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18 Nov 2018 BK murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English 18/11/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 04/04/84

The elevated period of the confluence age is the time to draw the portrait of your elevated fortune.

Today, BapDada was seeing the moment of birth of the elevated life and the line of fortune of every elevated Brahmin soul. The moment of birth of every child is elevated because it is now the most auspicious elevated confluence age. All of you have taken elevated Brahmin birth at the elevated confluence age, that is, in the most elevated period. The moment of birth of all of you is elevated. The line of fortune, the fortune of all of you Brahmins, is elevated because you are the Shiv dynasty Brahma Kumars and Kumaris who belong to the elevated Father. The elevated Father, elevated birth, elevated inheritance, elevated family and elevated treasures: this line of fortune of all of you is elevated from birth. The period is elevated and, because of the attainment, the line of fortune is also elevated. All of you children have attained the same fortune from the one Father, there is no difference in this. Even though you attain the same fortune, why does it become numberwise? The Father is the same, the birth is the same, the inheritance is the same, the family is the same, the period is the same one of the confluence age, so why is there a number? All of you have received unlimited attainments, that is, unlimited fortune. So, why is there a difference? The difference is created in how you put the unlimited fortune into the picture of actions in your life, according to your capacity. Brahmin life means to paint a picture of your fortune, to put it into your life; to put it into every action. A fortunate one should experience fortune in every thought, every word and every deed, that is, fortune should be visible. A Brahmin means a fortunate soul, whose eyes, forehead and smile on the face give everyone the experience of elevated fortune at every step. This is known as drawing a picture of fortune. Draw the picture of your fortune with the pen of experience on the paper of actions. Make a line drawing of the portrait of your fortune. All of you are creating your portraits, but the portraits of some are complete, whereas the portraits of others still lack something or other. When you put this into your practical life, the line of the forehead means your thoughts, the line of the eyes means spiritual vision, the lines of the smile on your face means to be a constantly contented soul and an embodiment of all attainments. Contentment itself is the line of the smile. The lines of the hands mean the lines of elevated deeds. The lines of the feet mean the power to take every step according to shrimat. In this way, there is a difference in the way you draw the portrait of your fortune. In some, one thing is missing and in others, something else is missingWhen painting a physical painting, some don't know how to paint eyes, some don't know how to paint legs. Some don't know how to paint a smile and so this makes a difference. To the extent that a portrait is perfect, to that extent it is valuable. The pictures of some earn them hundreds of thousands of rupees, whereas the pictures of others scarcely earn them a hundred rupees. So, what was it that made the difference? Perfection. In the same way, because you Brahmin souls are not perfect in all lines, because there isn’t perfection in one or two lines, you become numberwise.Therefore, today, Baba was looking at the portraits of the fortunate children. Just as in a physical fortune, there are different types of fortune, in the same way, here, too, Baba saw many types of portraits of fortune. In every picture, the main features - the eyes and the forehead - increase the value of the portrait. Similarly, here, the power of the attitude of the mind and the power of spiritual vision of the eyes also have a lot of importance. These are the foundation of the picture. Do all of you look at your own picture? To what extent has your picture been completed? Have you painted such a portrait that the One who creates your fortune is visible in that portrait? Check every line. It becomes numberwise because of this. Do you understand?The Bestower is One and He gives everyone the same, yet those creating the picture become numberwise in how they create it. Some become one of the special eight and a special beloved deity. Some become deities. Some become those who are happy simply observing other deities. You have seen your own picture, have you not? Achcha.For a meeting in the corporeal form, the time and the number of people have to be considered, whereas with an avyakt meeting, there is no question of the time or the number of people. If you become experienced in avyakt meetings, you will constantly continue to have to unique experiences in avyakt meetings. BapDada is constantly obedient to all the children. This is why, although He is avyakt He has to come into the corporeal (vyakt) form. However, what do you have to become? You have to become avyakt, do you not? Or, do you want to come in the corporeal form? Become avyakt. By becoming avyakt, you will become incorporeal and go home with the Father. You have not yet reached the stage of going via. Through the angelic form, you will be able to become incorporeal and go back home. So, have you now become the angelic form? Have you completed the portrait of your fortune? Only a completed portrait is an angel. Achcha.All you children who have come from all the different zones, BapDada is pleased to see each one of you with the speciality of each zone. Some of you may not know the language, but you are clever when it come to knowing the language of love and devotion. You don't know anything else, but you do know the language of the murli. With their love and devotion, even those who are unable to understand anything are able to understand. Those from Bengal and Bihar constantly live in the weather of Spring (Bahar). They have constant Spring.Punjab is such that it always makes everything fresh and green (makes everyone full). There is good harvest in Punjab. Hariyana is always full and green (hara bhara). Punjab and Hariyana are always full and green. Where there is greenery, that place is always said to be happy and content and an elevated place. Punjab and Hariyana are always full of happiness. This is why BapDada is pleased to see all of you. What is the speciality of Rajasthan? Rajasthan is very well known for its art. The pictures of Rajasthan are very valuable because there have been many kings there. Therefore, those from Rajasthan are the ones who will make the most valuable portraits of fortune. In the line of art, you are always elevated. What is the speciality of Gujarat? There is a lot of decoration of glass mirrors there. So, Gujarat is a mirror. It is a mirror in which the Father's image can be seen. You look at your face in the mirror, don’t you? So, the mirror of Gujarat has the speciality of showing everyone the image of the Father and the image of an angel. The speciality of Gujarat is the mirror that will reveal the Father. Finally, little Tamil Nadu is still left. Smaller ones work wonders. They carry out huge tasks. What will those from Tamil Nadu do? There are many temples there. They play music in temples. The