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28 Oct 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 28/10/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 22/02/84

The experience of the four combined forms of the confluence age.

Today, BapDada is seeing the combined forms of all the children. Does each of you children know your combined form very well? Firstly, you elevated souls are combined with your last old bodies, but bodies that make you extremely valuable. All of you elevated souls are carrying out an elevated task with the support of those bodies and are also experiencing a meeting with BapDada through them. Each one has an old body, but the greatness of that final body is that you elevated souls have an alokik experience through it. Therefore, the soul and body are combined. You mustn't have any consciousness of it being an old body, but be the master of it and make it work. Therefore, become soul conscious and a karma yogi and enable the physical organs to work.Secondly, there is the combined form of your alokik form and the Form without an image. Out of the whole cycle, it is only now that you can experience this combined form. This is the experience of the combined form of you and the Father. By always remaining a master almighty authority, always being victorious, always being a destroyer of obstacles for everyone, always having good wishes and elevated feelings, elevated words, elevated drishti and elevated actions, you give others the experience of your being a world benefactor. This makes you an embodiment of solutions to all problems in a second. It makes you a bestower and master bestower of blessings for yourself and for others. Simply remain constantly stable in this combined form and you will easily become an embodiment of success in remembrance and service. The method will just be in name and success will always be with you. At this time, a lot more time is taken up following the method. Success is experienced according to your capacity. However, the more you constantly remain in this alokik, powerful, combined form, the more success you will experience through the method. You will then experience greater attainment than the effort you make. The meaning of being an embodiment of success is that success is already guaranteed for every task. Let this be your practical experience.The third combined form is: "I, the Brahmin, who am an angel” – the Brahmin form and the final karmateet angelic form. The experience of this combined form will make you into an image that grants this world visions. By having the awareness of being a Brahmin and an angel as you walk and move around and as you play your part in the corporeal world through your physical body, you will experience yourself to be a companion of Father Brahma, an angel of the subtle region, who has come to the corporeal world into a body for world service. You will experience yourself to be beyond corporeal feelings and one who has adopted an avyakt form. These avyakt feelings, that is, feelings of being an angel, will automatically make you avyakt, that is, they will easily transform the sanskars of gross words and behaviour, of a gross nature and gross feelings. When feelings change, everything changes. Let there always be such avyakt feelings in your form. Let your awareness be that you are Brahmins who are angels. Let that awareness now take a practical form. The form is constantly easily and automatically maintained. To put it into a practical form means that you are always an avyakt angel. To stay in the awareness of sometimes forgetting and sometimes remembering is the first stage. To become the form is the elevated stage.Fourthly, the future four-armed image – the combined form of Lakshmi and Narayan – because, at this time, you souls are being filled with the sanskars of becoming like both Lakshmi and Narayan. Sometimes, you will become Lakshmi and sometimes, you will become Narayan. Let the combined form of the future reward be just as clear. Today an angel and tomorrow a deity. One moment an angel and the next moment a deity. Your kingdom and your royal form are about to come. They are almost ready. Let your thoughts be clear and powerful in this way, because when your clear and powerful thoughts emerge, your kingdom will come close. When your thoughts have emerged, they will create the new world, that is, they will bring it into this world. When your thoughts are merged, the new world cannot be made to emerge. The thought of Brahma, along with that of Brahmins too, will reveal the new world on this earth. Father Brahma is still waiting to play the first part in the new world with you Brahmin children because of his promise to go with you. If Brahma alone were simply to become Krishna, then what would he do by himself? He also needs those who are to play with him and study with him. This is why Father Brahma says to the Brahmins: Become equal to me, the father who has adopted the avyakt form, that is, be those with an avyakt form and an angelic stage. Angels will become deities. Do you understand? Only by remaining stable in all these combined forms, will you become complete and perfect. You will become equal to the Father and easily experience success in your deeds.Double foreigners have a deep desire to have a conversation and to celebrate a meeting with BapDada. You all feel that you should meet Baba today. However, everything has to be considered in this corporeal world. It is the world under the sun, moon and stars. Come to the world beyond all of this and you can sit there all the time. BapDada also loves every child for his or her speciality. Some of you think that certain ones are loved more and that you yourselves are not loved as much. It is not like that. Maharathis are loved because of their own speciality and, in front of the Father, each of you is a maharathi in your own way. You are great souls and therefore maharathis. In order to carry on with the task, someone has to be made an instrument with love. Otherwise, you have all received your own places for the sake of the task. Would anything work if everyone were to become a Dadi? Someone has to be made an instrument. In fact, in your own way, all of you are Dadis. Everyone is called Didi or Dadi. Nevertheless, all of you together have made one an instrument. Did all of you make her the instrument or was it just the Father who made her an instrument? Someone has to be made an instrument