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16 Dec 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 16/12/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 09/03/84

Make your transformation imperishable.

BapDada is looking at all the chatrak children (a bird that eagerly awaits a drop of rain). Everyone's deep desire is to listen, to meet and to become. You are all number one chatraks when it comes to listening; you take a number when it comes to meeting and becoming. You become equal according to your capacity. However, all elevated souls, all Brahmins souls are chatrak in all three. A number one chatrak easily and constantly becomes a master murlidhar, a master almighty authority, equal to the Father. To listen means to become a murlidhar. To meet means to be coloured by the company and to be coloured like Him in termsof powers and virtues. To become means to become equal to the Father by following His every step in your thoughts, words and deeds, which means to place your footsteps in Baba's steps visibly and practically. You children need to experience your thoughts to be the same as the Father’s thoughts. From your words and deeds let everyone experience you to be the same as the Father. This is known as becoming equal and a number one chatrak. Check which one of the three you are. All the children's thoughts filled with zeal and enthusiasm reach BapDada. You have very good thoughts of courage and determination. The seed of thought is powerful, but when it comes to the land of imbibing virtues and the Ganges water of knowledge and the sunshine of remembrance and the warmth of paying constant attention to the self, you sometimes become careless about these. When there is something lacking in even one thing, the seed of thought doesn't bear constant fruit. It would give fruit for a short time, for one or two seasons. It would not give fruit eternally. You then think that the seed was powerful, that you made a firm promise, that everything had become clear and so you don’t know what happened. For six months you have a lot of enthusiasm and then, whilst moving along, you don't know what happened. Therefore, pay constant attention to the things you were told earlier.Secondly, you very quickly become confused over trivial matters. Because of being confused, you make small things into very big things. It is an ant and you make it into an elephant. This is why there is no balance. Because of not having a balance, you become heavy in your life. Either you get completely high because of your intoxication or just a tiny pebble brings you down. Instead of becoming knowledge-full and removing it in a second, you begin to think about how a pebble has come in between, that you stopped, you have come down, that this happened. You became ill, you had a fever or some pain. If you continue to think and speak about those things, what would be your condition? So, now end the trivial things that come. Remove them and fly. Don’t become weak through thinking that this has happened or that has come. Take medicine and become healthy. Sometimes, seeing the children's faces, BapDada thinks: What were you just before and what have you now become? Are you the same one or have you become something else? What happens immediately, when you fluctuate? Your head becomes heavy. Physically, too, if you keep going up and coming down, you feel dizzy. Therefore, transform those sanskars. Don't think that this is the habit all of you have anyway, that it happens like that because of the country, the atmosphere, your sanskars of birth or your nature. Such beliefs make you weak. Your birth has changed, and so change your sanskars. Since you are world transformers, you are already self-transformers. Know your original and eternal sanskars and nature: these are your real sanskars. Those others are artificial. “My sanskars, my nature, etc.” is the nature of being influenced by Maya. That is not the original and eternal nature of you elevated souls. This is why Baba is once again drawing your attention to these things. He is making you revise this. Make this transformation ever-lasting.You have many specialities. You are number one in love and in enthusiasm for service. Even though you are physically far away, you are close. Your catching power is very good. Your power of realisation is also very intense. You swing in swings of happiness too. You sing very good songs of "Wah Baba, wah the family and wah drama!" Your speciality of determination is also good. Your intellects are very sharp when it comes to recognising. You are the long-lost and now-found, very much loved children of the Father and the family. You are the decoration of Madhuban and you have brought great splendour here. The example of all of you varieties of branches having come together to form a sandalwood tree is very good. You have so many specialities. There are many specialities and one weakness. So, it is very easy to end one thing. Your problems have now ended, have they not? Do you understand? Just as you speak with honesty and a clean heart, in the same way, you should be number one in removing everything from your heart with honesty and cleanliness. If Baba made a garland of the specialities, it would be very big. Nevertheless, Baba is congratulating you. You have had 99% transformation and only one per cent remains. That transformation has also already taken