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BK murli today in English 15 June 2018

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 15/06/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, “Manmanabhav” is the injection that will liberate you from all the illnesses of sorrow. Become soul conscious and you will receive the inheritance of purity, peace and happiness.

Question: Which praise of the Father have you children tasted in a practical way?

Answer: It is sung in praise of the Father: How sweet and lovely Innocent God Shiva is! You children have tasted this in a practical way. You say with experience: Sweet Baba, You are making us so sweet. Baba blesses His sweet children: Child, may you live for ever! You now belong to the most beloved Father and so you should become a sweet flower like Him.

Song: Have patience, o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Om ShantiWhen a person is ill, surgeons give him patience to liberate him. That is a physical illness. You children now know that that One is the spiritual Surgeon. It is the soul that is ill. This is why He is giving souls the injection of knowledge. It is the soul, not the body that is injected with knowledge. It is not with a needle or medicine etc. This one injection is sufficient. Which injection? “Manmanabhav”, may you be bodiless. This is the injection. By you remaining soul conscious, your inheritance of purity, peace and happiness accumulates. The more soul conscious you become and the more you remember the Father, the more your inheritance will continue to accumulate. You children know that the One who removes your sorrow for half the cycle has come. It is said: Har har mahadev (Mahadev is the one who removes your sorrow.) That one is not the one who removes your sorrow. Only the one Father will remove your sorrow. It is the Father who removes your sorrow and gives you happiness. You children know that you have truly been experiencing one sorrow or another for half the cycle. Your illnesses have now increased. The five vices have made you very unhappy. This is why the Father says: Now put right the account of the whole cycle. Businessmen keep their annual profit and loss accounts. Employees wouldn't know about profit and loss. The most elevated business is the jewellery business. These are the jewels of knowledge. Businessmen can tell whether they are earning an income or incurring a loss somewhere. Sometimes, there is a loss and sometimes there is a profit; this continues all the time. The Father says: Your account that has been in loss for half the cycle now has to go into profit. Why was it in loss? Because you became body conscious. Maya, Ravan, spoilt your account. Maya has put everyone in loss and this is why you have become poverty-stricken. You children now say: Baba, You speak the truth when you say this. Maya has truly created a great loss. By going into loss, everyone has now become worth shells. The true Father is now giving us directions to change from an ordinary man into Narayan. Through this shrimat we will become elevated and we will accumulate for half the cycle. You accumulate this account only once. The Father says: You have to accumulate in your account very well. If you want to claim the most elevated status of all, become soul conscious. Remember the Father. It is the soul that becomes impure and this is why it is said: Sinful soul and charitable soul. It is not said: Sinful body. It is Maya, Ravan that makes you a sinful soul. If you don't remember the Father, how could you become a charitable soul? Impure arrogance is the number one evil spirit. Maya has caused so much loss. No one in the world knows about this profit and loss. Only the Father tells you about this. God speaks shrimat. There is only one God who comes and teaches Raja Yoga. This yoga is very beneficial; it elevates human beings. Simply have faith in one aspect and continue to remember the one Father. That is all. You know that you have to remain patient. Truly, our fortune has now awakened. Baba is going to take us across. Baba has come to take us from this brothel to the Temple of Shiva. The Boatman is only One. The Purifier is the Boatman. Clever swimmers swim very skillfully. They are taught how to swim easily. You children also know how easily Baba is taking you from the shores of the iron age to the shores of the golden age with your intellects’ yoga, that is, with remembrance. He speaks to souls. The Father comes and ignites the lights of souls. He is called the Flame and also the form of Light. When someone dies, people light an earthenware lamp and continue to pour oil into it. Because you haven't received the oil of knowledge for half the cycle from anywhere, it is as though all your lamps have once again become extinguished. Only a little is now left. At this time there is extreme darkness. In the golden age, there is extreme light. The lamps of you souls are now being ignited once again. Together with that, you are also receiving the third eye of knowledge. Baba writes in the letters: Sweetest, beloved long-lost and now-found children. The Father is very sweet. You taste this in a practical way: Baba is so sweet and lovely. He is making us so sweet! You know that we were also as sweet and lovely. Then, we changed from being worthy of worship to worshippers and continued to worship ourselves. We were Lakshmi and Narayan and the sun dynasty. Then we became the moon dynasty. We are now once again becoming the sun dynasty, that is, we are going into profit. This is why we have to remember the Father and also study. These are very wonderful matters. It is remembered that King Janak received liberation-in-life in a second. We also want knowledge just as Janak did. All of you are Janak, are you not? You are the masters of the home, are you not? Some are very wealthy and some less wealthy. However, you are Janak, are you not? Even the poor consider themselves to be masters of the home. Therefore, all of you consider yourselves to be Janak; you receive liberation-in-life in a second. The Father is called the Lord of the Poor because it is the people of Bharat that have become the poorest. You now have to become complete beggars. Consider those bodies not to be yours either. There is a story in which someone was told not to take the support of even a stick. The Father says: The main thing is arrogance of the body. Now forget that. Remember the one Father. All of you know that you are souls and that those are your bodies. You shed one body and take another. Everyone believes in rebirth. You would definitely receive rebirth in the same age that you are in. There are 84 births. This is a cycle. The beginning begins with you children. You then come down. This is self-realisation. You have each received a third eye of knowledge. The more you remember the Father, the higher the status you will receive. Everyone receives liberation-in-life. First of all, you have to go into liberation. You first go into liberation and then you go into liberation-in-life. Those of the deity religion will first go to heaven. That religion has now disappeared. The Father now gives you a blessing: Sweetest children, may you remain constantly peaceful! May you have a long life, that is, may you have many births! You receive blessings from the Father. Then each of you has to make your own effort over how to have a long life. By remembering