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13 Jan 2019 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today English text 13/01/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om shanti 10/04/84

The basis of Brahmin life is God's love.

Today, BapDada is looking at His loving, co-operative and easy yogi souls. All of you are yogi souls. It would be said that this is a gathering of yogis. All of you sitting here are yogi souls, that is, souls who are loved by God. Those who are loved by God are loved by the world. Do all of you constantly have the spiritual intoxication, spiritual pride and spiritual self-respect, that you are loved by the Supreme Soul, that you are those who are loved by God and who also become loved by the world? They just want a glimpse or drishti of a second or even half a second; this is what the devotees thirst for and they consider it to be a great thing. However, you have become worthy of God's love. You are loved by God. This is such great fortune! What does each soul nowadays want from childhood till death? Even a child who doesn't understand anything wants love in his life. They want money later, but they first want love. If they don't have love they experience their life to be a life of hopelessness, a life without sweetness. However, all of you souls have received God's love, you are loved by God. Is there anything greater than this? If there is love, there is the world, there is life. If there is no love, there is no life, there is no world. When you receive love, you receive the world. Do you experience this love to be your elevated fortune? The world is thirsty for this. They are thirsty for one drop of it and you children have received God's love as your property. You are being sustained with this love from God, that is, you are moving forward in Brahmin life. Do you experience this? Do you remain merged in the Ocean of Love? Or do you just listen to it or know about it? That is, do you just stand on the shore and think about it and continue to observe it? Simply to hear or know about it means to stand on the shore. To accept and to merge into it means to become merged in the Ocean of Love. If, after being loved by God, you don't experience becoming merged in the Ocean, being absorbed in the Ocean, then you are not those who attain something after belonging to God, but those who remain thirsty. Remaining thirsty, even after coming close - what would you say to that? Just think about who it is who has made you belong to Him! By whom are you loved? By whom are you being sustained? So, what will happen? Because of being constantly merged in love, you cannot be influenced by any problems or any type of upheaval. You will experience yourselves to be constant destroyers of obstacles, embodiments of solutions to all problems and conquerors of Maya.Some of you children say that you are unable to remember the deep things of knowledge. However, remember the one thing which is that you are loved by God and that you have a right to God's love. With this one awareness you will become constantly powerful. This is easy, is it not? If you forget even this, then you become trapped in a maze. Just this one thing will make you have a right to all attainments. Therefore, always remember and experience being loved by God and loved by everyone. Do you understand? This is easy, is it not? Achcha. You have now heard a lot; now adopt all of it. To adopt is to become equal. Do you understand?To all the children who are worthy of God's love, to all the elevated souls who are merged in love, to all the children who have a right to the sustenance of love, to the elevated souls who have spiritual pride and who stay in spiritual intoxication, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.Avyakt BapDada meeting groups:All of you are easy yogi souls, are you not? The remembrance of all relationships makes you an easy yogi. When you have a relationship, everything is easy. The awareness of being an easy yogi soul easily ends all problems because to be an easy yogi means constantly to experience the Father's company. When you have the company of the Father, the Almighty Authority, when you have all the powers with you, problems are changed into a form of solutions. Whenever there is any problem, leave it to the Father and leave the problem alone! With your right of such a relationship, problems end. What can I do? No! The Father knows about the problem. I am detached and loved by God. Then all the burdens belong to the Father and you become light. When you yourself become light, all things also become light. When there is the slightest thought of them, you become heavy and the things also become heavy. Therefore, think: “I am light and I am detached”, and then everything will also be light. This is the method. You will attain success with this method. Even when past karmic accounts are being settled, you will not experience them to be a burden. If you observe everything as a detached observer, it is as though the past is ending and you are seeing everything as a detached observer with the power of the present. You are accumulating and also settling. With the power of accumulation, you have no burden of settling. Therefore, always remember the present. When one side becomes heavy, the other automatically becomes light. So, if the present is heavy, then the past would become light, would it not? Always