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17 Feb 2019 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today English 17/02/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 22/04/84

The unique study and unique attainment from the unique Father, the Father without an image.

Today, the spiritual Father has come to meet His spiritual children. The spiritual Father is looking at every spirit to see how much spiritual power each one has, to what extent each soul has become an embodiment of happiness. The spiritual Father is seeing that He has given you children the treasure of imperishable happiness as your birthright and seeing to what extent each one of you has attained your inheritance and your right in your life. Have you become a child and a master of the treasures? The Father is the Bestower and He gives every child a full right. However, each child claims a right according to his power of imbibing. The Father has the one pure thought for every child: that each soul, each child, becomes full of all treasures for many births and claims a right to the full inheritance. BapDada is pleased to see how the children maintain their zeal and enthusiasm for this attainment. Each of you - whether young or old, a child, an adolescent, or an elderly person, you sweet mothers, educated ones and uneducated ones, even those who are physically weak but who are such strong souls, each of you have so much love for the one God. You have experienced that, by knowing God, you have come to know everything.

BapDada always gives such experienced souls the blessing: O children, who remain absorbed in love for the Father, constantly stay alive with remembrance. Constantly continue to be sustained with the attainment of happiness and peace. Continue to swing in the swing of imperishable happiness and tell all souls of the world, your spiritual brothers and sisters, the easy way to attain happiness and peace so that they too can claim their right to their spiritual inheritance from the spiritual Father. Teach everyone this one lesson: All of us souls belong to the one Father. We belong to one family. We belong to one home. We are all playing our parts on the same stage. The original religion of all of us souls is peace and purity. You bring about self-transformation and world transformation with this lesson and this is guaranteed to happen. This is easy, is it not? It is not difficult, is it? Even uneducated ones have become knowledge-full through this lesson. This is because, by knowing the Father, the Creator, you automatically know the creation from the Creator. All of you are knowledge-full, are you not? You have studied the whole study of the Creator and creation with these three words: soul, Supreme Soul and the world cycle. What have you become with these three words? What certificate have you received? You haven’t received a certificate of B.A or M.A. You have received the title of trikaldarshi and embodiment of knowledge, have you not? What is the source of your income? What did you receive? You received a guarantee of imperishable attainment for birth after birth from the true Teacher. In fact, a teacher doesn’t guarantee that you will constantly continue to earn or that you will remain wealthy. He simply teaches you and makes you capable. You children and Godly students are to receive from the Father, the Teacher, happiness, peace, wealth, bliss, love and a happy family for 21 births in the golden and silver ages. It is not that you might receive, but that you definitely will receive this.

This is a guarantee because the Father is eternal and the Teacher is eternal. Therefore, the attainment from the eternal One is also imperishable. You sing a song of happiness of how you have received a right to all attainments from the true Father and the true Teacher. This is known as the unique Father, the unique students, the unique study and the unique attainments. No matter how much someone has studied, no one can know the study and the inheritance of the unique (vichitra – without an image) Father and Teacher. You cannot take a picture of it. So, how could they know it? The Father and Teacher is the Highest on High and look what He teaches and who He teaches! He is so ordinary! It is a study to change humans into deities, to make your character good for all time. Who is it that studies? The Father is teaching those no one else can teach. What would be the big deal if the Father taught those that the world too teaches? He makes hopeless souls into souls who have hope. He makes the impossible become possible. This is why there is the praise: Only God knows His ways and means. BapDada is pleased to see the children who develop hope from having no hope. Welcome! Welcome, the decoration of the Father’s home! Achcha.

To the elevated souls who constantly consider themselves to have a right to experience elevated attainments, to the children who are embodiments of knowledge and who inspire others to gain attainments for many births in this one birth, to the elevated children who study and teach the one lesson, to the fortunate children who are constantly sustained by the blessings of the Father, the Bestower of Blessings, love, remembrance and namaste.

The present Brahmin life is worth diamonds.


