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21 Oct 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 21/10/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 20/02/84

A most elevated, great and beautiful moment.

Today, the Father who creates fortune is pleased to see the all the elevated, fortunate children. Each of you children has awakened your fortune and reached here as you did in the previous cycle. Having awakened your fortune you have come. To have recognition means to awaken your fortune. A special gathering of double-foreign children is especially taking place in the land of blessings. This is a gathering of the fortunate children. The elevated moment of your fortune first opening is when you children recognised, accepted and said, "My Baba!" That moment is the most elevated and beautiful moment of the whole cycle. All of you remember that moment even now, do you not? You will continue to experience throughout the confluence age belonging, meeting and claiming a right, but that moment was when, from being an orphan you belonged to the Lord and Master and became something totally different from what you were. Those who had been separated met again. A soul who had no attainment belonged to the Bestower of Attainment. That first moment of transformation, the moment of your fortune awakening, is such a great, elevated moment. That first moment when you belonged to the Father is even greater than the life of heaven. Everything “mine” became "Yours". As soon as you said "Yours" you became double light. You became light from the burden of "mine". You received wings of happiness. From being on the earth, you began to fly in the sky. You changed from stone to a diamond. You became free from the many types of spinning and become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Do you remember that moment? The moment when you attained the omens of Jupiter filled with the fortune of attainment of body, mind, wealth and people? When you had such omens and such a line of fortune, you became one with elevated fortune. Your third eye opened and you saw the Father. All of you experienced this, did you not? You sing this song in your hearts, do you not? "Wah, the most elevated moment, wah!" It is the wonder of that moment. BapDada is pleased to see the children who have come at such a great time, at such a fortunate time.Father Brahma also says: Wah my children of Adi Dev who have a right to the fortune of the kingdom at the beginning. Father Shiva says: Wah, My children who eternally claim eternal and imperishable rights! You are the long-lost and now-found children who have all rights of both Bap and Dada, the loving children who are companions. BapDada has this intoxication. In the world, all souls try to find a life companion, a true companion, a companion who fulfils the responsibility of love. After searching a great deal they find some companion yet they are not content. They are unable to find even one such true companion whereas how many life companions has BapDada found? And, each one is greater than the next! You are true companions, are you not? You are such true companions that even if you lose your life, you will not let go of the responsibility of love. You are such true companions, life companions.Do you know what BapDada's life is? World service is BapDada's life. All of you are companions of such a life, are you not? Therefore, BapDada has so many children who are true, life companions. What do you remain busy in day and night? In fulfilling the responsibility of giving your company. What thought do all of you life companions have inside you? To beat the drums of service. Even now, all of you are deeply lost in love. You have become service companions and have brought the proof of service. You are continuing to receive success according to your aim. Whatever you have done so far, according to the drama, has been good and you now have to make further progress. This year, you have made a loud sound heard. However, as yet, mikes from only a few places have come. Mikes have not come from everywhere. Therefore, although the sound has spread, now, instruments from everywhere who can make a loud sound be heard, who can be called big mikes or souls who are instruments for service, should come here and each of them should go back considering himself to be a messenger for wherever he has come from. They now have to become messengers for the place they come from. However, mikes from everywhere should come here and return there, as messengers. If everyone in every corner receives this message, the sound will then be heard everywhere at the same time. This is called beating the big drums. One drum should be beaten everywhere: We are one, we are one. Only then can you say that the drums of revelation have been beaten.Now, bands of every country have played. The drums now have to be beaten. The bands have played very well. Therefore, BapDada is pleased to have heard and seen the variety of bands of the instrument souls of the different countries playing. He also heard the bands of Bharat. There is a difference between the sound of a band and the sound of drums. In temples, instead of bands playing they beat drums. Do you now understand what you have to do in the future? The sound of the gathering is a very loud sound. Even now, if one person says "Ha ji" and then everyone together says "Ha ji", there would be a difference, would there not? This is the One. There is just this One. This is the only One. This loud sound should be heard everywhere at the same time. When you look at the TV, radio, newspapers and people's mouths, just this one sound should be heard loudly. Let there be an international sound. Therefore, BapDada is pleased to see His life companions. When someone has so many life companions and each one is so great, then all the tasks are already accomplished. The Father simply becomes the Instrument to enable you to create the reward of elevated deeds. Achcha.It is now the season of meeting. The children from Poland are the youngest long-lost and now-found ones. Young children are always loved so much. Those of you from Poland have the intoxication, do you not, of being the most long-lost and now-found children? You overcame all problems and at least arrived here. This is called deep love. Deep love ends all obstacles. You are loved by BapDada and the family. Both countries, Poland and Portugal, are those who have deep love. You didn't stop to consider the language or the money, for your love enabled you to fly. Where there is love, you definitely receive co-operation; from being impossible, everything becomes possible. BapDada is pleased to see the love of such sweet children and gives thanks to the instrument children who do service with such love. You have made very good effort with love.In fact, this year, everyone has brought very good groups. However, these countries also have their own specialities and this is why BapDada is especially looking at them. You have all made your own service places grow very well and this is why BapDada is not mentioning the names of the places. However, each place has its own speciality. To reach Madhuban is the speciality of service. BapDada is especially presenting flowers of love to all the instrument children everywhere. Even though there is fluctuation in the economy everywhere, you have made so many souls fly and brought them here. This is a sign of effort with love. This is a sign of success. Therefore, each one of you should accept flowers of love personally by name. Many rosaries of letters of remembrance have also come from those who haven't come. Therefore, BapDada is also giving love-filled