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How to Give Sakash and Dhristi?

How to give Drishti of Sakaash (sakash) - the service through eyes (mind and intellect). The Final time intense Effort and Service. Revelation of the father.

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Avyakt BapDada Dhristi

What is Sakaash?

Sakaash can be described as a subtle powerful current of light and might that contains all powers and virtues to refresh the soul to its original powerful state. It is God’s divine, unconditional pure feelings of power-filled spiritual love in the form of rays of spiritual energy that emanates from Him as blessings for His children. Sakaash contains God’s special powerful vibrations that can heal any difficulty, mend broken hearts and refresh distressed souls provided there is unconditional faith, honesty and obedience to God. Sakaash is your own personal canopy of spiritual protection from the evil forces of the world.

( NOTE: AM means Avyakt Murli. Read Full Article )

Divine directions of your final service in AM 20.10.08

quote “ Baba knows that the times that are to come will be of great distress. All of you will have to give sakaash and your giving that sakaash will become your intense effort. In a short time you will have to give all powers through sakaash and those who give sakaash in such delicate times, that many will become your devotees in the copper and iron ages”.

In Avyakt Message 19.11.08: Baba showed us the scene of how to give sakaash to the sorrowful and peaceless world. Baba said: The message has to be given to everyone, but where you cannot enable the message to reach through words, you have to give sakaash with your mind. By doing so, the task will be accomplished very quickly. Just as with facilities of science, such as the TV, you are able to see and hear very easily, in the same way, many will receive the sakaash of your power of silence easily and everyone will be attracted towards Baba and come here. Just as they used to have visions while sitting at home, in the same way, they will see people dressed in white in the form of light and they will receive sakaash from you. To master this practice as in AM 18.01.07 quote “your final form at the end is the form of light. Through the form of light, anyone who comes in front of you should become bodiless in a second. That will only happen through your form of light. Your final service is to experience yourself to be a form of light. Experience yourself to be the form of light and others will also experience you to be that. This is the final service. The final stage is not to have the awareness of the body. Such a stage is called the final stage”.

How to Receive Shristi and Give Dhristi

In AM 04.09.2005, BapDada directs the children, “You want to receive drishti and so always keep BapDada in your drishti. Do not take drishti just like that. To take drishti means to merge the Father in your drishti. Take drishti in this way”. This is because all sakaash originates from God and the children are simply the absorbers and reflectors of this sakaash while in remembrance in the avyakt stage. If one is body conscious, then that one’s dristhi can become mischievous.

Attitude is an extremely important ingredient in donating “service through the mind” and in particular drishti as reminded in 17.03.07, “BapDada has seen that the easiest method for service is to create vibrations through your attitude and to create the atmosphere through your vibrations, because the attitude is the most powerful method of all. Just as the rockets of science are able to fly very fast, in the same way, your spiritual attitude of good wishes and pure feelings will change your vision and your world. While sitting in one place, you can serve through your attitude. It is possible to forget what you have heard, but you cannot forget the experience you have had of an atmosphere”.

Characteristics and Powers of Sakaash

The source of all sakaash is from God. Sakaash is pure powerful energy that is transmitted through pure thoughts in the form of vibrations of good wishes or pure feelings either through the intellect or the eyes. These pure vibrations contain all the innate virtues as well as the powers of the soul. The main virtues are power, purity, happiness, love, peace, truth and bliss. The eight main powers are the power to pack up waste thoughts, tolerate, accommodate, discriminate, judge, face, cooperate, and withdraw.

God’s sakaash can change attitudes and transform depressed, degraded or lonely souls giving instant love, power and purity. One who is able to access and receive saakaash can attain an instant spiritual lift and become peaceful and contented. It is also possible for lost or searching souls to get self-realization as well as God’s realization in a second. With God’s sakaash a soul can be liberated from having to labor to achieve constant success. Difficult things become easy 2 and impossible things become possible. Success is certain and becomes your birthright. Just as the sun rays has seven incognito colors as displayed by the rainbow, so too sakaash has all powers, all virtues and spiritual attainments necessary to restore the soul's original qualities, original strength and original healing powers. Therefore a “peaceless soul” on receiving sakaash directly from God or even through a powerful yogi is able to transform and enjoy peace and contentment. In other words, the most vilest sinner on receiving sakaash can be transformed into a most divine person. Sakaash can change anything bad into something good.

Giving Sakash to Globe (world souls)

Description of Sakash

Sakaash has unlimited subtle properties, powers and healing attributes. Sakaash cannot be seen with the physical eyes but it can be felt and experienced. It is a subtle energy, just as when a tiny current of electricity is felt on the hands or the body. It feels like a slight chill caused by a gentle cool breeze that gives a tingling effect. It sometimes causes goose pimples with hair-raising effect. There is an aura of calm that pervades the atmosphere and creates a “sobering assuring silence” as though a guardian angel is spreading an invisible canopy of protection over you. The feeling is refreshing and the soul feels powerful and free from bondage. Brahma Baba in relating his very first experience with ShivBaba exclaimed “that was some light and might- some power”. Only a few will receive this experience of sakaash and maybe only once or twice early in their spiritual childhood.