speciality of Tamil Nadu is to beat the drums and make a very loud sound of the Father's revelation. You have a good speciality. Some play music even in their childhood. Even devotees play music with a lot of love. You children also play it with love. Now, each of your places has to put your own speciality into a practical form. Baba has now met those from all zones, has He not? Eventually, this is how the meetings will take place. The older children say: Why don't you invite us? You create subjects and you also increase the number of subjects, and so the older ones have to give a chance to the newer ones. It is only then that the number can increase. If the older ones continue to move along in the same old way, what would happen to the newer ones? The older ones are bestowers who give and the newer ones are those who receive. Therefore, you have to give a chance to others. You have to become bestowers in this. There are many limitations in meeting through the corporeal form. In the avyakt meeting, there are no limitations. Some ask: What will happen when the number increases? The method of corporeal meetings will also change. When the number increases, you also have to donate something and perform some charity. Achcha.To all the children from this land and abroad, in response to the sound of their loving hearts, songs of happiness and letters of news of their hearts, together with giving multi-million fold love and remembrance to all the children, BapDada is also giving a response to their letters. By having constant remembrance be one who receives the blessing of immortality and continue to move forward and also make others move forward. To all the children who maintain their zeal and enthusiasm, BapDada congratulates you for your own progress and for the progress of service. Congratulations! You are always with the Father. You are always complete and perfect. To the children who have received all such blessings, BapDada is once again giving you love and remembrance. Love, remembrance and namaste.BapDada meeting groups:Do you always consider yourselves to be souls who are complete, equal to the Father? Those who are complete will always continue to move forward. If there isn't completion, you won't be able to move forward. Therefore, as is the Father, so are the children. The Father is the Ocean and the children are master oceans. Check every virtue. Just as the Father is the Ocean of Knowledge, so you are master oceans of knowledge. The Father is the Ocean of Love and so you are master oceans of love. Check your similarity in this way. Only then will you always be equal and complete like the Father and continue to move forward. Do you understand? Constantly continue to check yourself in this way. Always maintain the happiness that the One the world is searching for has made you belong to Him. Achcha.Avyakt Elevated Versions - Become a World BenefactorBapDada has made you children instruments for world service. You are the children who will reveal the Father to the whole world. Only the Father’s children can reveal Him. The Father is the Backbone. If the Father were not the Backbone, you would be on your own and soon get tired. Therefore, consider the Father to be the Backbone and keep busy serving the world through your thoughts, words, deeds with your body, mind and wealth and you will easily be able to conquer Maya.At present, all the fruits and flowers on the tree have dried up because they only received temporary sustenance. Although everyone is still having to run the world and live their lives, they are all crying in their thoughts or words. No one lives a life of happiness any longer. Therefore, give wings of attainment to those who are moving along under desperate circumstances and enable them to fly. However, it is only when you yourself are in the flying stage that you can make others fly. In order to do this, remain stable in the unlimited stage of a world benefactor, like the Father. Tour the world and send currents of powerful rays to all souls. They show the picture of Shri Krishna sitting on the globe of the world. You too should sit above the globe of the world and by looking all the way round the whole world, you will automatically have toured everywhere. When you go to a very high place, you don’t need to tour around, because you are able to see everything from that high place. Similarly, when you remain stable in your elevated seed stage , in your stage of a world benefactor, the whole world seems like a small globe for you to tour around within a second.You are the children of the Father of all souls, and all souls are your brothers. Therefore, let your thoughts dwell on your brothers and make your intellect broad and far-sighted. Do not waste time over trivial matters, but stabilise in an elevated stage and become an instrument for an unlimited task. O, world benefactor souls, constantly remain aware of the plan to benefit the world. Only when everyone’s speciality is used for world benefit will the unlimited task be accomplished. When you cook something but forget to put in all the ingredients - even if you miss out something as ordinary as salt or sugar – then, no matter how beautiful the dish may look, it won’t be worth eating. In the same way, each and every jewel is essential for the elevated task of world benefit. Everyone’s finger of co-operation is needed. The task of world transformation will only be accomplished with each one’s finger of co-operation.BapDada’s desire is for the flag of peace and happiness to be constantly flying high over the whole world and for the flute of comfort to be constantly playing. Keep this aim and complete this unlimited task with everyone’s finger of co-operation. The special duty of each Brahmin is to become a master sun of knowledge and shine rays of all powers over whole world. So, each of you, become a world transformer who shines the rays of all powers over the world. The sun lights up the whole world with its rays, so you now become master suns of knowledge and spread the rays of all powers over the world. Only then will all souls receive the current of your powerful rays.Deepmala is celebrated as a memorial of all of you lamps of the world who are imperishable. Even now, people are still turning the beads of your rosary, because of the time when you became those who dispelled darkness and brought light. So, constantly experience yourselves to be ignited lamps. No matter how many storms come, you must constantly remain in front of the Eternal Light like an ignited lamp that never flickers. The world bows down to such lamps and even the Father constantly stays with such lamps. Just as the Father is the constantly ignited Light, just as He is the eternal and immortal Light, so, you children too must constantly be immortal lights to serve the world by removing all the darkness from it. Souls of the world regard you ignited lamps with a lot of love. You are the living lamps who transform night into day. So many souls are wandering around in darkness and are desperate for some light. If the lights of you lamps are flickering, if your lights are ignited one moment and extinguished the next, what would the condition of wandering souls become? No one likes a light that goes on and off. Therefore, become a constantly ignited light and move along considering yourself to be a soul who is responsible for dispelling the darkness.

