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2 Dec 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma KUmaris murli today in English 02/12/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 05/03/84

The importance of the power of peace.

The Father, the Ocean of Peace, has come to meet His children who are incarnations of peace. In today's world, the most essential thing is peace and you children are the bestowers of that peace. No matter how much people try to attain peace with perishable wealth or perishable means, they cannot attain true, imperishable peace with that. Although today's world is wealthy and has all the facilities for happiness, it is still a beggar of imperishable and permanent peace. You souls, who are master bestowers of peace, treasure-stores of peace and embodiments of peace have to give a drop of peace to such souls who are beggars of peace and quench their thirst and fulfil their desire for peace. Seeing the peaceless children, BapDada feels mercy for them. They make so much effort; through the power of science they reach so many places and make so many things. They are able to change day into night and night into day but they are not able to attain their original religion of peace. However much they chase after peace, after some temporary attainment of peace, the result is just peacelessness. Imperishable peace is the birthright of all souls from God, but they are making so much effort for their birthright. It is an attainment of just a second. However, because of not having the full introduction, they stumble so much even to attain the attainment of a second; they call and shout out and are in distress. Give the drishti (vision) of brotherhood to your brother souls who are wandering around for peace. Their world will be changed with this drishti.Do all of you souls, who are incarnations of peace, remain constantly stable as embodiments of peace? You have bidden farewell to peacelessness for all time, have you not? Have you celebrated the ceremony of saying farewell to peacelessness? Or, are you going to do that now? Are those who have not yet celebrated the ceremony of saying farewell to peacelessness now going to do that here? Should we fix a date for this? Those who want to have this ceremony now, raise your hands! Let there not be peacelessness even in your dreams. Even your dreams have become peaceful, have they not? The Father is the Bestower of Peace and you are embodiments of peace. Your dharma (religion) is peace and your karma (action) is peace. Therefore, how can there be peacelessness? What is the karma of all of you? To give peace. Even now, when your devotees perform arti (form of worship), what do they say? "Bestower of Peace". So, whose arti do they sing? Yours or just the Father's? The children who are bestowers of peace are constantly great donors of peace and also the ones who give this blessing. You are those who become master suns of knowledge and spread rays of peace throughout the world. You have the intoxication, do you not, that, along with the Father, you are also master suns of knowledge and master suns who spread rays of peace?Are you able to give the introduction of the religion of the self in a second and stabilise them in their original form with your attitude? Which attitude? That these souls who are your brothers should also receive their inheritance from the Father. With this pure attitude, that is, with these pure feelings, are you able to give souls an experience? Why? The return of pure feelings is definitely received. All of you have elevated wishes, good wishes without any selfish motives. You have feelings of mercy and benevolence. It is impossible for you not to receive the fruit of these feelings. When a seed is powerful, you definitely receive the fruit. Simply constantly continue to water this seed of elevated wishes with the water of awareness and you will definitely attain powerful fruit in the form of instant visible fruit. There will be no question as to whether something will happen or not. To have the water of constant awareness means to have good wishes for all souls. You will definitely receive the visible fruit of world peace. Together with the Father, all of you children are also fulfilling the desires of many births of all souls so that everyone's desires will be fulfilled.The sound of peacelessness is now echoing everywhere and people are experiencing peacelessness in all directions – in their bodies, minds, wealth and relationships. Due to fear, instead of experiencing peace, they experience peacelessness through all their means of attainment. Souls today are influenced by one type of fear or another. They eat, move along, earn an income and experience pleasure temporarily, but it is all in fear. They don't know what will happen tomorrow. So, where there is the throne of fear, when the leader is sitting on a chair (position) of fear, what would the condition be of the people? The greater the leader, the more security guards he would have. Why? Because there is fear. So, what would the temporary pleasure be whilst sitting on the throne of fear? Would it be peaceful or peaceless? In order to give such children who are filled with fear a life of constant happiness and peace, BapDada has made all of you children into instruments as incarnations of peace. With the power of peace, how far can you go from one place to another without spending anything? Even beyond this world. You can reach your sweet home so easily. Does it take any effort? With the power of peace (silence), how easily do you become a conqueror of matter and a conqueror of Maya? Through what? With the power of soul consciousness. When both atomic power and the power of soul (atma) become united, when atomic power also carries out tasks of happiness through satopradhan intellects with the power of souls, then, with the unity of both powers, the world of peace will be revealed on this earth, because both powers exist in the kingdom of peaceful and happy heaven. Therefore, a satopradhan intellect means an intellect that always performs elevated and truthful actions. Truth also means imperishable. By performing every action in the awareness of the imperishable Father and the imperishable soul, the attainment would also be imperishable. This is why they speak of truthful actions. Therefore, you are incarnations of peace who constantly give peace. Do you understand? Achcha.To the souls who, with their satopradhan stage, always perform truthful actions, to the souls who give souls the fruit of peace with their powerful good wishes, to those who, as constant master bestowers of peace and deities of peace, spread rays of peace throughout the world, to the souls who co-operate with the Father in His special task, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Josephson (Scientist) meeting BapDada:Are you experiencing