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27 Oct 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today English 27/10/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, have patience. Your days of sorrow are now over and your days of happiness are about to come. The children’s intellects who have faith are patient.


What is the easy way to prevent yourself from wilting under any circumstance?


Always keep the sample of Brahma Baba in front of you. He is the father of so many children. Some are worthy, some are unworthy, some do service and some do disservice , yet Baba never wilts or is ever afraid. So, why do you children wilt? You should not wilt under any circumstance.

Song: Have patience o mind. Your days of happiness are about to come.

Om Shanti . It is not human beings who are told “Have patience o mind” because the mind and the intellect are in the soul and so it is souls that are told this. No one, except the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, can tell souls to have patience, because patience is only given to those who are impatient. If God is omnipresent, He can’t be called impatient. At this time, all human beings are impatient and unhappy. It is the Father who has come to give you patience and happiness. He says: Now have patience. The Father’s versions are not just for you but they are, in fact, for the whole world. The whole world will gradually begin to hear. Those who hear will continue to come. Only the one Father is the Bestower of Salvation and the Remover of Sorrow. This is the world of sorrow anyway. You children understand that these are the days when you attain liberation and liberation-in-life, that is, these are the days when you are liberated from this iron-aged impure world. This is in your intellects, but, numberwise, according to the effort you make. Not everyone has the assurance that we are now to be liberated from this world of sorrow and go to our land of happiness. You children should also have the firm faith that your days of happiness are now about to come, but that is only if you continue to follow shrimat. There is no question of blessings or mercy etc. in this. The Father sits here and teaches you easy yoga for self -sovereignty. This study is also called knowledge. He is giving you children elevated directions. First and foremost, your faith has to be unshakeable so that it can never fluctuate. There is a song: “I wanted to meet the One who lives beyond in the brahm element. Now, having found Him, what more could I want?” You have the faith that you will receive your inheritance of heaven from that Father. So, from the beginning, you receive lasting patience. This is imperishable patience. It is certain that you are establishing the most elevated of all kingdoms. You are receiving the elevated fortune of the kingdom by following shrimat, without fighting or quarrelling. Even if there are ten or twelve children at home, what need is there to wilt? Look at Baba. He has thousands, hundreds of thousands, of children. Some children even create upheaval. Some are worthy children whereas others are unworthy. Some do service whereas others do disservice . Does Baba become afraid then? So neither should you children become afraid. You also have to live at home with your family. On that side is hatha yoga, the renunciation of karma. Yours is unlimited renunciation. This is Raja Yoga. You have to live at home with the family and claim the inheritance from the Father. It is very easy. You can now see the trees of your land of happiness. You recognise the visible and the invisible with your intellect, whether you have visions or not. You are making effort for your own kingdom of the future. Your aim and objective is in front of you. You can see the picture of Lakshmi and Narayan. It shouldn't be that you would only believe this if you had a vision. This is something to be understood with your intellect. You can see that picture with your eyes. You will then see the same things with your eyes. This is Raja Yoga. Your intellect also says: The pictures are here, and so what need is there to be granted visions? Shri Krishna is the master of the golden age, is he not? Shiva is the Resident of the supreme abode. You can become Lakshmi or Narayan. This is your aim and objective. Therefore, look in the mirror and see to what extent you have those divine virtues in you. The Father gives you a lot of patience. You now have to study. Knowledge is needed for the kingdom and the Father is giving that to you. Those who study for the Indian Civil Service have the greatest intoxication that they will then become senior officers. In fact, people become millionaires by doing business. Baba is now teaching you this business of bartering. You give shells to the Father and, in return, Baba makes you into the masters of heaven for 21 births. This is a business as well as a study. You aren't concerned with just business. You also need to have the knowledge of world history and geography. You also have to become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. The more you study, the higher the status you will claim. Even the subjects, maids and servants will be the masters of heaven. Everyone now says that Bharat is their land. However, there is a lot of difference between kings and subjects. The Father says: As much as possible, claim the highest status of all. Make effort like the mother and father. It is understood that not everyone will be seated on the throne, but you still have to be inspired to race. The kingdom will be claimed numberwise, according to the efforts made. Baba, as the detached Observer, observes the same effort that each one makes as was made in the previous cycle. Then, when Baba sees that someone’s effort is a little slack, He inspires him or her to make it intense: Your effort appears to be very slack. You still have attachment. Once you are made a trustee, why is there still attachment? You simply have to follow shrimat. Some ask: Baba, should I have a house built? Yes, why not? Build it! You may live comfortably. This dirty world is only for a few more days; you may live comfortably. You may get your children married. The Father doesn't take any money from you. He is the Bestower. Shiv Baba has had this building built at this time for the children to live in. He has made this body the instrument for Him to live in. However, human beings definitely need buildings to stay in. So, Baba is having them built for you children. Baba is also sitting in this building. You know that that One is the Father of souls and that this one is the father of the bodies. He has adopted you: You are My children. You say "Mama and Baba". This means to be adopted by us. Prajapita Brahma has so many children and so they would surely be adopted children. He adopts you children. Saraswati too is his daughter. These are very incognito matters and have to be understood. You have studied the Gita and the Bhagawad etc. and this Baba has also studied them. However, now, according to the drama, you