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Experiencing & Radiating Happiness To All (Part 1)

A beautiful aspect of each one of our lives is living a life full of enthusiasm and joy. Also, we keep spreading the same to others through our entire personality and our actions and attitudes. It is one thing to be happy yourself and another to share that happiness with each one at every step.

➤For some, it is a hobby to start the day by wishing everyone with greetings of happiness and give them an experience of love filled joy. By doing this, they spend the entire day ahead free from the tensions that they might face and full of lightness-filled thoughts and feelings.

➤Also, give a new flavor to each day, of different experiences filled with different types of qualities. Qualities such as cheerfulness, contentment, and lightness, which are all different colours of happiness will make life a beauty-filled journey. It is a journey in which you are accompanied by others. Also, you along with others will share and receive these beautiful experiences.

➤This giving and receiving will make this complete life journey full of something you look forward to and enjoy to the fullest. These experiences are like gifts that we share and gifts always bring happiness. Physical gifts are limited to particular days and particular people. But these invisible gifts of different positive happiness emotions are unlimited and can be shared with every one. We can do this in our homes, at our workplace, with our close friends or in society in general.

(Continues tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"Greatness in Humility"

"Greatness in Humility"

A seed grows only when it is mingled with the mud. In the same way, the one who is great is naturally humble. He understands the truth that only when there is humility will there be success. Humility gives the power to bow down without reducing one’s own self-respect.

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