keep the attainments of the present in your awareness and everything will become light. The way to make the account of the past light is to make the present powerful. The present is powerful anyway. Keep the attainments of the present in front of you and everything will become easy. The past will change from a crucifix to a thorn. There won't be the questions: What is this? Why is it like this? No. It is the past. Why should you look at the past? Where there is love, obstacles don't seem heavy. They seem like a game. Settle all your karmic accounts with the blessings of the happiness of the present and with medicine.BapDada meeting teachers:You are those who constantly experience success at every step, are you not? You are experienced souls, are you not? Experience is the greatest authority of all. Those who have the authority of experience are anyway successful at every step and in every task. To receive the chance to be an instrument for service is also a sign of speciality. Whatever chances you receive, continue to move forward with those. You are instruments who constantly move forward and also enable others to do so. The consciousness of being an instrument enables you to attain success. Always keep with you the speciality of being a humble instrument. This speciality will always make you special. The part of being an instrument also gives you a lift. To become an instrument for others means to become complete yourself. Continue to achieve success with determination. Success is guaranteed. When you have this determination, success will automatically go ahead of you.You have received a golden chance from the moment of birth and so you have become the greatest of all chancellors, have you not? You have come with the fortune of being a server from childhood. You have come having awakened your fortune. You have become instruments to create the elevated fortune of so many souls. Therefore, always remember: Wah, the elevated line of my elevated fortune. You found the Father, you received service, you received a place of service and, together with service, you also found the elevated family of elevated souls. What have you not received? You have received the fortune of the kingdom, you have received everything. Always have this happiness. Constantly continue to make progress by using the right method. With the method of your being instruments, service will continue to grow.BapDada meeting Kumars:To be saved in kumar life is the greatest fortune of all. You have been saved from so many complications. “Kumars” means souls who are free from bondage. A kumar life is a life that is free from bondage. However, to remain free in kumar life means to take on a burden. BapDada's direction for kumars is to do alokik service while living with the lokik family. Lokik service is the way to create contacts. Remain busy in this and you will be able to do alokik service. While living with your family, do alokik service and your intellect will not remain heavy. Do service by sharing your experience with everyone. Do lokik service while considering it to be a means of service, and those lokik facilities will give you many chances for service. Your aim is to do Godly service and those are the means. Do it with this understanding. “Kumars” means those who have courage. You can do whatever you want. This is why BapDada always advises you to attain success using the right method. “Kumars” means constant yogis because the world of kumars is the one Father. When the Father is your whole world, where else would your intellect go except to the world? Since everything is the One, there will be remembrance of the One. It is very easy to remember the One. You have become free from many. Everything is merged in the One. Constantly serve through your every act. In your drishti and your words, there is nothing but service. There is the enthusiasm to reveal the One you love. Let the Father and service remain with you at every step. Achcha.The way to experience the karmateet and bodiless stage.1)Become free from the body consciousness of any limited “mine, mine”.2)Become free from selfish intentions in both lokik (worldly) and alokik (spiritual) actions and relationships.3) Become free from the karmic accounts of the actions of your past births and from being influenced by any wasteful nature and sanskars due to the weakness of your present efforts. 4) If any adverse situation of service, the gathering or matter makes your original or elevated stage shake then that is not a stage of being free from bondage. Become free from even this bondage.5) Let no type of illness of your old final body in this old world make your elevated stage fluctuate; become free from even this. It is destined for the illness to come, but for your stage to fluctuate – that is a sign of being trapped in a bondage. Have thoughts of the self, thoughts of knowledge and be a well-wisher. Become free from having thoughts about the illness of the body. This is said to be the karmateet stage.Be a karma yogi and constantly be detached from any bondage of karma and always be loving to the Father: this is the karmateet and bodiless stage. To be karmateet does not mean to go beyond performing actions. Do not go beyond performing actions, but be detached from being trapped in any bondage of action. No matter how big a task may be, let it not feel like you are working, but as if you are playing