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24 Nov 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 24/11/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, everything, including your bodies, is going to be destroyed. Therefore, you don’t need to listen to the news of the old world. Just remember the Father and the inheritance.


What is remembered of shrimat? What are the signs of those who follow shrimat?


It is remembered of shrimat: Whatever you feed me, whatever you give me to wear, wherever you make me sit, I will just do that. The children who follow shrimat follow every one of the Father’s orders. They always perform elevated actions. They never mix the dictates of their own minds with shrimat. They understand what is right and what is wrong.

Song: O Dweller of the forest, Your name is the support of my life!

Om Shanti . Whose song is this? The children’s. There are some songs in which the Father explains to the children, but, the children say in this song: Baba, we now understand. The world doesn’t know how false this world is and how false the bondages are. Here, everyone is unhappy and this is why they remember God. There is no question of meeting God in the golden age. Here, there is sorrow and this is why souls remember God. However, according to the drama, you only find the Father when He Himself comes. All the effort that everyone makes is wasted because they believe God to be omnipresent. They show wrong paths to finding God. If they were to say that they don’t know God or the beginning, middle and end of His creation, that would be telling the truth. Earlier, rishis and munis etc. used to tell the truth. At that time, they were rajoguni. At that time, you wouldn’t have said that the world was false. Hell, the end of the iron age, is said to be the false world. At the confluence age, you would say: This is hell and that is heaven. You wouldn’t call the copper age hell. At that time, you still have rajopradhan intellects. They are now tamopradhan. So you would write “heaven” and “hell” at the confluence age. Today it is hell, and tomorrow it will be heaven. The Father comes and explains this. The world doesn’t know that this time is the end of the iron age. Everyone settles their karmic accounts and becomes satopradhan at the end. Then they have to go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. Even those who have parts of just one or two births go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. They only have small parts. Great understanding is required for this. People in the world have many opinions. Not everyone can have the same opinion. Each one has his own religion and his own opinion. The occupation of the Father is separate from that of every soul. The religion of each one is different, and so different explanations are needed for each one. The name, form, land and time period of each one is separate. You can see that so and so belongs to such and such a religion. Everyone says that they belong to the Hindu religion, but there are many varieties in that too. Some are Arya Samajis, some are sannyasis and some are Brahm Samajis. They consider all the sannyasis etc. as belonging to the Hindu religion. Even if we write that we belong to the Brahmin religion or the deity religion, they still put us in the column of the Hindu religion because they don’t have any other sections. When you have each one fill in an individual form, you can tell about their backgrounds. Those of other religions would not believe in these things and it would then be difficult to explain to them all at the same time. They would think that we are simply praising our own religion. There is duality here. The children who explain are also numberwise. Not everyone is the same and this is why they invite the maharathis to come. Baba has explained: Remember Me and follow My shrimat. There is no question of inspiration in this. If everything were to happen through inspiration, there would be no need for the Father to come. Shiv Baba is here. So, what is the need for Him to give inspiration? Here, you have to follow the Father’s directions. There is no question of inspiration. Some trance messengers bring a message but there are sometimes a lot of things also mixed in that. Not all trance messengers are the same; there is a lot of interference of Maya. Everything has to be verified by another trance messenger. Some say that Baba or Mama come in her and she then goes and opens another centre of her own: there is the influence of Maya. These matters have to be understood. You children have to become very sensible. Only serviceable children will be able to understand these things. Those who don’t follow shrimat will not be able to understand these things. It is remembered of shrimat: Whatever You feed me, whatever You give me to wear, wherever You make me sit, I will do that. Some follow the Father’s directions and some are influenced by the directions of others. If they don’t receive something, if they don’t like something, they quickly get upset. Not all the children can be worthy to the same extent. There are people with so many different opinions in the world. There are many sinful souls like Ajamil and those without virtues. You also have to explain that it is wrong to call God omnipresent. It is the five vices that are omnipresent. This is why the Father says: This is the devilish world. The five vices don’t exist in the golden age. They say: It is written in the scriptures like this. However, all the scriptures are written by human beings. So, are human beings or the scriptures elevated? Surely, the One who speaks them is elevated. It was human beings who wrote them. Vyas wrote them, but he too was a human being. The incorporeal Father sits here and explains: A scripture is created later of what the founder of that religion came and said. For example, the Granth was created later of what Guru Nanak spoke about. Therefore, the name of the person who spoke those things is glorified. Guru Nanak also praised that One. The Father of all is that One. The Father says: Go and establish a religion. The unlimited Father says: There is no one to send Me. Shiv Baba Himself sits here and explains: They are those who bring a message but there is no one to send Me here. I would not be called a messenger. I come to give peace and happiness to the children. No one told Me to come. I Myself am the Master. There are also those who believe in the Master, but you should ask them if they understand the meaning of the word ‘Master’. He is the Master and we are His children, and so we should surely receive the inheritance. You children say: Our Baba. So, you are the masters of the Father’s wealth. Only the children would say “My Baba!” If you say, “My Baba,” then Baba’s wealth is also your wealth. What do we say now? “Our Shiv Baba!” The Father would also say: These are My children. Children receive the inheritance from the Father. The Father has property. The unlimited Father is the Creator of heaven. From whom do the people of Bharat receive their property? From