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10 May 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English for 10 May 2018 - BapDada - Madhuban -

Essence: Sweet children, forget whatever you see with your eyes. Forget all bodily beings and practise remembering the bodiless Father.

Question: Why are the mouths of you children sweetened with knowledge and not with devotion?

Answer:1. On the path of devotion, people say that God is omnipresent. By Him being called omnipresent, there is no longer the idea of the Father and the inheritance and this is why your mouths cannot be sweetened there. You children now say with love “Baba” and so the inheritance is remembered. This is why your mouths are sweetened with knowledge. 2. On the path of devotion, you have been playing with toys without any recognition and so how could your mouths be sweetened?

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Om shanti. “Salutations to Shiva”, or even, “Namaste” can be said. One always says “Namaste” to one’s seniors. The intellects’ yoga of human beings is not connected to the Purifier Father. There is only the One who purifies the impure. They say to Him: Salutations to Shiva. It also enters your intellects that Shiva is incorporeal. If you had to salute Shankar, you would say, “Salutations to the deity Shankar.” To say “Salutations to Shiva” is separate from saying, “Salutations to the deity Shankar.” They say: Salutations to the deity Brahma. Brahma exists here. Until he becomes a resident of the subtle region he cannot be called a deity. Here, there is Prajapita, the Father of People. For as long as he is Prajapita and in a human body, he cannot be called a deity. Deities are those who reside in the subtle region or those who reside in the new world. This proves that while he is Prajapita at this time, he cannot be called a deity. You too are called Brahmins at this time. However, you are making effort to have divine intellects, that is, to become deities. The praise of the deities is: Full of all virtues… This cannot be the praise of Brahma, Vishnu or Shankar. The praise of all human beings is separate from that of deities. The President is the President and he has his own part, and the Prime Minister has his own part. Each one would have a different part in the drama. When you say “Salutations to Shiva” it is only to Shiv Baba that you say it. To say “Salutations to the deity Brahma and salutations to the deity Vishnu” is separate. You would not say that to Shiv Baba. You would say, Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, Shiva, to Him, because there is Shiva and the saligrams. They show the saligrams as small and Shiva as a large image. Baba has explained that no one can be smaller or larger. He is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, God, the Father. Why do they call Him that? Saligram souls call Shiva ‘Baba’ and so they would surely receive the inheritance from the Father because He is the Creator of heaven. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, must definitely have created the creation of the original eternal deity religion. No one else can create it. By that Father being called omnipresent, all name and trace of the inheritance is lost. They say that God is omnipresent , that He is present everywhere. The oath they take in His name is also false. They say: I consider God, the Father, to be present everywhere, so they don’t know the Father. You children know that God is now present here. Truly, He is the Supreme Soul. His praise is unique, different from the praise of everyone else. He truly is incorporeal and His name is Shiva. He never has a bodily name. All others have names of bodies. The names of their bodies change birth after birth. However, souls are souls. The names of human beings change. They would say: I am feeding a soul in the name of the departed soul, and so they remember that one. However, the body of that soul has been burnt and just the soul remains, so they feed the soul. Souls cannot be immune to the effect of action like they say. The Father sits here and explains: When someone sheds his or her body, the body is finished, so whom do they feed? Though they would feed the soul, they still have attachment to that body. Here, Baba says: You mustn’t have attachment to anyone’s body. Become complete destroyers of attachment. You have to remove all consciousness of bodies from your intellects. Whatever you now see with your eyes has to be forgotten. The Father says: Simply remember Me. I do not have a body and this is why there is difficulty. When someone gets engaged, she puts on an engagement ring. He is incorporeal and He doesn’t have an image. The engagement ring that you are given to wear is to remember incorporeal Shiv Baba. This is something new. When someone dies, you understand that he is finished. So, whom do they feed when they feed that departed soul? The soul definitely comes. The soul carries sanskars. Who said: This is salty and this is sweet? The soul says: I found this bitter. My ears are deaf. I have a headache. Who is saying that? People have forgotten this. The Father explains: The soul experiences happiness and sorrow. It is only the Father who is Abhogta (beyond the effect of experience). The Father Himself sits here and gives you the knowledge of souls. To say that a soul is the Supreme Soul is the greatest ignorance. Throughout the whole world, they say that God is omnipresent and so what would they gain by remembering Him? Devotees remember Him, but no one knows what can be received from Him. By calling Him omnipresent, there is no question of receiving anything. By following devilish directions, people have been falling down. Shrimat is of only the one Father. It is Ravan who gives you devilish directions and, by following his directions, people continue to cause sorrow for one another. You are now Godly community, those who give happiness to one another. The Father is the Bestower of Happiness to all. People call themselves the ‘Sarvodaya Leade r’ (Those who have mercy for all), but God alone is called the Master of All, the Creator. “Sarva” means those of the whole world. No human being would be called the Bestower of Salvation for the whole world. So the main thing is to remove the idea of omnipresence. Everyone remembers the Father. Devotees want God to come and give them something. The Father definitely did give something. If the Creator creates, He would definitely give something, would He not? Baba gives you the sovereignty of heaven. You mustn’t forget that Father. This takes effort. You children are now sensible and wise. Previously, you were very senseless. By calling the Father omnipresent, you don’t receive anything. First of all, the Father proves to you that He is the Supreme Father. The word ‘supreme’ is not used for a physical father. The Supreme Father is the One who resides in the supreme abode, the place beyond. He is the Supreme. Only He is the Seed of the human world. A father is a seed. He adopts a wife with whom he creates a creation. Shiv Baba says: I adopt this one. That is a physical creation whereas this creation is mouth born. This Brahma is My wife but he has the costume of a male. I adopt him. I give