are receiving shrimat. Whatever is said is according to the drama. There would definitely be benefit in that. Even if there is any loss, there is benefit in that. There is benefit in everything. Shiv Baba is the Benefactor. His directions are good. If you doubt it, then, instead of following shrimat, you follow your own dictates and you become deceived. What can Shiv Baba do then? You have to ask for advice at every step. The Supreme Guide is sitting here. Many children forget this because they do not stay in yoga. Yoga or remembrance is called the pilgrimage. If you are not in remembrance, then you must understand that you are taking a rest. Some go on a pilgrimage and take a rest. If you too are taking a rest and do not stay in remembrance, your sins will not be absolved and you won't move forward. You can’t come closer if you don't stay in remembrance. The soul becomes tired and forgets the Father. The Father says: You are moving along on the pilgrimage. You take a rest at night anyway. It isn't that when you are a sleep at night, you are on the pilgrimage. No; that is a rest. You are on the pilgrimage when you are awake. Sins are not absolved when you are asleep, but, yes, no further sins are committed. So the Father explains everything, but someone should still put them into practice. He continues to tell you many points. The points of a barrister enter your intellect when you are studying to become a barrister. When you study to become a doctor or an engineer, you then become a doctor or an engineer. Whatever course someone takes, that is what he would become. Here, there is just the one course. Continue to move along. There is a big burden of the sins of many births on your head. There is only one way to have those sins absolved. You have to remember the Father. Otherwise, your status will be destroyed. The rosary has been created. There is also the memorial of the nine jewels. People don't know where it came from. The eight jewels are those who become the rosary of Rudra. So you should make good effort. When students study well at school, their parents become aware of that from their register. Here, the Father Himself is also the Teacher and so He would know. You are studying with the Father. He is also aware of your register. You can also understand from your register to what extent you have those virtues in you. To what extent am I making others the same as myself? Do you have sufficient power that you are able to make anyone who sees you forget the body? It is said: When the child has courage, the Father helps. The Father gives a lot of help. You also give the help of yoga. The Father only wants the help of purity. The whole impure world has to be purified with the power of yoga. The more help someone gives with yoga, the more pleased Baba will be. Is this help for the Father or for yourself? The more you study, the higher the status you claim. The more you stay in remembrance, the more you help Me with purity. I have come to make impure ones pure for the pure world. It is here that you become pure and impure. That is the incorporeal world. It is sung: O Purifier, come! They don't understand what the pure world is. Sita was liberated from the jail of Ravan and from sorrow. Therefore, there has to be happiness after that. Others receive a lot of peace and a little happiness. You receive a lot of happiness as well as a lot of sorrow. Souls who come at the end will play their small parts and then leave. They take one or two births; they just come for a short while and depart. For you, it is a matter of 84 births. For them, it is a matter of one or two births. You know your 84 births. By knowing the cycle, you become the kings who are rulers of the globe. They would not be able to become that. This knowledge is not for them. This knowledge is for those of you who took this knowledge in the previous cycle too. You now have to make effort. The time for making effort is now. The question of making effort only applies to you. The deity religion is one that gives a lot of happiness. No one else can give as much happiness. This eternal drama is predestined. Not everyone can receive the part of a hero or heroine. There are all types of human being. There are many types of good and bad people. The most elevated of all are the deities. They are the only ones who can be called elevated. They only exist in the golden age. There are also their pictures, but no one knows how they became those. Some say that Krishna is present everywhere and that God is present everywhere too. You children have now understood all of these things. This aim and objective is very good for you to explain. You definitely have to invite everyone. Everyone can receive an invitation in the newspapers. There is now very little time left. Even now, some children still become tired on the pilgrimage and so they sit down. They are unable to tolerate the storms of Maya. Maya will definitely catch them on the battlefield. She will become powerful with the powerful ones and fight them. Storms will come very forcefully. They would then say: There have been many obstacles from the time I came into knowledge. There is also loss in business now. Baba says: Don't think that the obstacles have come because you have come into knowledge. This continues to happen in the world. You mustn't be afraid of this. Sometimes, there is one type of omen and sometimes another type. Some collapse while moving along. The omens of Rahu are very strong. Maya eats you and you then become very ugly. Maya slaps you and makes your face completely dirty. Maya will also be victorious. If only the children were to become victorious, the kingdom would very soon be established. When you forget the Master (Teacher), Maya slaps you. The brides forget the spiritual Bridegroom. This too is a wonder. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now -found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Become a helper of the Father in making the impure world pure with the power of yoga. Do not take a rest on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Let your remembrance be such that the person in front of you even forgets his body.

2. Do not doubt shrimat or use your own dictates. Take advice for every situation and follow it considering there to be benefit for you in it.

Blessing: May you be a master creator and use your subtle powers for the task of establishment.

Your creation is merging the expansion of science into its essence. They are creating extremely refined and powerful tools for destruction. In the same way, you become master creators and use your subtle powers for the task of establishment. You have the most elevated power: the power of elevated thoughts, the power of a pure attitude and the vision of love and co-operation. So, ignite the lamp of the hopes of your clan with these subtle powers and enable souls to reach their correct destination.

Slogan: Where there is cleanliness and sweetness, there is success in service.


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