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Today's murli essence 2 May 2019

Sweet children, become soul conscious. I am a soul, not a body. This is the first lesson. Teach everyone this lesson very well.


What is the way to relate knowledge? With which method should you relate knowledge?


Speak of the things of knowledge with great happiness, not as a compulsion. Sit together and discuss knowledge amongst yourselves. Churn knowledge and then relate it to others. If you consider yourself to be a soul and then relate knowledge to souls, those who listen to you will also have happiness.


1. Grind the knowledge into you, that is, churn the ocean of knowledge. Discuss knowledge amongst yourselves and then explain to others. Renounce laziness.

2. Become soul conscious and remember the Father with great enthusiasm. Always stay in the intoxication that you have come to the Father to become diamonds from shells. You are the children of God.


May you stabilize your mind and intellect on the seat of your elevated stages and become an embodiment of tapasya. A tapaswi always does tapasya while seated on one or another seat. The seat of you tapaswi souls is a stable stage, the angelic stage. To stabilize yourself in these elevated stages means to sit on the seat. A physical body sits on a physical seat, but you sit your mind and intellect on this elevated seat. Those tapaswis stand on one foot whereas you stabilize yourselves in a constant and stable stage. Theirs is hatha yoga whereas yours is easy yoga.


You, the children of the Father, the Ocean of Love, remain full of the Ganges of love.

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