birth to you through the mouth of this one. You are already Shiv Baba’s children, but He has given you a new birth through Brahma. You say: You are the Mother and Father. That One is incorporeal. How could He be the Mother? A very subtle intellect is required to understand this. The Father is called the Creator and so how would He create? The one who is called Jagadamba, Saraswati, is remembered as the daughter of Brahma, a mouth-born creation. Therefore, should she be called the mother or should this one be called that? In reality, this one (sakar Brahma) is the mother but, since he has a male body, how could he be put in charge of the mothers? This is why Jagadamba has become the instrument for that. The Father says: I enter this one and adopt him. You then say: We have become the children of God through Brahma. God is our Dada (Grandfather). These things are not mentioned in the scriptures. All of those are toys of devotion. People’s mouths are not sweetened with toys. Here, you have the temptation of receiving your inheritance from the Father. By calling Him omnipresent, no one’s mouth is sweetened. Everywhere in the world they have the idea of omnipresence. At this time, remembrance of Me is only in the intellect of My children. So people have then written that I am omnipresent. All human beings remember Me but they don’t know Me and so they have changed the meaning so much. They have made a rope into a snake. The Father now says: Remember Me and no one else. This does not mean that I am omnipresent. You souls know that you remember Baba. So, there is a difference in the meaning of the word ‘omnipresence’. This too is the destiny of the drama and the same thing will happen again. It has to happen. Whatever act has taken place now, it was shot and it is called the drama. This drama is eternally predestined and there cannot be any difference in it. According to the drama, the pictures etc. have been made through the children. This one himself says: I didn’t know anything at all. The Father has now given me divine vision. He is the Bestower of divine vision. He continues to inspire new pictures to be made. Once one has been made, a new point is given and so the picture has to be corrected. You definitely have to write the word ‘Prajapita’ in front of the word ‘Brahma’, otherwise people won’t understand anything. It is said: mouth-born creation. Therefore, you become his children. The children of Brahma are Brahmins. You children know that you are the children of Brahma and of Shiva in a practical way. The first thing is the Father and the inheritance, so your mouth should then be sweetened. The Father is the Creator of heaven and so you should definitely receive that inheritance. If someone doesn’t claim it, you can understand that he doesn’t belong to your deity religion. Only those who are to claim a deity status will come and understand. The main thing is purity. There cannot be Raksha Bandhan (bond of protection) without remaining pure. You promise the Father: Baba, how can we come to You without remaining pure? You will definitely become elevated by following shrimat. You would not become that in the golden age. You definitely have to become that in the iron age. Only when it is the confluence of the end of the iron age and the beginning of the golden age, that is, only at the confluence age does the Father come and give you children the inheritance of heaven. The name of Bharat is greatly glorified. It is Bharat that becomes the land of truth and the land of falsehood. There won’t be any other lands in the golden age. All other lands are perishable. This is the imperishable land because the eternal Father has come once again. The activity of establishment of the religion that has taken place will take place again after a cycle. The Father gives you such an inheritance. He is the most beloved Father. While living at home with your family, all of you who belong to the family path definitely have to become pure. The religion of sannyasis, of those who belong to the path of isolation, is separate. In fact, there are many other different religions. They will not go to heaven. Those who belonged to our religion and have been converted to other religions will emerge. You have now received so much knowledge. Your third eye has opened. You are becoming trikaldarshi. No human beings apart from you Brahmins, are trikaldarshi. Even deities are not trikaldarshi. The Father says: I give each of you a third eye and enable you to see. You children know that your third eye is now opening. Just as the Father has the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole world, in the same way, we, who are His children, have received the knowledge from Baba. This means that we are becoming master oceans of knowledge. No one else would be called a master ocean of knowledge. However, neither can you be called oceans of knowledge; you are rivers of knowledge. It isn’t that Arjuna shot an arrow and the Ganges emerged, nor does water emerge from a Gaumukh (the mouth of a cow). How could the Ganges come there? There is a vast difference between you with two arms and the Jagadamba they have shown with four to six arms. You children have to explain a great deal. Some children say that they are unable to remember Baba, that they don’t consider themselves to be souls and that they repeatedly forget. How can you receive your inheritance if you don’t remember the Father? Baba says: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved with that power of yoga. If you don’t remember Baba you won’t be able to sit on Mama and Baba’s throne. Such ones would be called unworthy. Worthy children continue to make a lot of effort to remember the Father constantly. You have to do that till the end. The more you remember the Father, the more you earn. Keep your chart. Those who take the initiative are Arjuna. Only such souls are called heirs. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Give one another happiness according to Godly directions. Never cause anyone sorrow. Become a bestower of happiness, the same as the Father.

  2. Remove your attachment from those bodies and become a destroyer of attachment. Become a worthy child and make effort to remember the Father constantly.

Blessing: May you wear an imperishable tilak of sovereignty and experience the confluence-aged sovereignty by handing over everything to the Father.

Nowadays, sovereignty is received either by donating money or through votes, but the Father Himself has given you each of you children the tilak of the kingdom. To be a carefree emperor is such a good stage. Since you have handed over everything to the Father, who would be concerned about everything? The Father. However, let it not be that you also keep a little authority or the dictates of your own mind hidden away somewhere in yourself. If you are following shrimat, you have handed over everything to the Father. Such children who hand over everything to the Father with their true hearts remain double light and have the imperishable tilak of sovereignty.

Slogan: Let each version be a great elevated version. When no word goes to waste you would then be called a master satguru.


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