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Rising Above Limits & Mental Barriers (Part 2)

A significant reduction in our success rate in coming out of difficult situations is brought about by confusion or a lack of positive conviction. This lack of positivity is caused by different types of positioning of the mind which are harmful to our power of determination or faith. You know the story about the elephant whose one leg used to be tied using a small rope since the time he was young and he used to experience a lack of freedom in moving around wherever he wished. At that age, the small rope was enough to tie the elephant.

➤As the elephant grew bigger, he possessed the physical strength to break the rope and wander around freely but instead of making use of his strength to break the rope, he did not do so. He remained confined to the same small region where he used to be tied because his mind was conditioned that he could not break the rope, which is an example of a mental limitation. Similarly, the inner region of our mind is the place where we as children get used to being tied with the different types of ropes of a lack of optimism or positivity. E.g. I cannot do well I am not good enough I am not as successful as others I am low on self-confidence or I am an underachiever.

➤These ropes in many people are so strong that a time comes when situations of success have arrived in their life in different forms as they have grown up and they have achieved reasonably in different spheres of life. At that time they can easily break these different ropes, but they remain low on optimism. This lack of optimism restricts their freedom to succeed and ability to achieve bigger and up to the potential they possess and as expected by their friends and people whom they are close to.

➤The reason why our hidden potential remains untapped in most cases is a weak consciousness. This weakness is caused by emotional limitations in the form of weak thoughts and feelings over the years. These thoughts and feelings have been expressed sometimes without us realizing how each thought and feeling is having a powerful negative effect on the situations around us.

➤Also, they keep coming back to us negatively in the long term. Limits are self-created and not imposed by society or circumstances on us as some of us might think and seem to experience from our life journey. We often say I feel I am weak because the following person has dominated me all my life. The dominating person is not the cause of our low self-esteem. It’s what shape we have given to all his words and actions in our minds since we have been with him, is the cause of us seeing ourselves in a poor light and feeling under-confident.

(Continues tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"The One With a Clean Heart"

"The One With a Clean Heart"

The one who has a clean heart is the one who always tries to do the best for those with whom he comes in contact. Thus, the person develops the ability to accept others as they are and ignore anything wrong done by them

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