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10 Feb 2019 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 10/02/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 19/04/84

The qualifications of souls who have loving feelings and are knowledgeable.

Murli BapDada

Today, BapDada was looking at all the children to see which children have come to the Father with their feelings of devotional love and which children have come to the Father, having recognised Him, in order to receive attainment from Him, that is, with the intention of becoming elevated. Both types of children have reached the Father's home. Those with loving feelings receive the fruit of their love, according to their capacity, in the form of the fruit of happiness, peace, knowledge and love and become happy with just that much. Nevertheless, there is a difference in their feelings of devotion and their feelings for the Father and the family after receiving the Father’s introduction. The devotional feelings are feelings of blind faith: it is the feeling of meeting indirectly, it is the feeling of temporary selfish love. The loving feeling that children have at present on the basis of knowledge is much more elevated than the feeling of the path of devotion because it is not indirect for deity souls, but it is direct love for the Father. There is recognition, but there is a difference between recognition just on the basis of devotional love and recognition on the basis of knowledge.

To have recognition through knowledge means to have the method of knowing the Father as He is and what He is, and knowing yourself as you are and what you are, that is, to become equal to the Father. You all know Him, but you have to understand the difference between knowing Him on the basis of devotional feelings and on the basis of knowledge. Therefore, today, BapDada was seeing the loving feelings of many children. Even by recognising the Father through your loving feelings, you attain the fruit anyway. However, there is a difference between claiming a right to the full inheritance and just claiming a right to the inheritance. The fortune of heaven and the right to liberation-in-life are received by both those with loving feelings and those with knowledge. The only difference is in the attainment of the status. Both say "Baba" with happiness and they therefore definitely claim the inheritance as the fruit of saying "Baba" and understanding Baba. All become worthy of claiming a right to liberation-in-life, but there is so much difference between the eight jewels, the 108 victorious jewels, the 16,000 and then the 900,000.

There is the rosary of 16,000 and also one of 108. In the 108, there are also the eight special ones. All become beads of the rosary. Both types would be called beads. Even the beads of the rosary of 16,000 would say in happiness and intoxication: My Baba and my kingdom. The difference is in whether you claim a right to the royal throne or a royal status, a right to the royal family or a right to being in connection with the royal family.Both the souls with devotional feelings and the knowledgeable souls have intoxication. They both say very good things about love for God. Because of being the embodiments of love, they even forget all consciousness of the world. They even sing very good songs of love: "Mine is the one Father alone." However, they are not embodiments of power. You will see them experiencing a lot of happiness, but if a small obstacle of Maya comes, the souls with loving feelings will very quickly become afraid because they lack the power of knowledge. One minute, you will see them very happy singing songs of the Father and the next minute, a little attack from Maya will change their songs of happiness into, "What can I do? How can I do this? What will happen? How will it happen?" They are no less when it comes to singing such songs of "What? Why, etc”.

However, knowledgeable souls, because they constantly consider themselves to be master almighty authority souls with the Father, are able to overcome Maya. They don't sing songs of "Why? What?" The souls with loving feelings continue to move along simply with the power of love. They don’t have any power to face Maya. Knowledgeable souls are able to experience all powers with the aim of becoming equal and are able to face Maya. Now, ask yourself: Who am I? Am I a soul with loving feelings or am I a knowledgeable soul? The Father is still pleased to see the souls with loving feelings. They have at least claimed a right by saying "My Baba!" By claiming a right, they have become worthy. Whether or not you take the full amount, you can still fill your aprons according to your efforts to whatever extent you want, because when you say "My Baba" you have applied the key. There isn't any other key because BapDada is the Ocean. He is limitless, unlimited. Those who are take become tired of taking.

The Bestower never becomes tired, what effort does He need to make? He gives you drishti and thereby gives all rights. Even those who are taking don't have to make effort, but because of carelessness, they lose it all. Then, after losing it through their own weakness, they have to make effort to regain it. Because of making effort losing and gaining, gaining and losing, they become tired. If they remain cautious and clever, they become embodiments of constant attainment. For instance, in the golden age, maids always remain with you to serve you. In the same way, all the powers and virtues constantly fulfil their responsibility as companions for such elevated, knowledgeable souls who are equal to the Father. Whatever power you invoke, whatever virtue you invoke, it becomes present in front of you as"Ji hazir" (yes, my Lord). Those who are such self-sovereigns claim a right to the kingdom of the world. So you wouldn't find this hard work, would you? You experience yourselves to be constantly victorious with every power and every virtue. Just as when you perform a drama showing how Ravan challenges his companions and how Brahmin souls, souls who are masters of the self, challenge their powers and virtues, have you become such masters of the self in the same way? Or is it that you are unable to use these powers at the time of need? No one would obey a weak king. That king would have to obey the people. A brave king makes everyone work under his orders and attains this kingdom. Therefore, to make easy things difficult and then become tired is a sign of your carelessness. What would you say to being called a king whom no one obeys?

Some say: I have understood that I should have the power to tolerate, but I remembered it too late. At that time, even if you do think about it, you are unable to use it. This means that you called it at that time but that it arrived the next day. So, is this obeying your orders? To say "It just happened" means your powers are not under your orders. What would you say to a server who didn't serve at the right time? Therefore, constantly be a master of the self and use all the powers and virtues for yourself and everyone in service. Do you understand? Don't just be those who have loving feelings but become powerful. Achcha. You are happy to see a gathering of varieties of souls, are you not? Those of Madhuban see so many types of gathering. So many varieties of group come. BapDada is also pleased to see the variety in the flower garden. Welcome! You are seeing the memorial that is remembered as the procession of Shiva. Saying, "Baba, Baba", you have all come here. You have at least reached Madhuban. You now have to reach your final destination. Achcha.