Only then would you be called a world benefactor.Let the attitude of all of you ancestor souls be such that it transforms the atmosphere of whole world. Let the whole lineage of you ancestor souls be reminded of their brotherhood by your vision. You ancestor souls have to remain aware of the Father and remind your whole lineage that the Father of all souls has now come. Let the elevated acts and elevated character of humility of you ancestor souls create pure hopes in your whole lineage. Everyone’s eyes are searching for you ancestor souls. So, now become those who always have unlimited awareness. Just as Baba’s praise is sung as, “The One who gives power to the weak”, so you too need to become powerful ones who give power to the weak ones in the Brahmin family and to all the souls of the world. Just as people beat drums to remove poverty, so, you too now remove their powerless state. Become such instruments and give all the souls of the world the Father’s help and courage.

Blessing: May your intellect have faith and you remain carefree and finish all worries in the fire of love.

The children whose intellects have faith remain carefree in all situations. All their worries have finished. The Father lifted them off the pyre of worry and sat them on His heart throne. You had love for the Father and, on the basis of this love, all your worries finished in the fire of love as though they never existed. There is no worry about the body, no worry about any waste in the mind and no worry about wealth, such as “What will happen?” With the power of knowledge you now know everything and so you have gone beyond all worries and your life has become carefree.

Slogan: Become so unshakeable and immovable that no type of problem can shake the foot of your intellect.


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