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11 Nov 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 11/11/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 26/02/84

BapDada's unique art gallery.

Today, BapDada is looking at His art gallery. Do you know which art gallery BapDada has? Today, BapDada was seeing in the subtle region the pictures of the divine activities of each child. What have the pictures of the divine activities of each one been like from the beginning up to now? So, just think how big the art gallery would be! Baba saw in those pictures three things especially in each child. The first was the personality of purity. The second was the royalty of reality. The third was the closeness in relationship. Baba saw these three things in each one's picture.The personality of purity was visible as a subtle sparkling light around the picture. The royalty of reality was the cheerfulness and cleanliness shining on the face, and the closeness in relationship was the shining star in the centre of the forehead. Some were shining a lot more than others,with rays spreading everywhere. Some were shining with only a few rays. Close souls were souls who were equal to the Father, that is, they were souls with their rays spreading everywhere. They were visible as equal to the Father in both their light and might . Baba saw these three specialities in each one's picture of their divine activities. As well as this, Baba saw in each one's picture the result of whether you have always been elevated from the beginning to the end in all these three things or whether you have sometimes been one thing and sometimes another. The pulse is felt in a physical body as to whether everything is fine or whether there is fluctuation; you can find out about someone's health from his pulse being fast or slow. In the same way, from the centre of each picture, a light from the heart was going all over the body, from the top to the bottom. The speed was also visible: whether the light was travelling from the bottom to the top at the same speed or whether there was a difference in the speed from time to time. As well as this, the colour of the light was also checked in between whether it was a constant colour or whether it changed. Thirdly, whether the light, whilst travelling, stopped anywhere or whether it kept moving all the time. Baba saw each one's picture of their divine activities in this way. You too can see your own picture, can you not?Check your picture with the three specialities of personality, royalty and closeness and see what it is like. What would the speed of your light be? It is of course numberwise, but there wasn't a majority of those who had all three specialities and who were constant in the speed of all three types of light from the beginning to the end; it was the minority. The speed of three lights and three specialities means six things. In these six things, the majority had four or five of these things and some had three. The form of light of the personality of purity of some was just around their faces in the form of a crown (halo). In others, it was around half their bodies and in others, it was visible all around their bodies. For instance, it was like when you take a photograph. There were those who were pure in their thoughts, words and deeds from the beginning until now. They hadn't had any impurity in their minds in the form of waste thoughts about themselves or about others. They hadn't taken on any thoughts about the impurity of anyone's weakness or defects. In their thoughts they have been Vaishnavs from birth. Thoughts are food for the intellect. “Vaishnavs from birth” means not to have taken into your mind or intellect any impurity, defects or waste thoughts. This is known as being a true Vaishnav and celibate from birth. So, Baba saw in each one's picture, the lines of the personality of purity in the form of light. The pictures of those who have been pure in their thoughts, words and deeds - relationships and connections are included in deeds – showed them with light sparkling from their forehead to their feet. Do you understand? Do you see your picture in the mirror of knowledge? Look very carefully at the picture that BapDada would have seen of you and what it is like. Achcha.The list of those who are to meet Baba is long. In the subtle region, you won't be given a number and there isn’t any question of time. You can meet Baba whenever you want, for as long as you want; and however many want to meet Baba can do so, because that is beyond the world of limits. There are all of these bondages (restrictions) in the corporeal world. This is why the One who is free from bondage also has to be tied in bondage. Achcha.You teachers are now content, are you not? All of you received your full share, did you not? You are the special souls who have become instruments. BapDada also has special regard for special souls. You are still service companions, are you not? In fact, all are companions but, nevertheless, only when the instruments consider themselves to be instruments is there success in service. In any case, many children continue to move forward in service with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. However, even then, to give regard to the special instrument souls means to give regard to the Father and, in return for that regard, you receive the Father's love from His heart. Do you understand? You are not giving regard to the teachers but receiving the return of love from the heart from the Father. Achcha.To those who are always worthy of receiving love from the heart of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, that is, to the worthy souls who experience in themselves the personality of purity and royalty of reality, to the children who are close and equal to the Father, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.Avyakt BapDada meeting the UK group:All of you are raazyukt and yogyukt souls who are full of all secrets, are you not? You are souls from the beginning who have been instruments to reveal BapDada's name everywhere. BapDada is always pleased to see such original jewels and service companions. All of you are the right-hand group of BapDada. You are very good jewels. Some are one type and others are another, but all of you are jewels because you have become experienced and have become instrument souls to make others experienced. BapDada knows that all of you souls remain constantly absorbed in remembrance and service with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. You have now finished everything else and now there is nothing but just remembrance and service. There is just the One, you belong to the One, you have a constant stage: this is what all of you say. In fact, this is the real elevated life. Those with such an elevated life are constantly close to BapDada. You are those who give the practical proof of having faith in the intellect. You always remember, "Wah, my Baba, and wah, my elevated fortune!" do you not? BapDada is always pleased to see the children who are embodiments of such awareness: Wah, My elevated children, wah! BapDada sings songs of such children. London is the foundation of service abroad. All of you are the foundation stones of service. With the impact of all of you becoming strong, service is continuing to grow. Although the foundation becomes hidden in the growth of the tree, it is still the foundation. Seeing the beautiful growth of the tree, everyone's vision is drawn to that a lot more. The foundation remains incognito. In the same way, you have also become instruments and become those who give others a chance, but, even then, the original ones are the original ones. You experience happiness in giving others a chance and making them move forward, do you not? You don't think that the double foreigners have come and so you are