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I want to Become a Brahma Kumari - Surrender in Yagya

Topic: How to Join Brahma Kumaris Ashram or become a BK (Brahma Kumari or Kumar). Here are the guidelines given by Shiv baba in Sakar Murlis.

Brahma Kumaris ashram - All Dadis

How to Join Us - Steps, Form and Surrender letter

Guidelines to become a Brahma Kumari or Kumar and take the inheritance from GOD father Shiv (baba)

Upon Godly permissions, we present you the elevated guide lines given by the most beloved Almighty Supreme Soul Shiv baba (our spiritual father) to take the inheritance (varsa) from him, of heaven (golden age) by becoming pure in this last birth and learning the supreme knowledge of RajYog or Raja Yoga meditation through which one becomes master of the self.


Step 1: Take the 7 days course

The 7 day Raja Yog course is the foundation of all Spiritual journey. And this will be considers as the first step in becoming a BK. You can take this course at any nearest BK centre or even while staying at Home (via our Online Course section).

Raja Yoga course explains the basic points of Murli (Soul, God, Drama, Yog) and this course is the essence of further understanding.


Step 2: Murli and vow of Purity

When you have cleared the first stage (course), then you will also understand what is murli.

It is said that milk of a lioness only stays in a golden bowl (meaning: knowledge only stays in a pure intellect). So now, one must follow the first advice of God, which is to 'remain pure'. In common words attainment of complete celibacy or brahmacharya. Consider the world as one family. We all are brothers and sisters, the children of one spiritual father (Supreme soul /ParamAtma)

Now you are ready to taste the eternal nectar.

We daily listen to Shiv baba's gyan Murli. This is food for the soul. Soul needs the food of knowledge. When one churns this knowledge, it becomes wisdom.

You can listen Murli at all the BK centres in morning and evening classes. Sisters reads the Murli. You can access murli in pdf, htm and mp3 format online also. At babamurli, madhubanmurli and here.


Step 3: Surrender your Intellect

Many ask us: 'How can I join and be one among you', otherwise say, how can i surrender in yagya. So it is important to know that surrender doesn't mean to live at a centre. In fact it is Baba's Shrimat that you should remain pure and do spiritual effort (purusharth) while living at your homes (with loukik family).

''I will listen only you, I will walk, eat, sit and sleep only in your remembrance' - this is the promise you children have made to me'' - Shiv baba (Murli 1967)

Surrender your mind to God. This means, to follow his given advice (Shrimat). What is Shrimat? - Shrimat is the Murli which we daily listen. Murli will be divided into 4 subjects (knowledge, yog, dharna, service) out of which the third subject (dharna) is considered as the advice of God i.e.: how one shall inculcate the spiritual values and virtues in practical life and remove the five vices and other weaknesses.

The one who follows the advice, as in Murli, is the one whom we call - a surrendered Soul. This is called as surrender of mind. Know about such souls on our Biography page.


Step 4: Extra step (optional)

According to the guidelines given by Baba in Murli, you will be considered a Brahman when followed first 3 given steps. But if you wish to give your name and other details to us in our Godly record, you can do this by filing the Surrender Letter and send to your local centre, via the online Register as a BK online form.



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