exchange or the account of karma is! Look at the actions of the Christians: they take the kingdom but they have to give it back again. They fight so much among themselves. Nevertheless, you are going to receive the butter of the kingdom; you will become princes and princesses. You children have to become very merciful oceans of love. You mustn't have dislike like people in the world have dislike for one another. As are the kings and queens, so the people too have dislike for others, numberwise. They fight among themselves and kill one another. The Father explains to you very clearly: There is no question of dislike in this. The drama is predestined. Each human being calls himself a degraded sinner. They go to the temples and have dislike for themselves. They consider the mahatmas to be pure and fall at their feet. They say: You are pure and we are impure. Only the Father knows all of these things. People ask others to take the oath in the name of God, the Father, but that too is a false oath because they don't know God, the Father. When they take the oath in the name of God, the Father, it should enter their intellects that they have to receive the inheritance from Him. No one knows what heaven is, but they say that when so-and-so died, he became a resident of heaven. So, where did he go? They don't understand anything at all! The Father doesn't dislike anyone. He has love for everyone. You children are now personally in front of Him. He explains to the children in particular and to everyone else in general. I teach you children and give you liberation-in-life and take everyone else to the land of liberation. I have love for everyone. That Government continues to make many plans. Baba says: I just have the one plan of making impure human beings into pure deities. Human beings call out: O Purifier, come! Then, because of not knowing Him, they say that they themselves are the Purifier. The Father explains: First of all, serve the biggest Chief Justice. Ask him: The Father of souls is One, and so why do you ask people to take the oath in His name? Do you remember Krishna while taking the oath? Ask the Christians whether they remember Christ or God, the Father. You know that if you do something sinful, punishment would have to be experienced for that, but the Father never gives punishment. He is Karankaravanhar. He enables punishment to be given by Dharamraj. God is the most beloved Father. Those people falsely accuse the Father of giving happiness and sorrow. So, is He merciless? People sing: He is merciful. The Father says: How could I be merciless? Maya has been merciless to you. I liberate you from her. Maya has cursed you. This too is in the play. The land of happiness had to become the land of sorrow: Bharat was the land of happiness and it is now the land of sorrow. Baba once again makes you into the masters of the land of happiness. However, it isn't that He Himself would also make you into the masters of the land of sorrow. Children say: Baba, you are the Ocean of Love. Baba, I will follow Your shrimat and make myself pure. I will have mercy on myself. To the extent that you study with the Teacher, accordingly, you have mercy on yourselves. Otherwise, you will fail. You now have this knowledge clearly in your intellects. You know that only the one Father is knowledge-full, merciful and the One to make you pure from impure. Therefore, you have to follow His directions. Your own directions means Ravan’s directions. When you don't follow shrimat but follow your own directions instead or the directions of other human beings, you become deceived. If you follow shrimat at every step, your boat goes across. The climb is very steep. Many types of Maya’s storms also come. However, the Father doesn't dislike anyone. You children too have to become the same. All are sinners like Ajamil. Just as you say that you are a one month old child, so there is also a song: I am a small child. You have many children who came earlier whom You are purifying. So, also make me, Your small child, pure. He says: Follow shrimat and you will be able to go well ahead of the ones who came earlier. You also receive a lift. When you come later, you receive the donation of yoga from the Shaktis. Shaktis are also numberwise. It isn't said: Connect your intellects in yoga to us Shaktis. No, listen to the conch shell from the Shaktis, but connect your intellects in yoga to Baba. Remember Baba and your sins will be absolved. You have to beat the drums about this. This is not a question of blind faith. There cannot be any blind faith in a college. This is the Godfatherly University. Knowledge-full God, the Father, sits here and teaches us. Your aim and objective is to become deities from human beings. Those people become barristers from human beings. Therefore, their intellects yoga is connected to their barrister, not to their doctor. This is a college, not blind faith. There is an aim and objective. God, the Father, continues to teach us. “God speaks” is mentioned in the Gita, but who is God? Even those who study the Gita don't know this. This Brahma also used to say: I too studied the Gita. Human beings of today don't believe in the scriptures. By taking up the Gita, their intellects go to Krishna. Not everyone of all religions would believe in him. The Gita spoken by Shiv Baba is the jewel of all the scriptures. God, the Father, says: I am the Creator of heaven. Therefore, you should receive your inheritance of heaven from the Father. Or, you will have to go to the Father's home. Everyone wants to go to God. Everyone wants liberation. What do those people know of liberation-in-life? The Father says: I teach you, so how could I be omnipresent? Your mouths are not sweetened by calling Me omnipresent. Therefore, children, imbibe these things very well and become very sweet. Don't dislike anyone. No matter how bad is the illness that someone has, surgeons still feel mercy for that patient and try to cure him. You understand that that is the suffering of karma for the bad actions he has performed. The Father says: When Maya enters human beings, they perform sinful actions and become impure. They consider the five vices to be very bad. This is why even sannyasis run away. A lot of respect is given to purity. You understand that you first of all bowed down to the deity idols and that you then bowed down to the sannyasis because they too became pure. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Study very well, follow shrimat, become pure and have mercy for yourself. Never become merciless.

2. Don't dislike anyone. Become an ocean of love, like the Father.

Blessing: May you be seated on BapDada’s heart-throne while living at home with your family by being surrendered and having the concern for service.

With the co-operation of the children who are surrendered while living with their families, the tree of service becomes fruitful. Their co-operation becomes the water for tree. Just as a tree bears good fruit when it receives water, in the same way, with the co-operation of the elevated co-operative souls, the tree becomes fruitful. Those who have the concern for service in this way and who are surrendered while living with their families become seated on BapDada’s heart-throne.

Slogan: Learn the art of steering your thoughts and applying a brake to them in the least time and the energy of your intellect will not be wasted.


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