place. Do you understand? You are so good that even now you change and, from saying "No" you say "Yes". This too is a speciality. You give very good responses. When Baba asks you if you are you powerful and victorious, you say you are already that. This too is very intense power of transformation, is it not? It is just that you have the sanskars of becoming afraid of ants and mice. Become a mahavir and crush the ant under your foot and ride on the mice. Become Ganesh. Become destroyers of obstacles from now, become Ganesh and start riding the rats. Don't be afraid of mice. A rat bites your powers. It makes you finish your power of tolerance and your easy nature. It finishes love. It bites you, does it not? An ant goes straight into your head. In your stage of tension, it makes you unconscious. It causes you distress at that time, does it not? Achcha.To those who are constant mahavirs and who remain stable in a powerful stage, to the true life companions who move along with the Father at every step, placing their footsteps in His steps in their thoughts, words and deeds, to those who constantly keep their specialities in front of them and bid farewell to weaknesses for all time, to those who constantly make the seed of thoughts fruitful, to those who eat unlimited visible and practical fruit at every moment, to those who swing in the swings of all attainments, to such constantly powerful souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.BapDada meeting the French group:All of you have met Baba many times and are meeting Him once again, because you met Baba in the previous cycle and are therefore meeting Him now. The souls who belonged to Baba in the previous cycle have once again come here to claim their right once again. You don't find this to be something new, do you? You are remembering with recognition that you have met Baba many times. When things are familiar, you feel at home. When you meet someone you know well, you are happy to see that person. You now understand that the relationships you had previously were based on selfishness. They weren't real, but you have now reached your family and your sweet home. BapDada also welcomes you by saying, "It is good that you have come”.Determination brings success. When you wonder whether something will happen or not, there isn't success. Where there is determination, success is already guaranteed. Never get disheartened in service. This is the imperishable task of the imperishable Father and therefore success also has to be imperishable. It is not possible that there isn't the fruit of service. Some fruit emerges at the time and some after some time. So, never even have that thought. Always think that service has to take place.BapDada meeting a group from Japan:Are you receiving all treasures from the Father? Do you experience being souls who are full? These treasures will continue not only for one birth but for 21 births. No matter how wealthy someone is in today's world, no one else has the treasures you have. So, who are the true VIPs in reality? You are that, are you not? They have that position today, but not tomorrow. No one can snatch away your Godly position. You are children who are the decoration of the Father's home. Just as a home is decorated with flowers, in the same way, you are the decoration of the Father's home. So, always consider yourselves to be the Father's decoration and remain stable in an elevated stage. Never remember things of weakness. By your remembering things of the past, a lot more weakness will develop. If you think about the past, you will end up crying. Therefore, the past means “finished”. Remembrance of the Father makes you into powerful souls. For powerful souls, effort changes into love. To the extent that you give the treasures of knowledge to others, to that extent there is expansion. With courage and enthusiasm, constantly continue to make progress and move forward.Avyakt Elevated versions – Become ignorant of all desires:The description of the final, perfect form of a Brahmin is of one who is ignorant of all desire. When you reach this stage, cries of victory and distress will be heard. For this, you have to become a satisfied soul. To the extent that you become satisfied you will accordingly become ignorant of all desires. Just as BapDada never has any desire for the fruit of His acts, in the same way, you have remembrance of the Father in your every word and act; you must never desire any fruit of that even in your thoughts. Therefore, follow the Father. Children, you must have no desire for the raw fruit of your acts. When you have a subtle desire for some fruit, it is as though you eat that fruit as soon as you receive it and no more fruit will then be visible. Therefore, put aside any desire for some fruit and become completely ignorant of all desire.Just as there is a long list of the different types of sorrow, so too, there are various desires for fruit or you have some subtle thoughts for a response, in which case you are unable to have an altruistic attitude. Even whilst knowing the reward of effort, you must have no attachment to it. When you pay special attention to someone who praises you, that too is like accepting fruit in a subtle way. By performing one elevated act, you receive one hundred-fold fruit in return, but you have to remain ignorant of all temporary and limited desire. Desire finishes all good