remembrance to those who haven't been able to come here in the corporeal form. BapDada is giving the response of remembrance to all the children who have come from everywhere. All of you are loving. You are BapDada's life companions. You are the close jewels who constantly fulfil the responsibility of companionship and this is why your remembrance reached BapDada before the letters of remembrance and the messengers and continues to reach Him even now. All you children must now create enthusiasm for this type of service. Distribute a great deal all the treasures of peace and happiness you have received from the Father to all the souls. The need of all souls is this: true happiness and true peace. People spend so much time, money and physical energy to attain happiness. They even become hippies. Now make them happy. Become the treasure-store of Annapurna (a goddess), who fulfils everyone's needs for food. Send this message to all the children abroad. BapDada is giving a message to all the children. There are even such children who, because of carelessness while moving along, become slack effort-makers from being intense effort-makers. Some even get caught up for some time in the spinning of Maya. Then, when they become trapped, they repent. At first, because of the attraction of Maya, it doesn't seem like spinning, it feels comfortable. However, when you become trapped in the spinning, you then become aware and, because you are aware, you ask Baba: Baba, what can I do? Baba receives many such letters from children who become influenced by such spinning. BapDada gives love and remembrance to even such children and reminds them of this once again. In Bharat there is a saying: If someone has forgotten his home at night and then comes back home during the day, he is not said to have forgotten his home. If you have been enlightened in this way once again, then the past is past. You can once again experience new zeal, new enthusiasm, a new life and continue to move forward.BapDada forgives you three times. He gives you a chance three times. Therefore, no one should hesitate. If you stop hesitating and have love and come back, you can still make progress. Especially give this message to such children. Some have been unable to come because of their circumstances, and they are desperately remembering Baba. BapDada knows the true heart of each of the children. When you have a true heart, then, if not today, then tomorrow, there will definitely be success. Achcha.The double foreigners are in front of BapDada. It is their season. Those whose season it is are fed first. To those of all lands, that is, to the fortunate souls – those from this land have the additional intoxication of belonging to the land that is the land of the Father’s incarnation. BapDada is giving special love and remembrance to all the children who belong to the land of Bharat where such service takes place, the land of the Father's incarnation and the land of your future kingdom, because all of you did service according to your own love, zeal and enthusiasm and your service brought many souls close to the Father. Therefore, in return for your service, BapDada is giving all of you children a bouquet of flowers of love. He is welcoming you. You also welcome everyone with a bouquet, do you not? Therefore, Baba is giving all of you children a bouquet and also putting a badge of success on you. Let each of you children accept from BapDada, personally by name, your badge and bouquet. Achcha.The Dadis in charge of the zones are the chairmen. “Chairman” means always to be set on your seat. Only those who are always set on their seats are called chairmen. Together with the chair, you are always near too. This is why you are always the Father's companions from the beginning to the end at every step. The Father's steps and their steps are always one. You are those who place their footsteps in the Father's steps. Therefore, Baba is giving those who are always companions at every step multi-multi-multi million-fold love and remembrance. Also please accept from the Father a very beautiful lotus flower of diamonds. The brothers are also included in the maharathis. Pandavas are always companions of Shaktis. The Pandavas always have the happiness that whatever the Father's task is, both the Shakti Army and the Pandava Army become instruments together and are images of success who bring about success. This is why the Pandavas are no less. The Pandavas too are great. The speciality of every Pandava is his own. You are all doing special service and, on the basis of that speciality, you are special souls in front of the Father and the family. Therefore, BapDada is especially welcoming all of you special souls who are instruments for such service with a tilak of victory. Do you understand? Achcha.All of you have now received everything, have you not? You all received the lotus, the tilak, the bouquet and the badge, did you not? The double foreigners have been welcomed in so many different ways. Everyone has already received love and remembrance anyway. Nevertheless, to the double foreigners and those of this land: May all of you children constantly continue to progress and transform the world and constantly swing in swings of happiness. To such special serviceable children, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.BapDada meeting the Trinidad Group:Do you always consider yourselves to be the elevated Brahmin souls of the confluence age? Brahmins are always shown with the symbol of a topknot. The Father is the Highest on High, the time is the highest on high and so you yourselves are also the highest. Those who always remain in an elevated stage experience themselves to be double light. They don’t have any type of burden: not of relationships or any old sanskars or nature. This is known as being free from all bondages. Are you free to this extent? The whole group is free from bondage, free: as a soul and in terms of relations of the body too. What would souls who are free from bondage do? They would look after a centre, would they not? So, how many service places should you open? You have the time and you are double light and so you will make others the same as yourselves, will you not? You have to give to others what you have received. You do understand, do you not, that the souls of today's world need this experience? At such a time, what is the duty of you souls who are embodiments of attainment? So, let service now increase and let there be growth. In any case, Trinidad is a country that is full, and so the largest number of students should be from the Trinidad centres. You have many areas (countries) around too. Do you not feel mercy for them? Open centres and also bring big mikes. Souls with so much courage can do whatever they want. Elevated service is destined to happen through elevated souls. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of obstacles and remain constantly filled with zeal and enthusiasm with a variety of experiences.

Every day at amrit vela, various points of zeal and enthusiasm should emerge in your intellect for the whole day. Note down from every day’s murli points of zeal and enthusiasm and these varieties of points will increase your zeal and enthusiasm. Human nature likes to have variety. Therefore, whether you churn points of knowledge or have a heart-to-heart conversation, become a zero with some form of variety and remain aware of your hero part and you will remain full of zeal and enthusiasm and all obstacles will easily finish.

Slogan: Make your stage so peaceful that any evil spirit of anger runs away from a distance.

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