Today, BapDada is seeing His most elevated children. In comparison to the tamoguni, impure souls of the world, you are such elevated souls. All souls in the world are calling out, wandering around and lacking attainment. No matter how many perishable attainments they have, they definitely lack something or other. You Brahmin children, you children of the Bestower of all Attainments, lack nothing. You are constant embodiments of attainment. Although you don't have the facilities for temporary happiness, temporary comforts or a right to a temporary kingdom, you are emperors who don't have even a shell. You are carefree emperors. You are conquerors of Maya and conquerors of matter who have a right to self-sovereignty. You are those who are constantly sustained by God's sustenance, who swing in the swings of happiness and the swings of supersensuous joy. Instead of being wealthy with perishable wealth, you are wealthy with imperishable wealth. You don't have a crown studded with jewels, but you are a crown on God the Father's head. You don't have any jewel-studded decoration, but you are constantly decorated with the decoration of the jewels of knowledge and virtues. No matter how big or precious a perishable diamond may be or how valuable it may be, what is its value compared with one jewel of knowledge or one jewel of virtue? In front of these jewels, that is like stone because it is perishable. Compared with the necklace of 900,000, you yourselves have become a necklace around the Father's neck.

In comparison to being a necklace around God's neck, necklaces worth 900,000 or even nine times or countless times multi-millions are worth nothing. Thirty six varieties of food are nothing in comparison to Brahma bhojan, because you offer this food directly to BapDada and make it into Godly prasad. Even in this last birth, devotee souls place so much value on prasad. You do not eat ordinary food. You eat Prabhu prasad of which each grain is more precious than multi-millions. You are the most elevated souls. Do you have such elevated, spiritual intoxication? You don't forget your greatness whilst moving along, do you? You don't consider yourselves to be ordinary, do you? You are not those who just listen or speak, are you? Have you become those who have self-respect? There are countless who just listen or speak. Those who have self-respect are a handful out of multi-millions. Who are you? Are you those who are one of the many or are you one of those who are a handful out of multi-millions? What kind of sense would BapDada say a child who is careless at the time of attaining has? If you don't experience the fortune you have attained and received, that is, if you don't become greatly fortunate at this time, then when would you become this? At the confluence age, this time of elevated attainment, constantly remember this slogan: If not now, then never! Do you understand? Achcha.

Today, Gujarat zone has come. What is the speciality of Gujarat? The speciality of Gujarat is that young and old, all definitely dance in happiness. Everyone forgets being physically little or large. They all become engrossed in their love of the dance. They remain engrossed in this throughout the night. So, just as you remain absorbed in dancing in love, in the same way, you also remain absorbed in the dance of the happiness of knowledge, do you not? You are number one in having the practice of staying lost in this imperishable love, are you not? There is good expansion. This time, both zones that are close to the main place (Madhuban) have come. On one side is Gujarat and on the other side is Rajasthan. Both are close. The whole of the task is connected with Gujarat and Rajasthan.