the experience of the power of peace? The power of peace will make the whole world peaceful. You too are a soul who loves peace, are you not? By using the power of science accurately with the power of silence, you can become an instrument to benefit the world. The power of science is also essential but you can use it accurately with a satopradhan intellect. Today, the knowledge of how to use it in an accurate way is lacking. On the basis of this knowledge, the same science will become instrumental in the establishment of the new world. However, because of not having this knowledge, you are moving towards destruction. Therefore, now, on the basis of the power of peace, become an instrument who uses the power of science for very good tasks. You will claim a Nobel Prize in this also, will you not? Because, there is a need for this task. Whenever there is a need for something in particular and someone becomes an instrument for that, everyone regards that soul with elevated vision. So, do you understand what you have to do? So research what the connection between science and silence is at present and how much success there can be with the connection of the two. You are interested in research, are you not? Now do this. You have to carry out such a big task. You will create such a world, will you not? Achcha.BapDada meeting the UK group:The long-lost and now-found children are always with the Father. You always experience the Father to be with you, do you not? If you move away from the Father's company even a little, Maya's vision is very sharp. She sees that you have moved away a little and so she makes you belong to her. This is why you must never move away even a little. Constantly stay in the Father’s company. Since BapDada Himself is offering to stay with you all the time, take this company. Throughout the whole cycle you will not find such company as the Father’s who says: Come and stay in My company. You will not have such fortune even in the golden age. Even in the golden age you will be in the company of souls. For how long do you have the Father's company throughout the whole cycle? It is for a very short time, is it not? You receive such great fortune in such a short time. Therefore, you should always stay with Him, should you not? BapDada is looking at the children who remain constantly stable in a strong stage. Such loving children are in front of BapDada. Each and every child is very lovely. BapDada has selected and gathered together each one of you from so many different far-away places with so much love. Children who are selected in this way are always strong; they cannot be weak. Achcha.Personal meeting:A special actor means one who is always alert at every step and at every second, not careless.Do you constantly experience yourself to be a special actor on the unlimited world drama stage while walking and moving along and while eating and drinking? Those who are special actors always pay attention to their actions, that is, to their parts at all times, because the whole drama depends on the hero actor. So, you are the basis of this whole drama, are you not? So, do you special souls or you special actors always pay this much attention? Special actors are never careless, they are alert. So, you never become careless, do you? “I am doing everything I can, I will reach there”. You do not think in this way, do you? You are doing everything, but at what speed? You move along, but at what speed do you move along? There is a difference in the speed, is there not? There is a vast difference between one who is walking and one who is flying in a plane. It would be said that the one who is walking is moving along and that the one who is flying is also moving along, but there is so much difference. So, if you are just moving along, having become a Brahma Kumar, it means that you are moving along, but at what speed? It is only those who have a fast speed who will reach their destination on time. Otherwise, they will be left behind. You have an attainment here too, but is it that of the sun dynasty or the moon dynasty? There is a difference, is there not? So, in order to become part of the sun dynasty, remove all ordinariness from your every thought and every word. When a hero actor performs an ordinary act, everyone laughs at him, do they not? So, here, too, always have the awareness that you are a special actor and so your every action has to be special, your every step has to be special, your every second, every moment and every thought has to be elevated. Do not think that they were just five minutes that were ordinary. Five minutes are not just five minutes, but the five minutes of the confluence are very important and significant. Five minutes are greater than five years and so pay that much attention. This is known as being an intense effort-maker. What is the slogan of intense effort-makers? “If not now, then never.” So, do you always remember this? If you wish to claim your fortune of the kingdom for all time, you also have to pay attention all the time. A little time of paying attention all the time will enable you to attain constant attainment over a long period of time. So, have this awareness at all times and also check yourself that you do not become ordinary while walking and moving along. The Father is called the Supreme Soul, and so He is the Supreme. So, as is the Father, so the children too are supreme, that is, they are elevated in every way.So, now let your efforts be intense and let less time and less effort be required in your service whilst you experience greater success. Let one person do the work of many. So, make such a plan. Punjab is very old. It has been involved in service from the beginning, and so, those from the original place must now find some original jewels. In any case, Punjab is known as the lion and a lion roars. Roaring means a loud sound. We shall now see what you do and who does it?

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of success who does everything from amrit vela till night time accurately with the discipline of remembrance.

Whatever you do from amrit vela till night time, let it be according to the discipline of remembrance and you will achieve success in every action. The greatest success of all is to experience supersensuous joy as the practical fruit. Constantly continue to move along in the waves of happiness and joy. So, you receive this instant fruit and you also receive the fruit in the future. The practical, instant fruit of this time is greater than the fruit of your many future births. You do something now and you immediately receive the reward of it. This is called the practical instant fruit.

Slogan: Perform every act while considering yourself to be an instrument and you will remain loving and detached and there will be no consciousness of “I”.


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