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A Message from God on Maha Shivratri (Part 2)

As you had been playing your part on the world stage for a long time, your purity and power slowly started to reduce. You forgot your own spiritual self and thought you were the physical body you were wearing and thus lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego came into your interactions.

➤The love and harmony which was there amongst you were lost and you started cheating and fighting with each other. When you experienced pain and sorrow, you started calling out to me. You started looking for me, you had forgotten that I, your Father, stay in the soul world. You started looking for me in your own physical world. You had a faint memory that I like you, am a point of spiritual light, so you started building temples, where you made a symbol of my point form to remember me.

➤Your cries of pain and conflict increased. Some of my pure children like Abraham, Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Mahavir, Shankaracharya, Guru Nanak, and others came to your world to guide you. They all came to teach you the right way of living. Some of them reminded you that I, the Supreme Soul, point of spiritual light, Ocean of Purity and Love, am your Father, and I live above in the soul world. They came to connect you to me, but you started looking for me in them.

➤As time passed, you got divided in the name of religion, nationalities, caste, and creed. You, my sweet children, started having wars in my name. You built temples of your ancestors, the divine souls who had lived in your world in the Golden and Silver Age (or Heaven) – Shri Radhe Krishna, Shri Lakshmi Narayan, Shri Ram Sita.

➤You built temples to glorify me and started looking for me in idols made of stone. As your cries increased, your search for me became more intense. You looked for me in physical nature. You even thought that I was in each one of you. Some of you dedicated your life to search for me, but still could not find me. Some of you got so entangled in your world of science and technology that you even believed that I did not exist. This was the Copper Age (Dwaparyuga) and Iron Age (Kaliyuga) which lasted for another 2500 years.

(Continues tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"Courage and Hope live together"

"Courage and Hope live together"

When I have courage, I have hope. I will not give up the task mid way, but will put in continued effort. Because of this there is no difficulty experienced even whilst putting in extra effort but I do everything with enthusiasm and happiness. So nothing seems difficult and I easily move towards success.

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