hidden away, do you? You are still instruments. You are instruments to give them zeal and enthusiasm. Those who keep others in front of themselves are in front, anyway. For instance, you tell little children always to walk in front of you and the elders stay behind. To make the younger ones move forward means that the older ones stay in front. You definitely continue to receive the visible fruit of that. If you hadn't become co-operative, there wouldn't then be so many centres in London. One became an instrument in one place and another became an instrument in another place. Achcha.BapDada meeting the Malaysia and Singapore group:Do all of you experience yourselves to be souls who are loved by the Father? Do you always remain stable in the stage of belonging to the one Father and none other? This stage is called a constant stage because when you belong to One, you are constant and stable. If there are many, your stage then fluctuates. The Father has shown you an easy way to see everything in the One. You have become free from remembering many and from wandering in many directions. You are all one, you belong to the One and you constantly continue to move forward in this constant and stable stage.Let those from Singapore and Hong Kong now have a thought of opening a centre in China. There is no centre as yet in the whole of China. While bringing them into connection with you, give them an experience. Be courageous and have a thought and it will happen. Make them experience God’s love, peace and power through Raja Yoga and souls will automatically be transformed. Make them Raja Yogis. Don't make them deities. Raja Yogis will automatically become deities. Achcha.Speaking to the Polish group:BapDada is happy that all of you children have reached your sweet home. All of you also have this happiness, do you not? That you have reached the great pilgrimage place? By practising this, your life will become elevated anyway. However, you have received such great fortune by coming to this place where you have reached your family that has real God's love. You have come, having spent so much and, having made so much effort, and you now feel that that expense and effort have been worthwhile. You don't wonder where you have come to, do you? You are loved so much by the family and the Father. BapDada always sees the speciality of you children. Do you all know your speciality? You have the speciality that through your love you have arrived here from so far away. Now, constantly continue to keep God’s family and God’s method of Raja Yoga with you. Now, when you go back, make that Raja Yoga centre grow very well because there are many souls who are thirsty for real peace, real love and real happiness. You will show them the path, will you not? In any case, when a person is thirsty for water and someone gives that person water at that time, then that person would sing praise of the one who brought that water for the rest of his or her life. So, all of you have to quench souls’ thirst for peace and happiness for birth after birth. By doing this you become charitable souls. Seeing your happiness, everyone will become happy. Happiness is the means of serving.When you reach this great pilgrimage place, all pilgrimages are merged within it. Bathe in knowledge in this great pilgrimage place and donate all the weaknesses you have. When you go on a pilgrimage you have to renounce something. What will you renounce? Renounce what causes you distress - that's all! Only then will going on this pilgrimage have been a success. Just donate this and, through this donation, you will become charitable souls, because to let go of something bad means to adopt something good. When you let go of weaknesses and adopt virtues, you automatically become a charitable soul. This is the success of this great pilgrimage place. It is very good that you have come to this great pilgrimage place. To come here means to become part of the list of fortunate souls. This pilgrimage place has this much power. However, what are you going to do from now on? It is one thing to become fortunate and another to become one hundred times fortunate. Then, it is something even more to become multi-million times fortunate. The more you stay in this company and continue to adopt virtues, the more you will continue to become multimillion times fortunate. Achcha.BapDada speaking to Double foreign teachers:Teachers should never think that they belong to another religion and have come here. This is something new ones say. You are all older ones and you have therefore become instruments. It is not that you who belonged to a different religion have come into this religion. You belonged to this religion and you have come into this religion. “We are different from them” - let there not be this thought even in your dreams. It is not that Bharat is different from the foreign lands. This thought will bring about division in our unity. Then it becomes “us and them”. What would there be where there is “us and them”? There would only be conflict. This is why you are all united. BapDada refers to you as double foreigners just symbolically; it isn't that you are different. Don't think that because you are double foreigners you are different from those of this land; no. Since you have taken a Brahmin birth, what have you become through your Brahmin birth? All Brahmins belong to the one religion; it is not a question of double foreigners and those of this land. We all belong to the one Brahmin religion. We all have a Brahmin life and are all instruments in the one Father's service. Never use the language: These are our thoughts whereas the thoughts of you from India are like this. This language is wrong. Never speak such words even by mistake. Of course even the people of Bharat themselves can have different ideas - that is a different matter. However, never bring about a difference between Bharat and foreign lands. Never think: Well, it is always like this with us foreigners. No; never say: Our nature is like that anyway. No; never think in that way. There is the one Father and all of us belong to the one Father. Whatever language the instrument teachers speak, others will speak the same language. Therefore, speak every word in very tactfully. Be yogyukt and yuktiyukt at the same time. Some try to go ahead a great deal in yoga, but their deeds are not yuktiyukt. Let there be a balance of the two. The sign of being yogyukt is to be yuktiyukt.Speaking to the servers:To receive the fortune of serving the yagya is also a sign of great fortune. Even if you don't give lectures or give courses, you do receive marks for service. Through this too you will pass. Each subject has it is own marks. Don’t think that because you don’t give lectures, you are behind. Servers have a right to the fruit of the present and also the future. You experience happiness, do you not? Mothers know how to dance in their mind. Even if you do nothing else, simply continue to dance in happiness in your mind and a lot of service will be done through that. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a special soul who gives the experience of a speciality at every step whilst at the same time maintaining the feeling of equality.

Each and every child has his or her own speciality. The deeds of special souls are different from those of ordinary souls. There has to be a feeling of equality for all, but let it also be visible that each one is a special soul. “Special souls” means those who do something special and don’t just speak about it. Everyone will have a feeling from such a soul that that one is a treasure store of love. Let love be experienced from every step and every glance of yours. This is a speciality.

Slogan: Before the destruction of the world, destroy your own defects and weaknesses.

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