acts. Desire finishes all cleanliness so that, instead of having cleanliness, you become one who thinks too much about everything. Therefore, you have to become ignorant of even the knowledge of desire.You saw how the father gave his own time for service. He was humble and gave respect to the children. He always put the children first. He had the children’s name praised and yet did everything himself. He renounced any attainment of his name being praised for the work that he did. He kept the children as the masters whilst he himself served them. He relinquished any regard, prestige and praise as a master. He never glorified his own name, but it was always said, “My children!” Therefore, just as the father renounced his prestige, regard and pride, so follow the father in that way. If you do some service now and accept the fruit of that at the same time, you cannot accumulate anything. It is like earning and using simultaneously. You won’t then have any will power. You will be weak internally; you will not be powerful but feel empty inside. When you stop this, you will automatically have an incorporeal, egoless and viceless stage. Children, the more you remain detached from all desire, the more all of your desires will easily be fulfilled. Don’t ask for facilities but be a bestower and give what you have to others. Of course, you will attain something for your own progress or for some temporary success of service on the basis of your facilities. However, today, you may well be great, but tomorrow, you would become a soul who is thirsty for greatness and would constantly desire one or another attainment.Don’t become one who asks for justice. Whenever you ask for something, you cannot experience yourself to be a fully contented and satisfied soul. A great donor can have no desire or beg like a beggar for even a penny. To have thoughts of receiving co-operation in the form of, “This one should change; this one should do something; this one should co-operate; this one should move forward”, means to want something like a beggar. If any of your family, co-operative brothers or sisters, due to not understanding or due to childish stubbornness, considers a temporary thing to be a permanent attainment or wants name, regard, honour or desire for temporary attainment, then become humble and give them respect. This form of giving becomes a form of receiving for all time. Never think of seeking facilities from others before giving them facilities. Become a beggar (one who doesn’t have) in terms of this temporary desire. For as long as you have even a slight trace of interest in the old world, for as long as you don’t experience the world to be tasteless, for as long as your intellect doesn’t feel that everyone is already dead, it is possible that you would still desire some form of attainment. However, those who remain constantly lost in the sweetness of One would have a constant and stable stage. They wouldn’t want to attain anything from a corpse. No perishable sweetness would attract them.Having one desire or another obstructs you from being able to face anything. For as long as you still have the desire to glorify your own name or feel that you are “such-and-such” and ask why no one sought your advice, or why your opinion isn’t valued, there will be obstacles in service. Therefore, renounce any desire for regard and remain stable in your self-respect. Then, regard will follow you like a shadow.Many children are very good effort-makers, but after some of you make good effort, you want your reward here and now. This desire of experiencing all your fruit now will stop you from accumulating. Therefore, finish your desire for any reward and simply make good effort. Instead of the word “desire” remember the word “good”. Your stage of being ignorant of all desires is the basis of you enabling your devotee souls to receive all attainments. Only when you yourself become completely ignorant of all desires will you be able to fulfil the desires of many other souls. Have no desires for yourself, but think about how to fulfil the desires of others, and then you, yourself, will automatically become full. Now, have the determined thought to fulfil all the different desires of all the souls of the world. To make yourself ignorant of all desires means to fulfil the desires of others. Just as giving is, in fact, receiving, so too, to fulfil the desires of others is to make oneself full. Always have the aim of becoming an idol through which everyone’s desires are fulfilled.

Blessing: May you be a powerful soul who is an embodiment of remembrance by overcoming adverse situations considering them to be side scenes.

Because souls who are embodiments of remembrance are powerful, they consider adverse situations to be a game. No matter how big the situations may be, all of those are side scenes on the path for powerful souls to reach their destination. People actually spend money to go and see side scenes. For powerful souls who are embodiments of remembrance, whether you call it an adverse situation, a paper or an obstacle, all of them are side scenes. Therefore, remain aware that you have crossed those side scenes on the way to your destination countless times; nothing new.

Slogan: Instead of correcting others, make a connection with the Father and you will continue to experience blessings.


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