a game. No matter what adverse situation arises, no matter if a soul comes in front of you to settle karmic accounts, even if any suffering of karma through the body continues to come in front of you, remain free from any limited desires, for this is the bodiless stage. While you have that body and are playing your part on the field of action with your physical senses, you cannot stay without performing actions for even a second. However, to remain beyond the bondage of action while performing action is the karmateet and bodiless stage. So, come into the relationship of karma through the physical senses, but do not get tied by any bondage of karma. Do not be influenced by any desire for some perishable fruit of karma. “Karmateet” means not be to influenced by karma, but to be a master, to be an authority and to have a relationship with your physical senses and make your physical senses act while you remain detached from temporary desires. You, the soul, the master, must not be dependent on actions, but as the authority, continue to have actions performed. Enable actions to be performed as the one performing actions. This is known as having a relationship of karma. A karmateet soul has a relationship, not a bondage.“Karmateet” means to be beyond, that is, to be detached from the body, relations of the body, possessions connected with both lokik and alokik relationships and bondages. Though the word “relationship” is used, if there is any dependency in relation to the body or relationships of the body, then that becomes a bondage. In the karmateet stage, because of knowing the secrets of relationship of karma and bondage of karma, you always remain content in every situation. You would never get upset. Such a soul will be free from the bondage of any karmic account of his past births. Even if as a consequence of the karmic accounts of the past births, there is some illness of the body or even if the mind is in conflict with the sanskars of other souls, a karmateet soul would not be influenced by the suffering of karma, but would be a master and enable the account to be settled. To be a karma yogi and to settle the suffering of karma is the sign of becoming karmateet. With yoga, with a smile he would change the suffering of karma from being like a crucifix to a thorn and destroy it, that is, he would finish the suffering of karma. To be able to transform the suffering of karma with your stage of karma yoga is the karmateet stage.Wasteful thoughts are the subtle strings of some bondage of karma. A karmateet soul would experience goodness even in something bad. Such a soul would say that whatever is happening is good. I am good, the Father is good and the drama is good. This thought works like scissors to cut the bondages. When the bondages are cut away you will become karmateet. In order to experience the bodiless stage, become free from the knowledge of desires. Such a soul who is free from any limited desires will be a kamdhenu, equal to the Father, who fulfils everyone’s desires. Just as all the Father’s treasure-stores are always full with treasures and there is no mention of any attainment that is missing, in the same way, always be full of all treasures like the Father. While playing your part in the world cycle, to remain free from the many spinnings of sorrow is the stage of liberation in life. In order to experience such a stage, be one who has all rights, one who is a master who makes all your physical senses act. Act and as soon as the deed is done, become detached. This is the practice of the bodiless stage. The original and eternal form of the soul is independence. The soul is the king, the master. Let there not be any bondage of the mind. If there is any bondage of the mind then this one bondage will bring many other bondages and so, become a self-sovereign, that is, become a king who is free from bondage. For this, let your brake be powerful. Only see what you want to see, and hear only what you want to hear. When you have such controlling power then you will be able to pass with honours in the end, that is, you will come into the first division.Special effort to become equal to Father Brahma.If you have love for Father Brahma then become an angel, the same as the father. Let your angelic form of light always be visible in front of you, that you have to become like that. Let your future form also be visible. Now renounce this one and adopt that one. When you have such an experience then understand that you are close to perfection.

Blessing: May you be a worthy of worship soul who easily adopts purity as your original and eternal special virtue.

The special basis for becoming worthy of worship is purity. The more you adopt all types of purity, you accordingly become worthy of worship in every way. Those who adopt purity as a special virtue, originally and eternally with discipline, are also the ones who are worshipped with discipline. Those who are in contact with souls who are gyani and agyani (without knowledge) who fulfil their relationships and connections properly while keeping their pure attitude, vision and vibrations, and whose purity is not broken even in their dreams, are the ones who are worshipped with discipline.

Slogan: While living in the gross world, serve as an avyakt angel and the task of world benefit will be accomplished at a fast speed.


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