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15 Oct 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 15/10/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, your intellects should work for unlimited service. Make a large clock with hands of radium so that it can be seen shining from a distance.


What method should you use to increase service?


Invite the clever maharathi children to your centre. Service will grow when the maharathi children continue to tour around. You should not think that regard for you would decrease if you did this. You children should never become body conscious. Have a great deal of regard for the maharathis.

Song: This time is passing by.

Om Shanti . When I heard the word ‘clock’ I remembered the unlimited clock. This is an unlimited clock. It is all a matter of using your intellect to understand. That clock has a large hand as well as a small hand. The large hand of seconds continues to move. It is now midnight which means that the night is ending and the day is about to begin. Therefore, how big should you make this unlimited clock? You should make its hands of radium so that they can be seen shining from a distance. The clock explains itself. When a newcomer comes, let him come and see the clock. The intellect says that the hand of the clock has now truly reached the end so that anyone can understand from seeing it that destruction definitely has to take place and that the golden age will start again. There are very few souls in the golden age and so all the other souls will definitely go back home. It is very easy to understand with pictures. If anyone were to create such a clock, many people would buy this clock to have at their home. You have to explain that this iron-aged world is degraded. There are many religions. Destruction is standing ahead. There will also be natural calamities. Now, how did Lakshmi and Narayan receive their kingdom of the golden age? Surely, they must have received it from the Father. The Purifier comes into the impure world at the confluence age. The Father does not have to come into the pure world. This is a first-class aspect in the explanation of the cycle and it is very easy to explain this to anyone. Those who have a lot of money should quickly order an artist to prepare these pictures straight away. Any Government task is done just like that, whereas here scarcely any do such tasks. If a very good artist painted these pictures well, they would look very nice. Nowadays there is great regard for art. They perform the art of dance so much. They believe that, previously, there used to be such dancing, but that was not so. Therefore, you should have these unlimited clocks made instantly so that people can understand very clearly. The colour should also be good so that it constantly sparkles. No human being can be the Purifier. Human beings are impure and this is why they sing. The pure world is heaven. People don’t know that it is Krishna who becomes ugly and then becomes beautiful. This is why he is called the ugly and the beautiful one. Previously, we did not understand this either. It is now in our intellects that by sitting on the pyre of lust we definitely become ugly, that is, souls become impure. You also have to write clearly that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, gives you your inheritance and that Ravan curses you. However, people’s intellects go towards King Rama of the Raghav clan of the silver age, but Rama is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. You should use your intellects to create these pictures, because these days everyone calls himself God. You understand that there is only one Father and that all souls will go and reside in the supreme abode with the Supreme Soul. At that time, the Father is the Master of Brahmand (the element of light) and we souls are also the masters of Brahmand. The Father says: I am making you into the masters of the world. No other king, no matter how great he may be, can claim to be the master of the world. The Father is making you into the masters of the world. Therefore, you should surrender yourselves to such a Mother and Father. His shrimat is very well known. By following it, you will gradually be able to follow it fully by the end. If you were to follow it fully at present, you would become elevated. You have to beat your heads so much! Your efforts will continue for as long as the sacrificial fire lasts. This is the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. People also create sacrificial fires of Rudra in order to attain peace. However, there can’t be peace through those. There is only the one sacrificial fire created by the Father into which the ingredients of the whole world are sacrificed and through which you attain liberation-in-life in a second. They create so many sacrificial fires, yet there is no benefit in them. You children are non-violent. No one can go to heaven without becoming pure. This is the final period. You have to write that this is the impure world, the corrupt world of Ravan. There is 100% impurity, peacelessness, sorrow and disease, whereas in the golden age everyone is elevated. There is 100% purity, happiness and peace and everyone is free from disease. That is Ravan’s curse and this is the inheritance from Shiv Baba. Your literature should fully explain from what time to what time Bharat was elevated and then, from what time to what time it became degraded. The literature should be such that anyone simply glancing at it can understand these things. By explaining to others, your intellect’s intoxication will rise. By staying engaged in this business, you will develop this practice. People go to work for eight hours and so you have to do this service for eight hours. The daughters who live at the centres are also numberwise. Some have a lot of interest in doing service; they are constantly running around everywhere whereas others simply sit down somewhere in comfort. Such souls cannot be called all-rounders. Because they don’t think much of the maharathis, service becomes slack. Many have a lot of arrogance about themselves. They think that people should have regard for them and that if anyone else came to their centre, their regard would decrease. They don’t understand that the maharathis who come would help them. They are arrogant about themselves; there are such foolish ones. The Father says: The Lord and Master is pleased with an honest heart. Baba continues to receive all the news and is able to know the pulse of each one. This Baba is also experienced. The explanation of the cycle is very good. When you give this explanation of yours, service will become very fast and great. At present, service is at an ant’s pace. Because you remain body conscious, your intellects do not function well. You now have to do fast service. The intellects of serviceable children continue to work on what should be created. It is very easy to explain using pictures. It is now the iron age and the golden age is being established. It is the Father who takes everyone back. There, there is happiness whereas here, there is sorrow and all are impure. Impure human beings cannot grant liberation or liberation-in-life to anyone. All of those gurus teach you activities of the path of devotion. All the