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Rising Above Limits & Mental Barriers (Part 1)

Rising above mental limitations, which are obstacles in our life journey and slow our progress towards our life goals, is an important spiritual skill that we need to be trained in. A limitation or a barrier is a self-created thought that reduces our power of determination and power to succeed in any life sphere. Suppose I have a broken relationship with a loved one, like a parent or a sibling (brother or sister) or a life partner.

➤This causes a belief to set inside my mind that I have been unsuccessful in handling a relationship well. The belief can result in a negative perception that all relationships are sorrow-giving. When that perception then starts flowing in our actions and people whom we are close to do not receive the positive energy from us that they should, it starts affecting relationships negatively.

➤Also, sometimes we do not know why a particular person is distancing himself from us when our words and actions towards the person are what they are expecting. In these cases, our mind has been imprisoned by an incorrect belief like the one shared above and that has affected our perception of the other person negatively. The energy of that perception constantly travels to the other person and hits him or her which causes the other person to respond to us in a manner that is different from what we would like them to. So, the mental limit is in the background in these cases.

➤It is a self-limiting thought or series of thoughts that we constantly create either consciously or sub-consciously. Suppose, I have fared badly in a school exam in one year. As a result, I have formed a series of mental barriers in my mind like – I am not so sharp or competitive I am a nervous exam giver I am not so intelligent or I cannot succeed. Such barriers are strong mental forces that are like hammers hitting on our mind and personality. This causes a negative impact on future events of the same nature, in this case, the giving of another school exam.

(Continues tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"Free of Excuses & Comparison"

"Free of Excuses & Comparison"

When I am free from excuses and free from comparison with others, I am able to be light even in the most challenging circumstances. I am not caught up with my own mistakes or those of others, but am able to constantly add on to my treasure store of experiences and be richer and richer with every new challenge faced.

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