So, according to the drama, both places have received a golden chance to be co-operative. Both have been close and co-operative in every task. The kingdom of sovereignty of the confluence age is in Rajasthan, is it not? How many kings have you prepared? The kings of Rajasthan have been remembered. So, are the kings ready or are you becoming ready? The kings' processions take place in Rajasthan. So, let those from Rajasthan prepare and bring a full procession. Only then will everyone shower flowers. They have that procession with a lot of splendour. So, how many of the kings’ procession will come? At least one king of wherever there is a centre has to come, and so there will be so many kings. If 25 kings came from 25 places, it would be a beautiful procession. According to the drama, the throne of service is in Rajasthan. So, Rajasthan also has a special part. It was in Rajasthan that the special horses for service emerged. The part is fixed in the drama, it just has to be repeated.There is also a lot of expansion in Karnataka. Now, those from Karnataka have to go from expansion to essence. When milk is churned for butter, there is first a lot of expansion (quantity), and then the butter is extracted from the essence. So, those from Karnataka have to extract butter from the expansion. Become an embodiment of the essence and make others that. Achcha.To those who remain stable in their elevated self-respect, to those who are treasure-stores of all attainments, to the souls who constantly have a right to the great fortune of elevated self-sovereignty of the confluence age, to the souls who are embodiments of spiritual intoxication and happiness, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:Do all of you consider yourselves to be the elevated souls who have a right to self-sovereignty? Have you received a right to self-sovereignty? Such souls who have a right would be powerful, would they not? A kingdom is said to be an authority. An authority means power. Even the Government of today is said to be the party who has the authority of the kingdom (government). So the authority of the kingdom means power. So self-sovereignty is such a great power. Have you attained such power? Are all your physical organs working according to your powers? A king always summons the court of his kingdom and asks everyone how the kingdom is functioning. So, do the activities of you kings who have a right to self-sovereignty go well? Or, are there ups and downs? None of the workers in your kingdom deceive you, do they? Sometimes the eyes deceive you, sometimes the ears deceive you, sometimes your hands deceive you and sometimes your feet deceive you. You aren't deceived in this way, are you? If the authority of the kingdom is fine, then there is an income of multi-millions in every thought at every second. If the authority of the kingdom is not fine, an income of multi-millions is lost at every second. Since the attainment is multi-million fold for one, if you lose, you also lose multi-million fold for just one. However much you receive, you also lose just as much. There is a proper account. So check the activities of your kingdom for the whole day.

Have your eyes, your advisors, worked well? Have your ears, your advisors, worked well? Was everyone's department fine or not? Do you check this or do you become tired and simply go to sleep? In fact, before you perform any act, you have to check yourself and then perform that act. First think and then act. Let it not be that you first act and then think. To get a total result is a different matter, but a knowledgeable soul will first think and then act. So, do you perform every act after careful consideration? Are you those who think first or those who think afterwards? If a knowledgeable soul thinks afterwards, he cannot be called knowledgeable. This is why you are constantly the souls who have a right to self-sovereignty. With a right to this self-sovereignty, you definitely have to become those who have a right to the kingdom of the world. There is no question as to whether you will become this or not. If you have self-sovereignty, you definitely also have the kingdom (sovereignty) of the world. So there are no complications in your self-sovereignty, are there? From the copper age onwards, you have been going around places of complications. You have now left that place of complications. Now, never ever step foot in any place of complication. This is such a place of complication, that if you place your foot in it once, it becomes like a maze, and then it is difficult to come out of it. Therefore, always follow the one path. There are no complications in just one. Those who follow the one path are always happy and content.

BapDada meeting a High Court Judge from Bangalore:Where are you? And what are you experiencing? Experience is the biggest authority of all. The first experience is of being soul conscious. When you have the experience of being soul conscious, you automatically experience God's love and Godly attainment. The more experience you have, the more powerful you become. You are someone who gives a judgement that grants liberation from the sorrow of many births, are you not? Or, are you a judge who gives a judgement that liberates someone from the sorrow of just one birth? That is being a Judge of the High Court or the Supreme Court. This is being a spiritual judge. There is no need to study or give time to becoming this kind of judge. You just have to study two words: soul and Supreme Soul. That’s all! If you experience this, you become a spiritual judge. The Father is the One who liberates everyone from the sorrow of many births and this is why He is called the Bestower of Happiness. So, as is the Father, so are the children. By becoming a double judge, you will become an instrument to benefit many souls. They will come for one case and they will go back having won the case for many births. They will be very happy. So, the Father's instruction is: Become a spiritual judge. Achcha.


May you be an embodiment of success who keeps the Almighty Authority Father combined with you.

The children who are combined with the Almighty Authority Father have a right to all powers. Where there are all powers, it is impossible for there not to be success. If you do not remain constantly combined with the Father then the success is also less. When you constantly keep the imperishable Companion who always fulfils the responsibility of companionship combined with you, success is then your birthright because success is always in front of and behind those who are master almighty authorities.


True Vaishnavs are those who do not even touch the dirt of vice.


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