gurus belong to the path of devotion. There are no gurus on the path of knowledge. Here, you have to make a lot of effort. To make Bharat into heaven is a game of magic and this is why He is called the Magician. Krishna cannot be called the Magician. It is that Father who makes Krishna beautiful from ugly. You need great intoxication in order to explain this. You should go out to serve. The poor take to this knowledge very well. There is less hope for the rich. Against one hundred poor ones, there would probably be one or two rich ones and five or seven ordinary ones that emerge. Everything continues like this. There isn’t much concern for wealth. Just look how many armaments the Government makes. Both sides understand that there will be destruction; we will attain destruction. Then, who will become the hunter? There is the story of the two cats fighting for the butter and the monkey taking it from between them. Krishna has been portrayed with butter in his mouth. That butter represents heaven. Hardly anyone understands these things. Even those who have been here for 20 to 25 years don’t understand anything. When Baba created the bhatti, many came and many flew away. Even so, many remained here. The same thing happened in the previous cycle of the drama and the same thing is happening now. The larger the pictures are made, the easier it is to explain them to others. The picture of Lakshmi and Narayan is essential. From the picture of the tree, it is understood when the cult of devotion begins. The first two ages represent the day of Brahma and the other two represent the night of Brahma. Human beings don’t understand anything and then they say that Brahma is in the subtle region. The Father of Humanity would definitely be here. These are such deep matters that they cannot be found in the scriptures. All the pictures that human beings have been looking at are wrong and all the knowledge they have been listening to is wrong. Brahma has been portrayed with many arms. All of those scriptures etc. are the paraphernalia of the path of devotion. No one in the world knows when it began. Human beings do so much devotion because they believe that it’s impossible to meet God without doing devotion. However, it is only when you have become completely degraded that you can meet God and be granted salvation by Him. Only you know this calculation. Devotion begins after half the cycle. The Father says: All the Vedas, Upanishads, sacrificial fires and tapasya etc. belong to the path of devotion. All of that is going to end. Everyone has to become ugly so that the Father has to come and make you beautiful. The Father says: I come at the confluence of every cycle, not in every age. They show My incarnation in a crocodile, a fish etc. If they are the incarnations of God, how could He also be in the pebbles and stones? Human beings have become so senseless! The Father has come and made you so sensible. You have to sing the praise of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, of how He is the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Purity. This cannot be the praise of Krishna. Devotees of Krishna say that he is omnipresent. They cling to him so much! You have to release them from that and give them the introduction of the Father. All souls are brothers and so how could they all be the Father? In that case, whom would you remember? It is the children who remember God, the Father. Those who explain this should have unlimited intellects. The intellects of the children are trapped in the limited; they just sit in one place. Businessmen open large branches in many places. The more centres they open, the better managers they become. However, it then also depends on the centre. These are the shops of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Whom do they belong to? To the Ocean of Knowledge. Krishna did not have this knowledge, nor did a battle take place at that time. There are many points which you have to imbibe and explain. The pictures should be put up in a gathering so that everyone can see them. The picture of the clock is very good. By knowing this cycle you become the rulers of the globe. You have to become spinners of the discus of self-realisation. It is very easy to explain with the picture of the clock. So many children who have been here for so long do not become worthy at all. They consider themselves to be very clever. They remain pleased with themselves for no reason. If you don’t do service, who would think that you are a donor? When you donate, should you donate golden guineas or just a few pennies? These pictures are like mirrors for the blind. They will be able to see their faces in these mirrors. Previously, you saw a monkey’s face and now your face is becoming worthy of being in a temple. You have to make effort in order to become worthy of being in a temple. This is the impure world whereas the world that Shiv Baba is creating will be completely pure. The intellects of those who do not follow shrimat are not able to imbibe any of this. The Father says: Day by day, I explain deeper aspects to you and this knowledge will definitely grow. Some ask the question: How can there be eight kingdoms? According to these calculations there should be this many kingdoms. The Father says: Why do you people go into this? First, remember the Father and His inheritance. Whatever customs and systems are there they will continue. Children will be born there as per the system there. Why do you go into that? Why do you allow your mouths to bring up the subject of vice? It is very good to give these pictures to someone as a gift. They are Godfatherly gifts. Who wouldn’t accept such a Godfatherly gift? Christians do not accept literature from anyone else because they have pride in their own religion. The Father says: The deity religion is the highest of all. People think that they would receive a lot of money from the Christians. However, these things are about knowledge. Only those who take this knowledge will receive the inheritance from the Father. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Sacrifice yourself from deep within your heart to the Mother and Father who makes you into a master of the world. Follow His shrimat very well and become elevated.

2. Always keep your heart honest. Do not become arrogant. Donate the golden guineas and become a maharathi in donating knowledge. You must definitely do eight hours a day of Godly service.

Blessing: May you become a totally successful server who remains constantly carefree by giving all the burdens of your responsibilities to the Father.

The children who remain light are themselves able to ascend and ascend in service too, that is, they continue to make progress. Therefore, give the burdens of all your responsibilities to the Father and remain carefree. Let there not be any type of burden of the consciousness of “I”. Simply maintain the intoxication of remembrance. Remain combined with the Father for where there is the Father, service is already accomplished. When Karankaravanhar is making you do everything, you will then remain light and you will have total success.

Slogan: Know with certainly every scene of the unlimited drama and remain constantly carefree.


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