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Today's Murli essence May 19 2019

Essence from today's gyan murli of Shiv baba, on behalf of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly University. Date: 19 May 2019.

The easy way to make your thoughts fruitful


May you be worthy of receiving blessings from all and transform yourself by putting a full stop to any situation.

You can put a full stop to any situation when you have the awareness of the Father, the Point form and the point form of souls, and when you have controlling power. The children who transform themselves in any situation and who offer to put a full stop become worthy of receiving blessings. They receive blessings from themselves, that is, they receive happiness and they also receive blessings from the Father and the Brahmin family.


Put a stamp of determination every now and then to the thoughts you create and you will become victorious.

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