Shiv Baba. They celebrate Shiva Jayanti. After Shiva Jayanti, there is Krishna Jayanti and then Rama Jayanti; that’s all. No one remembers the Jayanti of Mama or Baba or of Jagadamba. There is Shiva Jayanti, then the Jayanti of Radhe and Krishna and then of Rama and Sita. When Shiv Baba comes, the shudra kingdom can be destroyed. No one understands these secrets. The Father sits here and explains. He definitely does come. Why do you call out to the Father? To come and establish the land of Shri Krishna. You know that Shiva Jayanti definitely does take place. Shiva Baba is giving you knowledge. The original eternal deity religion is being established. Shiv Jayanti is the greatest Jayanti of all. Then there are Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. Now, Prajapita Brahma is in the human world. Then, Lakshmi and Narayan are the main ones of the creation. So Shiva is the Mother and Father, and then Brahma and Jagadamba are also the mother and father. These matters have to be understood and imbibed. You first have to explain: The Father, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes to make impure ones pure. If He is beyond name and form, how could there be His jayanti? God is called the Father. Everyone believes in the Father. Souls and the Supreme Soul are incorporeal. Souls receive corporeal bodies. These matters have to be understood. This is even easier for those who haven’t studied any scriptures etc. The Father of souls, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the One who establishes heaven. There is the kingdom in heaven and so He definitely has to come at the confluence age. He cannot come in the golden age. Only at the confluence age do you receive the reward of the inheritance for 21 births. This confluence age is of Brahmins. Brahmins are the topknot, and then there is the age of the deities. Each age is 1250 years. Three religions are established at this time: Brahmins, deities and warriors because there are no other religions for half the cycle. Those of the sun and moon dynasties are worthy of worship and then they become worshippers. There are many of those types of brahmin. You are now performing good actions and so you will receive the reward of that in the golden age. The Father teaches you how to perform good actions. You know that you will accordingly receive the reward of whatever actions you perform, according to shrimat, and of making others the same as yourselves. The whole kingdom is being established now. There is to be the kingdom of the original eternal deity religion. This is the rule of people by people. It is the rule by a group of people. There are many different groups. Otherwise, there are just the five representatives of the committees. Here, there are so many communities; they are here today and gone tomorrow. Today, someone is a Minister and tomorrow, he would be thrown out of that position. They make an agreement and then cancel it. That is a temporary kingdom; they don’t take long to dethrone anyone. The world is so large. You get to hear of something or other from the newspapers. No one can read so many newspapers. You don’t need the news of this world. You know that everything of this world, including your bodies, is to be destroyed. Baba says: Simply remember Me and you will come to Me. After death, a soul has visions of everything. Sometimes, after leaving his body, a soul wanders around. He can settle his karmic accounts at that time too. He has visions of everything. The soul has visions internally. He suffers for his actions and repents a great deal: I did that unnecessarily. There is repentance. Some are jailbirds and they say: At least we will receive food in jail. It means their purpose is just to eat; they are not concerned about their honour. You don’t have any difficulty. You belong to the Father and so you have to follow His shrimat. It isn’t that He would cause sorrow for anyone. He is the Bestower of Happiness. Obedient children would say: Baba, whatever directions You give. I sit with You alone. This is remembered of Shiv Baba. Bhagirath, (the Lucky Chariot) and the bull are well known. It is written that the urn of knowledge was placed on the mothers. So, they have then shown cows. They have made up so many stories. No one in this world can be ever healthy. There are so many types of disease. There is no disease or untimely death there. They have visions at the right time. The older ones are happy: when they become old, they shed their bodies in happiness. They have a vision that they will then go and become a baby. Now, even you younger ones have the happiness that you will shed your bodies and go and become princes. Whether you are young or old, everyone has to die. So, all of you should have the intoxication that you will go and become princes. You will definitely become that when you do service. You should have the happiness that you will now shed your old bodies and go to Baba and Baba will then send you to heaven. You should do service. You children heard the song. Krishna wasn’t the one with a flute. Many people have flutes; they play the flute very well. There is no question of a flute in this. You say that only the one Father gives shrimat. Shri Krishna did not have this knowledge. He didn't have this easy yoga or knowledge in him. He didn't teach Raja Yoga; he studied Raja Yoga from the Father. This is such a great thing. Until someone becomes a child, he wouldn't be able to understand and it is a question here of following shrimat. You cannot claim a high status by following your own dictates. Those who know the Father would give the Father’s introduction to others. You have to give the introduction of the Father and His creation. If you don't give others the Father's introduction, it means you don't know Him. If you have that intoxication, you then have to make others intoxicated. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Always perform elevated actions according to shrimat. Don't be influenced by the directions of others. Be obedient and follow every order. If you are unable to understand something, definitely have it verified.

2. Always stay in the intoxication and happiness that you will shed your old body and then go and become a prince. Maintain this intoxication and do God’s service.

Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority and constantly maintain your elevated honour and finish all the troubles of others.

Always keep this blessing in your awareness: I am a master almighty authority who maintains my elevated honour and who finishes all the troubles of others too. I am not weak. I am seated on the seat of my elevated honour. Those who are seated on the immortal throne, on the Father’s heart throne and who maintain their elevated honour can never become distressed even in their dreams. No matter how much someone may try to distress you, you will always maintain your elevated honour.

Slogan: Constantly maintain your self-respect and you will continue to receive respect from everyone.


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