for the sake of the activities and according to each one's task. This doesn't mean that all of you are not maharathis. You too are maharathis. You are mahavirs. If those who challenge Maya are not maharathis, then what are they?For BapDada, even the children who do the seven days’ course are maharathis because they only do the weekly course and they then understand that they want to make their lives this elevated. They have issued a challenge and so they are maharathis and mahavirs. BapDada constantly reminds all of you children to put a slogan into practice. One thing is to maintain your original stage and the other is to interact with others. In your original stage, all of you are big, none of you are small. In business activity, someone has to be made an instrument. Therefore, in order to remain constantly successful in your business and activity, the slogan is: Give regard and receive regard. To give regard to others is to receive regard. Receiving is merged in the giving. Give regard and you will receive regard. The way to receive regard is to give it. It is not possible not to receive regard when you give regard. However, give it from your heart, not just superficially for your own gain. Those who give regard from their hearts receive regard in their hearts. If you give superficial regard, you will receive superficial regard. Always give from your heart and receive with your heart. With this slogan, you will always remain free from obstacles, free from waste thoughts and carefree. You won't then have the worry: What will happen to me? Everything to do with me is already accomplished. It is already guaranteed. You will remain carefree, and the elevated reward of the present and the future is already fixed for such elevated souls. No one can change this. No one can take anyone else's seat; it is fixed. It is fixed and you are therefore carefree. This is called being equal to the Father and being one who follows the Father. Do you understand?Baba has special love for the double-foreign children - not superficial love, but love from the heart. BapDada has told you that there is an old song: I came having crossed very high barriers of the world. This is the song of the double foreigners. You crossed all the high barriers of the ocean, religions, countries and languages and belonged to the Father. This is why you are loved by the Father. The people of Bharat were worshippers of the deities anyway; they have not crossed high barriers. However, you double-foreigners have crossed the high barriers so easily. This is why BapDada sings songs from His heart of this speciality of you children. Do you understand? Baba is not telling you this just to please you. Some children playfully say that BapDada pleases everyone. However, Baba pleases each one meaningfully. Ask yourselves whether BapDada is saying this just for the sake of it or whether it is practical. You have crossed high barriers and come here, have you not? You get your ticket with so much effort. As soon as you leave here, you start to save money for it. BapDada sees the love of you children, and the methods you adopt to come here with so much love, and how you actually arrive here, then, seeing the methods of love and the deep love of you loving souls, BapDada is pleased. Ask those from far away how they come here. Even though they have to make effort, at least they arrive here. Achcha.To those who remain constantly stable in the combined form, to those who remain constantly stable in the avyakt feeling, the same as the Father, to those who constantly experience being an embodiment of success, to those who grant a vision through their powerful equal form, to those who are constantly carefree and are guaranteed to be victorious, to such children, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.BapDada speaking to the group from San Francisco:Do all of you experience yourselves to be special souls of the whole world? This is because, out of all the souls of the world, you special souls have received the fortune of recognising the Father. To recognise the highest-on-high Father is such great fortune! You recognised Him, forged a relationship with Him and experienced benefit. Now, do you experience yourselves to be the masters of all of the Father's treasures? Since you are always His children, then to be a child of His means always to have a right. Revise this awareness again and again: "Who am I? Whose child am I?" Only those who experience a powerful form of awareness at amrit vela remain powerful. If amrit vela is not powerful, then many obstacles will come throughout the day. Therefore, let amrit vela always be powerful. At amrit vela, the Father Himself comes to give you children special blessings. Those who take these blessings at that time are able to have the stage of an easy yogi throughout the day. So let the combination of study and amrit vela always remain especially powerful. You will then always remain safe.Speaking to the German group:Do you always consider yourselves to be world benefactor souls, children of the World Benefactor Father? This means to be full of all treasures. Only when you yourself are full of all treasures can you give to others. Therefore, you are souls who are always full of all treasures, children and so masters. Do you experience this? To say "Father" means to be a child and a master. This awareness automatically makes you a world benefactor, and this awareness makes you constantly fly in happiness. This Brahmin life means to remain full, to fly with happiness and always to have the intoxication of having a right to the Father's treasures. You are such elevated Brahmin souls. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a master teacher who gives teachings through your every act and word while you walk and move around.

Just as they have mobile libraries nowadays, similarly, you too are walking and moving master teachers. Always see your students in front of you; you are not alone, your students are always in front of you. You are constantly studying and also teaching. Worthy teachers are never careless in front of their students, they pay attention. When you go to sleep, when you wake up, when you walk and when you eat, think at every moment that you are in a big college and that your students are watching you.

Slogan: To purify your sanskars completely with faith in the self (soul) is elevated yoga.

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