the Father, you are becoming those who have long lives. The Father gives you this blessing. Brahmin priests say: May you have a long life! The Father also says: Children, may you live for ever! You understand that you are now becoming those with long lives. Death will not come to you for half the cycle. There is no mention of death in the golden age. Here, people are afraid of dying. You are making effort to die. We will shed our bodies and go to the Father. We will become residents of heaven. In order to go to the land of nirvana, you simply continue to make effort. Sannyasis cannot do this. They neither attain liberation themselves nor give liberation to others. You know that you will shed your bodies whilst remembering Baba. Some say: Baba, I want to go soon. When will destruction take place? When will we go? You mustn't ask: When will we go? To ask this means to ask: Baba, when will You go back? This is the account. You are sitting with Shiv Baba. You are the children of God. Your memorial has been created. You have become the children of the most beloved Father. Therefore, you have to become very sweet and lovely like the Father and make others the same. This does take time. Some race ahead very fast and others less so. Some have been racing up to the present time and becoming flowers exactly as they did in the previous cycle. Some have become buds to this extent. Some become buds, then flowers from buds and then become thorns. When storms of Maya come, they neither remain buds nor flowers; they become big thorns. Many innocent ones are assaulted; they are put in bondage. There is a lot of loss incurred. It is said of Vrindavan: Dancing used to take place there. That was a matter of the dance of knowledge. You children come from different, faraway places to learn the dance of knowledge. Therefore, Baba says: A cloud is someone who refreshes the self and performs the dance of knowledge. Baba says: Only a few more days remain. This time is very good. The more time you have, the better it is. Our stage will continue to become stronger. The Father has been giving you jewels. At the moment you are still weak. Not everyone accumulates. A very big kingdom is being established. Only you know that you are establishing a kingdom by remembering the Father. You remember the Father and the treasures. We are establishing our sovereignty by having remembrance. The self, the soul, doesn't have a kingdom at this time. We will now become kings of kings once again. The soul has this intoxication. The soul speaks through these organs. Only you souls have received the knowledge of the world cycle. You now know the Seed and the tree. The Father says: You and I existed in the previous cycle, we exist now and we will exist after this cycle. You now know the whole kalpa tree. First of all, give the introduction of the Father. That One is the incorporeal Father of all souls. He first of all creates Brahmins. He changes the shudra clan into the Brahmin clan. This is the topmost genealogical tree. From Brahmins, there are deities and then warriors. Then, those of Islam and the Buddhists etc. emerge. This one is the great-great-grandfather, the physical father, highest-on-high Brahma. Shiv Baba is the spiritual Father. There is the incorporeal world, the subtle region and the corporeal world. Brahmins are created through Brahma. Then you will become deities, warriors, merchants and shudras. You have everything in your intellects in a nutshell. You have to earn for your livelihood because you are also karma yogis. You have eight hours free for doing your work and business etc. You have to do that anyway. A governmental job is for eight hours. There is the Chief Justice of the Government too. However, they don't give proper judgement. That One is the Pandava Government and also Dharamraj. It is explained to you children: If you don't stay in Baba's service very well, if you don't become soul conscious and you perform wrong actions, a lot of punishment will have to be experienced. This is the highest Government and also the Highest Supreme Judge. If you make any mistakes, the tribunal will sit especially for you children. Whatever actions each one performs, he receives the fruit of that. This is the spiritual Government. The spirit receives punishment. There (in the world) physical punishment is received. This is incognito punishment. Punishment is experienced in the womb. The soul then cries out: Let me out! However, you had to become a jailbird for half the cycle. Then, for half the cycle, you will live in the palace of a womb. The Father says: I serve you children so much by coming into this impure world and this impure body. I have to enter this one who has been named Brahma. Brahma and Saraswati become Shri Narayan and Shri Lakshmi; the same applies to you, their children. You know that you are going to gain the throne of the mother and father. You continue to become one another’s heirs. The first ones then continue to come down. Here, it is said: Become conquerors of Maya and you will become the masters of heaven. Impure human beings cannot become the masters of heaven. Baba says: I too have a part in the drama every cycle. You know that the drama is now coming to an end. The history and geography of the golden age is once again to be repeated. Then we will become deities. You know this cycle. Your fortune has now awakened. The Sun of Knowledge is awakening your fortune. Body consciousness crosses out your line of fortune. The main thing is: Become soul conscious! Remember the Father! Consider yourself to be a soul! This is something so easy. You know that this is a matter of 5000 years. The main thing Baba explains is: Continue to become soul conscious. You have to explain that God, whom the devotees remember, is only One. If the devotees are God, whom do they remember? Devotees, that is, holy men, make spiritual endeavour to attain God. They say that they will merge into the light. However, there has to be the Master of the land of nirvana. It isn't that the brahm element is God. God says: That is your illusion. I am the Star who resides in the brahm element. Just as an imperishable part of 84 births is recorded in a soul and can never be erased, in the same way, the Father says: I too am tied in the bondage of this drama. This will repeat identically. Achcha.To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge and become a true businessman. Do this true business.

2. Make effort to become soul conscious. Study and teach others the dance of knowledge.

Blessing: May you be a powerful soul who finishes the seed of obstacles with the awareness of Karankaravanhar.

The seed of all types of problems are two words: 1) Ego. 2) Insult. On the field of service, there is either the ego of you having done something and that only you can do that or you feel insulted as to why you were not placed in the front or why you were not told something. These feelings come in the form of many different obstacles. When you are God’s helpers, and there is also the Karamkaravanhar Father, then where could ego come from, where could any insult come from? So, with the awareness of the combined form, become a powerful soul and the seed of obstacles will finish for all time.

Slogan: In order to be an embodiment of knowledge, let there be equal love for the Father and the study.


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