To the victorious souls who always claim their elevated rights, to the powerful souls who serve with all their rights and all their powers, to the rightful souls who have a right to the royal throne, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting different groups

The Punjab zone: All of you from the Punjab zone are mahavirs, are you not? You are not those who become afraid. You are elevated, knowledgeable souls who are equal to the Father, are you not? You don't fear anything, do you? The biggest fear is of death. All of you have already died. Why should those who are already dead be afraid of death? There is fear of death when you think, "I still have to this. I should now do this." When you are unable to do it, you become afraid of death. All of you have completed your task and are now ever ready. You are ever ready to shed your old costumes, are you not? Therefore, you are not afraid. In fact, you are those who make fearful souls powerful and you are children of the Bestower of Happiness and give happiness at a time of sorrow to souls who are caught up in fear. For instance, when you have a night light in the dark, there is light everywhere. In the same way, you are the elevated souls who give happiness at a time of sorrow. So, do you always have the elevated feeling of giving happiness? You constantly have to give happiness and peace. You are bestowers of peace, children of the Bestower of Peace.

So, who are bestowers of peace? It is not the Father alone, but all of you are those too. Therefore, you are the bestowers of peace who give peace. You are performing the task of giving peace. People ask what service you do. Therefore, tell all of them that you are especially performing the task that is essential at this time. Achcha. People give clothes, people give food, but the most essential thing to give is peace. So, we are giving everyone what is essential for them. Therefore, what greater service is there than this? When your mind is peaceful, wealth is also useful. If the mind is not peaceful, then even the power of wealth causes you distress. Now spread such a wave of powerful peace that everyone experiences that, out of everywhere in the whole country this is the place of peace. Let them hear from others that by coming here for even a few moments, they can experience a lot of peace. Let this sound spread everywhere. Spread the sound that this service place is the corner for peace. Let this sound spread everywhere. No matter how peaceless a soul may be, for instance, when a person is ill he goes to hospital, in the same way, let them feel that at this time of peacelessness that they have to go to a place of peace. Spread such a wave. How will this spread? For this, invite one or two souls and give them an experience. From one, it will expand to two, and so on… Especially call those who are peaceless and give them an experience of peace. Whoever comes into contact with you, give them the message: Experience peace! Those from Punjab should especially do this service. You now have a chance to make the sound be heard loudly. Souls are now wandering around and they need a place. They don’t know where that place is and so they are searching for it. They have been wandering from one place to another, having realised that that is not the right place. Are you not easily able to give a place to such wandering souls? Now do this service. Even if there is a curfew or whatever else, you do come into contact with others, do you not? Give an experience to those who are in contact with you. Then those souls will spread the sound. Conduct a yoga camp for them for even one or two hours. If they experience even a little bit of peace, they will become very happy and thank you. When there is the aim of doing something, you also find a way to do it. Therefore now, demonstrate this and glorify the name in this way. You can soften the land of Punjab to the extent that it is hard at present.Do you always experience yourselves to be angels who are double light? The final form of the confluence age is that of an angel. The attainment of Brahmin life is an angelic life. An angel is one who has no relationship with bodies or bodily relations. Have you ended all relationships with your body and bodily relatives or is there still a slight relationship? If there are even subtle strings of the slightest attachment, you won’t be able to fly up above, you will come down. Therefore, an angel is one who has no old relationships. Since your life is new, everything would be new.

Everything will be new – new thoughts, new relationships, new occupation. No awareness of your old life can now come even in your dreams. If you become even the slightest bit body conscious it means there is also a slight relationship. If there is no relationship, your intellect cannot go there. There are so many souls in the world but you don’t remember them, do you because you don’t have any connection with them? You only remember those with whom you have a relationship. So, to become body conscious means that there is a bodily relationship. If there is the slightest attachment to the body, how would you be able to fly? No matter how high you throw something heavy, it will still come down. So an angel means one who is light, without a burden. To die alive means to become free from burden. If even a little bit is left, then quickly end that. Otherwise, when the whistle of time is blown, everyone will begin to fly but those with a burden will remain down below. Those with a burden will become observers of those who are flying.Therefore, check that no subtle strings still remain. Do you understand? So remember the special blessing of today: You are angelic souls who are free from bondage. You are souls who are free from bondage. Never forget the word “angelic”.

By considering yourselves to be angels, you will fly. If you remember this blessing from the Bestower of Blessings, you will always remain prosperous.Do you always consider yourselves to be messengers who give the message of peace? The task of Brahmin life is to give a message. You never forget this task, do you? Check every day to what extent you have performed the elevated task of elevated souls. To how many have you given the message? To how many did you donate peace? You are great donors, bestowers of blessings who give the message. How many titles do you have? In today’s world, even if someone has the biggest title, he is junior to you. There, it is souls who give titles, but here, the Father is giving you children titles. So, keep all your different titles in your awareness and constantly remain in that happiness and in that service. By having the awareness of the title, you will automatically remember service.


May you be a soul who has all rights and transforms any situation out of your control with the power of concentration.

A Brahmin, that is, a soul who has all rights, cannot be controlled by anyone else. Such a soul cannot be controlled by his weak nature or sanskars because nature - “swa-bhav” - means to have soul-conscious feelings for the self and others. Therefore, you cannot be controlled by a weak nature. Your awareness of your original and eternal sanskars will easily transform your weak sanskars. The power of concentration will easily transform an external situation and enable you to become set on the seat in the stage of a master.


Anger is a very great enemy for a knowledgeable soul.


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