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7 Days Raja Yoga Video course in TELUGU

This is Telugu 7 days Raja Yoga (RajYog) meditation course in Videos. Published by Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University. 7 రోజులు రాజ్యోగ్ కోర్సు . Videos are embedded from YouTube.

Seven Days course will cover: Soul (self-realisation), Supreme Soul (father of all souls), existence of 3 worlds, the World Drama cycle of 5000 years, our story of 84 births, medthod and purpose of Raja Yog, realising our original 7 virtues, and 8 powers.

This course is the essence of all godly knowledge, as given by the incorporeal supreme soul (Shiv) through his corporeal medium (Prajapita Brahma), after whom the Yagya institution is named.

Following are videos covering the rajyog course from Day 1 to Day 7.

Day 1: ఆత్మ (Soul) - Introduction of Soul

Day 2: దేవుడు (GOD - The Supreme Father)- Part 1

Day 2: దేవుడు (GOD - The Supreme Father of all Souls)- Part 2

Day 2: దేవుడు (GOD - The Supreme Father of all Souls - Name and Form)- Part 3

Day 3: World Drama Cycle ప్రపంచ డ్రామా చక్రం

Days (4 to 6): Basic of Raja Yoga (essence)

Day 6: Virtues & Powers of Soul, ఆత్మ మరియు సద్గుణాలు

Day 7: Raja Yoga Meditation

Soul ➞What is Mind? మనస్సు ఏమిటి

Soul ➞What is Intellect? (explained in Telugu)

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