How does one receive Sakaash

Sakash is received when one is in deep yoga and when there is no influence, attraction or awareness of the body, bodily relations, nature or physical mundane matters. There is no leakage of the intellect into mundane matters and the intellect is still and totally surrendered in all loving relationships with God. The soul becomes merged in love with the Father. It is as though God, the Eternal Surgeon, is examining the intellect and attending to the needs of the soul by removing even the subtle traces of impurity. The sakaash received is discerned into thoughts of elevated godly directions or shrimat. There are not many thoughts to confuse you. If there were weaknesses that you are trying to remove without success, God gives that additional power to burn those weaknesses making you lighter in spirits. However the soul must always be honest in all relationships with God and must be obedient.

Controlling Power to catch the Current of Power

In SM:13.03.09 : Baba continues to look at each child. He sits here and gives a current of power (sakaash) to each one. This is the fire of yoga. It is in this fire of yoga that your sins can be burnt away. It is as though Baba sits here and gives everyone light. He gives a searchlight to each soul. The Father says: I sit here and give a current to all you souls to fill you all with strength. If your intellect is wandering around outside, you won’t be able to catch the current. If the intellects of you souls continue to wander around somewhere or other, what would you receive? If you give love, you will receive love. If your intellect is wandering around outside, your battery cannot be charged. The Father comes to charge your battery. His duty is to do service. You children only would know whether you accept this service or not. The Father tells you what thoughts you should have as you sit here. I am the Supreme Soul. You have yoga with Me, the Battery, so that I can give you a current of light and might.

BapDada Dhrisiti

Giving Sakaash with Eye Contact to Close Souls

Sakaash can be given through “eye contact” to those visible in front of your gaze. The intellect acts as both an absorber and reflector. The intellect first absorbs the sakaash and accumulates it and when the soul is fully immersed, full of love and in subtle embrace of God, the intellect reflects the sakaash through the calmness of the glazed divine eyes with a happy contented facial countenance. The eyes are still and calm and the observer get the feeling that your body is here but your thoughts and mind are very far away. The observers get lost in this peaceful spiritual atmosphere and divine countenance of the face and eyes that they themselves share and experience these feelings through vibrations.

3 Giving Sakaash to Distant Souls

Sakaash can also be given by projection of your angelic form through deep concentration and visualization to any part of the globe or universe. You actually experience yourself in distant places giving vibrations through the intellect. The intellect in this case acts as a “powerful transmitter” that can transmit to wherever you so desire. It is as though each “thought” is inflated with powerful sakaash and the intellect launches these “atmic sakaash bombs” that explodes releasing true spiritual love. To do this, one must acquire a highly elevated stage through constant practice of meditation acquiring a clean and clear intellect. The intellect here is described as a “viceless, wireless set”.

Sakaash used as Spiritual Protection

Pure vibrations can also be used as a method of spiritual protection. If you are face to face with a stranger whose vibrations feel impure, then you immediately connect with the Supreme Soul and send out sakaash to that person. The person simply sees white light and not your body. That person feels temporarily loved, dazed and neutralized. If the person with impure vibrations had any ulterior motive, the pure sakaash transforms the impurity’s vibrations and rendered the person harmless. Similarly, you can send sakaash to anyone wherever they may be if you get the feeling that person may be in danger. The sakaash forms a protective shield around that person giving immediate help. So too, a yogi, in constant remembrance of God emits vibrations to remove known as well as unknown obstacles in his path. Sakaash can be used anytime and anywhere and it guarantees protection and solutions to all problems.

In SM 13.03.09: When there is to be some upheaval in the final moments, everyone’s attitude will become extroverted – bad attitudes and also attitudes to give support. BapDada showed you in the beginning how a lot of people with impure vision would follow you, but they would only see light. They were not able to see the people; they could only see light. They would only see the angelic form. Similarly, while you have the practice of concentration, you will be sitting in front of them, but they will not be able to see you. They will see light and only light everywhere.

The Beginning would be repeated at the End

In AM 15.12.08 Baba says “The work of all of you is going to increase a lot more.. No, a lot of service still remains to be done. Now, you are going to have to do the work of giving sakaash with your mind. In the beginning, Father Shiva entered Brahma and gave sakaash to everyone while they were sitting at home. Some had visions, some heard someone telling them to go to a particular place, some received inspirations having heard this and they thought, “I have to go there!”. Whatever happened at the beginning is going to repeat at the end. Therefore, increase the power of your mind and also increase service through your mind. At that time no one will listen to your lectures. No one will take the course, and the conditions will become severe. You will have to do the service of giving sakaash through the mind.

The Final Ordinance- Give a Current of Power

In AM 8.7.2018 Baba gives the ordinance quote “Now, according to the time, start the service of giving a current of power. The time is such that you now have to perform the task of giving a current of power and vibrations that create an atmosphere through your mind everywhere. There is now a need for this type of service because the times to come are to going be very delicate. This is why you must now become angels and tour around everywhere with your flying stage. Through your angelic form, enable others to experience whatever they want, whether it is peace, happiness or contentment. Let them experience having received peace, power and happiness through you angels.

The internal stage, that is, your final stage, the powerful stage, is your last vehicle. Make this form of yours emerge in front of you and tour around in your angelic form giving a current of power. Only then will the song be sung that the Shaktis have come. Then the Almighty Authority will automatically be revealed through you Shaktis. 4 You saw the corporeal form: whenever there was a time when there was such a wave, then day and night, he paid special attention to giving those weak souls a current and filling them with power. Even during the night, he would make special time and do the service of filling souls with a current of power. So now, you all especially have to become “light-and-might houses” and do the service of giving a current of power so that the impact of light and might can spread everywhere.

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